50 Eye-Opening Prompts to Help You Understand Your Readers

50 prompts to understand your readers
Here are 50 Things Your Readers Wish You Knew- About themselves, their dreams, their pains and their anticipations- to help you create better content for your audience.

To understand your readers, you need to get into their world.

Value their thoughts, their worries, their wins, and their challenges so you can serve them better

Here are 50 thoughts about your readers that will change the way you write content

  1. I don’t care if you’re writing about Rocket Science or Artificial Intelligence, just make me feel something.
  2. I am not always busy; so ensure that your writings are more interesting than the Cartoon program I was just watching, less I’ll never forgive you.
  3. Your introduction is what gets me to the next paragraph or out of the site.
  4. The sexiest appeal to your writings is your voice. I don’t like when you become generic or sound like someone else I might know.
  5. I’d rather you use the same word over and over than substitute the right word for a simile that is way off. No, seriously.
  6. I don’t need you to be perfect; I need you, to be honest.
  7. I am currently struggling with something under your niche; if you can wave a magic wand I’ll be forever indebted to you.
  8. Sometimes I decide whether to stay on your blog or not, based on how you respond to the other readers’ comments.
  9. Word lengths are abysmal to me, I’ve read 10,000 words long blog posts, highlighting and devouring every piece of it and even bookmarked it for future reference. I’ve scanned through 500 words long posts as well. If you are enchanting enough, I’ll read you to the very word.
  10. I am getting smarter every day; you need to up your game.
  11. I’ve been scammed before; can you get me to trust you? I mean, a great giveaway will start us off, don’t you think?
  12. I hate cluttered houses, I’ll visit but I would be gone in a second to ‘take a phone call.’ That would be the last time you’d ever see me.
  13. I would stay a little bit longer if you would lead me to another magnetic read at the end of the post. Think of it as serving me some berries, and just when am about to leave, you say, “…not so fast, Pizza is here!”
  14. I don’t like it when you guarantee something I know it’s universally impossible. Even if it worked for you, just allow me to anticipate the possibility that it might not, for me.
  15. Too many options and I would opt for the X-Button instead. Mind you I got bigger decisions to make already, too much actually.
  16. You’ll never understand what I am going through, but at least act like you do.
  17. It’s a love affair babe; always do what you say you would.
  18. I struggle with consistency, I like it when you don’t.
  19. Whenever I click on an Ad, I never come back. Only send me away when it’s really worth it.
  20. Give me a reason to mention your blog when am with my friends talking about sports, and not earning hot slaps in the process.
  21. Write as if you writing it only to me, it makes me feel special. For a moment I’ll forget that probably two million other readers are reading the same thing.
  22. I believe I deserve more than I am receiving, even when am not paying a damn dime for it.
  23. I admire your language mastery and prowess, seriously, but can we make it more of a conversation than a showoff?
  24. I understand when you don’t have anything to say, but find a way to give me a pat on the shoulder even when am two worlds away.
  25. If it’s important to me, then pretend that it’s at least important to you as well.
  26. Some of the things that turn me on are shocking statistics, a great analogy well told, and small instances of honesty and vulnerability.
  27. If you exaggerate your income reports, can you also present them as true financial reports for your tax obligations?
  28. It’s not just business; it’s love, it’s trust, it’s results.
  29. I do have a past that kinda relates to yours. By sharing your story, you make me feel connected.
  30. I don’t mind sponsored posts, but can you at least let me know that it is?
  31. I do let you get away with lies occasionally, but don’t you ever think I am stupid.
  32. Sometimes you just need to ask.
  33. Your writings sometimes make me feel I am being taken for granted. It’s the worst feeling in the world.
  34. I like bettering myself, I thus feel indebted whenever your new post proves better than the previous.
  35. You don’t have all the answers; can you let me know that from the word go?
  36. You sound much better when you immediately eliminate very trash adjectives from your copy and I ‘quickly’ fall in love with your writings.
  37. Be direct and avoid flowery language, because trust me, dear reader, I believe from the bottom-most part of my heart, that I wouldn’t be troubling you if I ask you with total humility to stick with the obvious simple and of course clear language to just get to the damn point!
  38.  I get bored with passive sentences. This is already boring. That’s the only grammar learned in high school that I still care about 
  39. Stick with the active voice whenever you can, because passive voice bore people, and that was not quite boring!
  40. I don’t like plain rice. Add some artistry to your writings to make them relatable.
  41. You lose me when you start rambling; I mean why mention Middle East as a problem when talking about Blogging Challenges?
  42. You sometimes send me to the dictionary, and I don’t like it, unless the post is on “100 New Words You Should Know.”
  43. I don’t know what school taught you, I’m just looking for a solution that’s well presented.
  44. Common knowledge is common, I already know that, so don’t include the obvious to your lists, unless you can’t help it.
  45. I just read another post similar to yours before I came here. What’s in for me here, that wasn’t in for me there?
  46. I am really desperate for a solution more than am willing to admit.
  47. Long blocks of texts are like lullabies to me.
  48. I am a visual human babe, always remember that.
  49. I like scanning through, makes it easier for me to do so.
  50. First work towards earning my loyalty, and I will willingly buy your premium products.
  51. I am thankful more than am willing to admit, simply write on.
  52. I know it’s crazy, but I sometimes feel all these things at once.

