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57 Travel Niche Ideas for Travel Lovers to Blog About

If you love traveling and making memories, then it’s time to document that journey and start making money online.

You can blog about the best places you’ve visited, review the best restaurants in certain cities or list of travel gear that every traveler needs.

This is a really wide industry and one full of brands that are looking for ambassadors. You can make money through affiliate links, brand sponsorships or digital products.

  1. Backpacking
  2. Life on the road
  3. Survivalist
  4. City guides for travellers
  5. Best restaurants and hostels
  6. Urban hiking
  7. Group travels
  8. Family travels
  9. Holiday travels
  10. Learning new languages on the road
  11. Food travel: Learning local recipes on the go
  12. Travel products recommendations
  13. Travelling for work
  14. RV life
  15. Being a working nomad
  16. Travel budgeting
  17. Cultural differences
  18. Camping
  19. Travel deals
  20. Hiking
  21. Airlines
  22. Kayaking
  23. Resorts
  24. Cruise and Trailers
  25. Travel tips/hacks
  26. Travel with family
  27. solo travelling
  28. Life on the road
  29. Restaurant reviews
  30. Adventure holidays
  31. Bestplaces to visit per country
  32. Cuba
  33. Japan
  34. Italy
  35. Iceland
  36. Costa Rica
  37. Greece
  38. Airbnb
  39. Hawaii
  40. Roadtripping
  41. Home exchange
  42. Bleisure travels
  43. Jungle tourism
  44. Ancestry tourism
  45. Bucketlist trips
  46. Destination weddings
  47. Disney Tours
  48. Voluntourism
  49. Wellness travel
  50. Spiritual travels
  51. Group travels
  52. Hotels, hostels and motels
  53. Camping gear
  54. Travel Backpacks

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