59 Travel Niche Ideas for Travel Lovers to Blog About

Pet friendly travel niches
Travel blogging is a lucrative venture for people who spend most of their time on the road. If that’s you, then here are travel niche ideas worth exploring. (Travel sub niches)

If you love traveling and making memories, then it’s time to document that journey and start making money online.

There are several travel niche ideas to choose from. You can blog about your family trips, camping, travel destinations, RV life, eco-friendly travels, traveling on a budget, just to name but a few.

The ever-evolving world of travel opens doors to endless opportunities and niche markets that captivate diverse audiences. From the thrill-seekers to the culture enthusiasts, from eco-conscious travelers to those journeying with pets, there is a travel sub niche for every taste and preference.

Travel blogging, as a dynamic and burgeoning field, offers a platform to explore these niches and connect with like-minded individuals.

This is a really wide industry and one full of brands that are looking for ambassadors. You can make money through affiliate links, brand sponsorships, display ads, or digital products.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand into new areas, understanding these niche travel examples and markets can be the key to unlocking your blogging potential. Read on to discover areas that resonate with your passion, expertise, and the audience you wish to serve.

What is a travel niche?

What's a travel niche blog travel niche ideas

A travel niche refers to a specialized segment or focus within the broader travel industry. It’s a specific area that a blogger chooses to concentrate on, aligning with their unique interests, expertise, and the needs or preferences of a particular audience.

While general travel blogging might cover a wide range of topics, from destinations to travel tips, a niche approach delves deeper into a particular aspect or theme of travel.

This could include anything from a specific type of travel like backpacking or luxury cruises, to more targeted subjects like eco-conscious travel, pet-friendly vacations, or culinary adventures in specific regions.

Travel niche ideas (Explained)

1) Backpacking

Backpacking travel sub niches

Backpacking offers a unique way to explore various landscapes and cultures on a shoestring budget.

By focusing on this niche, you can provide tips on:

  • Selecting the right gear
  • Planning routes
  • Finding accommodation, and
  • Connecting with other backpackers.

You can also share personal stories and insights to inspire others to take the path less traveled.

2) Life on the road

Life on the road is all about embracing a nomadic lifestyle, whether in a van, RV, or traveling from place to place.

You can explore various aspects like building a mobile home, maintaining relationships on the road, handling work, and even home-schooling children if that’s part of the journey.

Be sure to offer tips and share personal anecdotes to provide a real-world perspective.

3) Survivalist

The survivalist travel niche caters to those interested in wilderness and survival techniques. Offer in-depth tutorials on building shelters, finding food, and navigating in the wilderness. Share your experiences and lessons learned, and possibly collaborate with experts in the field.

Reviewing survival gear and books could also be part of this niche.

4) City guides for travelers

City guides offer localized content for travelers visiting specific cities around the world. Provide comprehensive guides that include tourist attractions, local eateries, transportation, and cultural etiquette. Creating downloadable PDFs or interactive maps can enhance user experience and set your blog apart.

5) Best restaurants and hostels

hotels travel niche ideas

By focusing on restaurants and hostels, you can cater to budget-conscious travelers looking for quality experiences. Share honest reviews, photos, prices, and contact information. Collaborating with these businesses for discounts or giveaways can further engage your audience.

6) Urban hiking

Urban hiking is about exploring cities on foot, embracing both popular sites and hidden gems. Offer detailed routes, including distances, difficulty levels, safety tips, and points of interest. Share insights on what to pack, wear, and expect on urban hikes.

7) Group travels

Group travel can be a rich and fulfilling experience. Offer insights on organizing group trips, selecting destinations, managing budgets, and maintaining harmony within the group. Sharing testimonials or interviews with group members can provide different perspectives.

8) Family travels

Family travels focus on providing memorable experiences for family members of all ages. Share ideas on destinations, activities, packing lists, and tips for traveling with children, including those with special needs. Collaborating with family-friendly businesses could also be beneficial.

9) Holiday travels

Holiday travels cover special occasions, festivals, and seasonal trips. Offer guides on where to go for specific holidays, how to plan, what to pack, and how to enjoy the local festivities. Highlighting unique traditions can add cultural depth to your content.

10) Learning new languages on the road

Language learning

Language learning while traveling offers a unique way to immerse in a new culture. Provide tips on language learning apps, local language schools, and practical ways to practice with natives. Share personal success stories and challenges to motivate others.

11) Food travel: Learning local recipes on the go

Food travel is a delicious niche where you explore local cuisines and cooking techniques. Offer video tutorials, recipe guides, and culinary history. Collaborate with local chefs or attend cooking classes to enrich your content.

12) Travel products recommendations

In this niche, you review and recommend travel-related products. Provide in-depth analyses, pros and cons, and personal experiences using the products. Collaborations with brands can also lead to sponsorship or affiliate marketing opportunities.

13) Traveling for work

Traveling for work focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of business travel. Offer tips on packing, staying productive, maintaining work-life balance, and enjoying leisure time during business trips. Insights on various industries and cultures can also be included.

14) RV life

RV life is about embracing the road in a recreational vehicle. Share guides on buying or renting an RV, customization, maintenance, and planning routes. Personal stories and a glimpse into daily RV life can create engaging content.

15) Being a working nomad

Digital nomad travel niche ideas

Being a working nomad combines work and travel in a nomadic lifestyle. Offer resources on finding remote work, co-working spaces, managing taxes, and staying connected. Interviews with other working nomads can provide diverse insights.

16) Travel budgeting

Travel budgeting is vital for many travelers. Provide tools, templates, and strategies for budget planning, tracking expenses, finding deals, and managing finances on the road. Real-life case studies can make this niche more relatable.

17) Cultural differences

Understanding and respecting cultural differences enhances the travel experience. Offer guides on cultural norms, etiquette, and traditions for various destinations. Collaborating with locals to provide authentic insights can be valuable.

18) Camping

Camping offers various experiences from backcountry wilderness to family campgrounds. Share tips on selecting sites, gear, safety, cooking, and activities. Your own camping experiences can make the content more engaging and relatable.

19) Travel deals

Providing information on travel deals can help your readers save money. Offer updates on flight deals, accommodation discounts, package tours, and tips on finding the best prices. Collaborating with travel agencies or brands could be a lucrative opportunity.

20) Hiking

Hiking travel niche

Hiking covers everything from casual day hikes to long-distance trails. Offer guides on selecting trails, gear, training, safety, and wilderness ethics. Personal stories, photos, and videos can create a visual and emotional connection with readers.

21) Airlines

This niche involves reviewing and comparing airlines. Include information on ticketing, in-flight services, lounges, frequent flyer programs, and tips on finding the best deals. Engaging with airlines could lead to special access or partnerships.

22) Kayaking

Kayaking allows you to explore waterways around the world. Provide insights on kayaking techniques, gear, destinations, safety, and environmental considerations. Collaborating with kayaking clubs or instructors can enhance credibility.

23) Resorts

Resorts cater to various tastes, from luxury to eco-friendly. Offer reviews, photos, booking tips, and insights on amenities and activities. Collaborations with resorts can lead to sponsored stays or exclusive deals for your readers.

24) Cruise and trailers

Cruising offers unique travel experiences, and this niche can cover various cruise lines, destinations, on-board activities, and booking tips. Offering insights into different types of cruises like river cruises or expedition cruises can set you apart.

25) Travel tips / hacks

Travel tips niche blog

General travel tips and hacks cater to a wide audience. Share innovative ways to pack, plan, save money, stay safe, and make the most of travel experiences. Continuously updating content with new hacks can keep readers engaged.

26) Travel with family

Going beyond general family travels, this niche can focus on specific aspects like traveling with extended family, managing holidays, or family reunions. Share detailed guides, personal experiences, and lessons learned to connect with readers.

27) Solo traveling

Solo travel offers freedom and self-discovery. Provide tips on safety, connecting with others, building confidence, and enjoying solitude. Personal stories and challenges can inspire others to take the solo journey.

28) Life on the road (again)

Revisiting life on the road can delve into specific lifestyles like motorcycle travel or living in tiny homes. Explore the unique challenges, joys,

communities, and philosophies associated with these alternative lifestyles.

29) Restaurant reviews

Restaurant reviews offer insights into local dining experiences. Share detailed reviews, photos, menus, prices, and recommendations. Building relationships with restaurant owners can lead to exclusive insights or dining experiences.

30) Adventure holidays

Adventure holidays niche

Adventure holidays focus on thrill-seeking experiences like mountaineering, diving, or paragliding. Provide guides on training, equipment, safety, and destinations. Collaborating with adventure tour operators can bring authenticity to your content.

31) Best places to visit per country

Create comprehensive guides on the best places to visit in each country, highlighting natural wonders, cultural sites, festivals, and unique experiences. Local collaborations or crowd-sourced content can provide diverse insights.

32) Cuba

Focusing on Cuba, provide localized content on destinations, culture, history, legal considerations, and travel tips. Exploring lesser-known places and sharing personal connections with locals can make your content stand out.

33) Japan

Japan offers rich cultural experiences and diverse landscapes. Share insights on traditional and modern aspects, etiquette, language, food, and hidden gems. Collaboration with local experts or offering bilingual content could be a unique selling point.

34) Italy

Italy, with its history, art, cuisine, and landscapes, offers endless possibilities. Focus on specific regions, local traditions, culinary delights, or historical sites. Collaborating with local artisans or chefs can bring authenticity to your content.

35) Iceland

Iceland travel niche

Iceland is known for its stunning natural beauty. Offer guides on exploring geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, and the Northern Lights. Insights on local culture, wildlife, and sustainable tourism can make your content more appealing.

36) Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers vibrant biodiversity and eco-tourism experiences. Provide guides on wildlife, adventure sports, sustainable practices, and local communities. Engaging with conservationists or eco-lodges can add credibility.

37) Greece

Greece’s rich history and idyllic islands provide a broad canvas. Focus on archaeological sites, local traditions, culinary delights, or island-hopping guides. Collaborating with local historians or chefs can deepen the content.

38) Airbnb

Airbnb has revolutionized accommodation. Offer insights on finding the best listings, being a responsible guest, understanding policies, and sharing personal experiences. Hosting Airbnb meetups or events could engage local readers.

39) Hawaii

Hawaii’s tropical allure can be explored through its islands, cultures, outdoor activities, and unique traditions. Provide guides on island hopping, local food, festivals, and hidden spots. Engaging with local communities can provide a unique perspective.

40) Roadtripping

Roadtripping travel niche

Roadtripping is all about the journey. Share insights on planning routes, vehicle maintenance, roadside attractions, and travel games. Personal stories, itineraries, and a focus on lesser-known routes can make your content unique.

41) Home exchange

Home exchange provides unique travel experiences. Offer guides on platforms, etiquette, preparation, and personal experiences. Building a community or collaborating with home exchange platforms can be beneficial.

42) Bleisure travels

Bleisure travel combines business with leisure. Provide tips on extending business trips for leisure, balancing responsibilities, exploring new cities, and making connections. Interviews with frequent bleisure travelers can add diversity to content.

43) Jungle tourism

Jungle tourism explores the wilderness and wildlife of jungles. Offer guides on destinations, safety, ethical considerations, and local communities. Collaborating with conservation organizations or indigenous communities can enhance your content.

44) Ancestry tourism

Ancestry tourism involves exploring one’s heritage through travel. Provide resources on genealogical research, planning heritage trips, connecting with distant relatives, and emotional aspects of this journey. Collaborations with genealogists or cultural institutions can be insightful.

45) Bucketlist trips

Bucketlist trips focus on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Share insights on planning, saving, executing, and cherishing these dream trips. Personal stories or readers’ contributions can make this niche more engaging.

46) Destination weddings

Destination weddings niche

Destination weddings combine romance and travel. Offer guides on locations, legalities, planning, and personalizing weddings abroad. Collaborating with wedding planners or showcasing real destination weddings can inspire readers.

47) Disney tours

Disney Tours provide magical experiences. Offer insights on planning, maximizing time, enjoying parades and shows, dining, and special experiences like character meetings. Collaborating with Disney enthusiasts or providing exclusive tips can set you apart.

48) Voluntourism

Voluntourism involves volunteering during travel.

Your travel niche blog can focus on providing guides on finding ethical opportunities, preparing for the experience, understanding cultural dynamics, and reflecting on the impact.

49) Wellness travel

Wellness travel focuses on health and rejuvenation. Share guides on wellness retreats, spa experiences, mindfulness practices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Collaborations with wellness experts or reviewing retreats can add value.

50) Spiritual travels

Spiritual travel explores journeys of self-discovery and connection. Offer insights on pilgrimages, meditation retreats, sacred sites, and personal growth. Collaborating with spiritual leaders or sharing personal transformation stories can be inspiring.

51) Dark tourism

Dark Tourism involves visiting sites associated with death, tragedy, or the seemingly macabre. This might include historical battlefields, sites of natural disasters, or even places known for ghost stories. Content could focus on the ethical considerations of this type of tourism, historical background, or personal reflections on the emotional impact of these visits.

52) Hotels, hostels, and motels

Accommodation is essential for travelers. Offer comprehensive reviews, comparisons, booking tips, and insider knowledge on hotels, hostels, and motels worldwide. Building relationships with accommodation providers can lead to exclusive content.

53) Camping gear

Camping gear niche

Camping gear is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. Provide in-depth reviews, comparisons, buying guides, and care tips. Collaborating with brands or offering giveaways can engage your readers.

54) Travel backpacks

Backpacks are travelers’ companions. Offer detailed reviews, selection guides, packing tips, and personal recommendations. Collaborations with backpack brands or offering exclusive discounts can enhance reader engagement.

55) Budget travel

Budget travel offers exciting challenges and rewards. Share innovative ways to save, cost breakdowns, cheap destinations, and personal budget travel stories. Creating a community of budget travelers to share tips and experiences can be valuable.

56) Luxury travel

Luxury travel offers a world of indulgence and elegance. Share reviews of luxury resorts, experiences, personalized services, and exclusive destinations. Collaborating with luxury brands or showcasing celebrity travel can make your content stand out.

57) Accessible travel

This niche focuses on providing information for travelers with disabilities or mobility challenges. A blog on this subject could offer guides to accessible destinations, accommodations, transportation, and activities. Collaborating with disability advocates or experts in accessibility design can provide valuable insights and help ensure that the information is both accurate and respectful.

58) Pet-friendly travel

Pet friendly travel niches

Traveling with pets presents unique challenges and opportunities.

The content that your niche blog can focus on could include guides to

  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Transportation tips
  • Necessary documentation
  • Safety considerations, and
  • Reviews of pet-friendly activities and destinations.

You can also venture into pet-related topics such as pet training while away, etc.

59) Mindful eco-conscious travel

This niche focuses on mindful and environmentally conscious travel practices that emphasize a deeper connection with nature and local communities.

Rather than merely focusing on eco-tourism destinations, content can explore methods of travel that minimize carbon footprints, engage deeply with local traditions, and emphasize mindful practices like meditation or journaling during travel.

Collaborations with ecologists, mindfulness coaches, or indigenous community leaders could add depth and authenticity to the content.

Is travel niche profitable?

Yes, the travel niche can be profitable, but it requires a thoughtful approach, strategic planning, and consistent as it’s also quite competitive.

Monetization opportunities

The travel niche offers various monetization avenues, including but not limited to:

  • Affiliate marketing: Promoting travel-related products, services, or bookings and earning a commission on sales.
  • Sponsored content: Partnering with travel companies, tourism boards, or brands for paid promotions.
  • Selling products or services: Offering e-books, travel guides, or consultation services.
  • Advertising revenue: Utilizing ad networks such as Mediavine, Monumentric, She Media, or direct advertising on your blog or YouTube channel.

While the competition is fierce, there are opportunities for success in the travel blog niche for those who are willing to put in the effort and differentiate themselves:

  • Unique perspective: Sharing personal experiences, insights, and stories that resonate with a specific audience can help set a blog apart.
  • Quality content: Producing high-quality, informative, and visually appealing content can help establish credibility and attract loyal readers.
  • Engagement: Building a community and engaging with readers through comments, social media, and newsletters can foster a loyal audience.
  • Niche focus: Specializing in a specific niche or angle within travel can help target a more defined audience and stand out from the general crowd.
  • Consistency: Regularly publishing new content and maintaining a consistent online presence is essential for staying relevant and visible.

How do I start a travel blog?

To start a travel blog, you need to choose a niche, decide on the travel blog name, select a domain name and hosting, set up a website, create valuable content, use appealing visuals, engage with readers, and learn about search engine optimization (SEO) to improve visibility.

Travel niche FAQs

Is travel niche competitive?

Yes, the travel blog niche is highly competitive. Travel blogging has gained immense popularity over the years, driven by the increasing desire of people to share their travel experiences, provide tips, and inspire others to explore the world. As a result, there is a significant number of travel bloggers vying for attention and readership.

What is a travel blog?

A travel blog is a website or online platform where individuals or travel enthusiasts share their personal experiences, travel tips, destination guides, and stories from their journeys. It often includes photos, videos, and written content to engage readers.

Can I make money from a travel blog?

Yes, you can monetize a travel blog through various methods such as sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, advertising, selling digital products (e.g., eBooks, travel guides), offering consulting services, and partnering with travel companies.

Do I need to be an experienced traveler to start a travel blog?

While experience can add authenticity to your content, you don’t necessarily need extensive travel experience to start a travel blog. You can share tips, research, and stories from your own trips as well as curate information from reliable sources.

How long does it take to see results from a travel blog?

Building a successful travel blog takes time. It can take several months to a year or more to start seeing significant traffic, engagement, and monetization. Consistency, quality content, and effective promotion are key to speeding up this process.


By aligning your passion and knowledge with a specific travel niche, you not only carve a unique space for yourself but also foster deeper connections with a community that shares your interests.

Choosing the right blog niche is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It requires introspection, research, and a willingness to dive into uncharted territories. The niches highlighted in this guide offer a starting point, a spark to ignite your imagination, and a pathway to create content that resonates, inspires, and engages.

Remember, the journey of travel blogging is as much about personal growth and exploration as it is about sharing insights with others. Embrace the diversity, celebrate the unique experiences, and be fearless in pursuing what truly speaks to you.

In the vast ocean of travel content, your unique voice and perspective can be the beacon that guides others on their journeys.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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