I hope this list has helped you to know your readers so that you can create content that resonates with them. By reflecting on these thoughts, you should be able to develop reader profiles that better reflect your ideal reader’s needs

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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8 Responses

  1. hehehe, I was reading with my eyes half open to try limit the shame. coz, man i felt like you were talking about me. Anyway I love your post, it’s communicative. Thanks for the free tutorial.

  2. Number 3 on your list felt like the make or break place to start.
    I took a picture of your 50 questions as I am new to vomiting my soul to the world, or even just you, so fear of being uninteresting or wrong haunts me.
    I didn’t take your advice in perfect order and slay you with an introduction as recommended (refer to number 1.) but I’m a rule breaker at heart. I’m hoping you’ll see me as good-girl writer with a bad boy edge because I took that leap of faith.
    Speaking of faith, I just came out of the closet as an athiest two years ago. The importance of this info? My frontal lobe finds fact-based writing the best form of fore play. Letting go of religious beliefs has increased my writing sex life tenfold.
    Fact based writing WITH a saucy flair is my souls secret fantasy. Writing something like a sassy IKEA instruction manual would be a dream job.
    I’m a 49 year old single mom without a job. Or a blog. I liked what I read and decided to make you my first. Attempt, that is. I hope you’ll still respect me in the morning.
    I’m a Gemini. I see both sides of everything, even when there might be nothing there.
    I analyze what I analyze.
    My attention span is short, unless I’m absolutely hooked.
    I get hooked. A lot. Is A lot a lazy writing word? Shit, I’ll have to analyze that later.
    I’m only on number eleven! This is more work than I anticipated.
    Words and communication is what I bleed and breath for. Im still looking for my true love whom feels my same pain.
    I talk too much, but I listen way more.
    I listen because I love information. I know what I’ll forget as soon as I hear it. I carry no guilt about that.
    I carry guilt about almost everything else.
    I’m feeling anxious that I haven’t scanned your 50 items in a while to make sure I’m covering all my bases.
    I knew as wrote number 16 that I wasn’t going to read through your 50 again. I read through them about 4-5 times prior to starting, then scanned a time or two. My ADD is kicking in.
    I dont lie about big things but will about the tiniest of things. I do my best to make hard to hear truths bearable.
    Integrity is everything to me but I worry mine sometimes falls short.
    I’ve lived a failed life tough failure is my biggest fear.
    My biggest failures have taught me my life’s greatest lessons. I still haven’t learned to master learning from past lessons, no matter how painful.
    My greatest insult is to be called stupid or unintelligent.
    I often feel my intelligence is far greater than others when alone with my thoughts.
    I self loathe that I know I’m probably more common than I think.
    Common bores me. I can’t stress that enough.
    My words are beginning to feel common, I’m afraid I’m losing you.
    I need to hold your interest, though I don’t know what truly interests you, besides your writings. This is tougher than I thought. Have I already said that?
    I am often told I am a great writer, that I should do something with it. I recently read many people are told the same. I felt cheated.
    I was in college until 1/2018. I developed neurological symptoms that ironically started to affect my speech sometimes.
    I still haven’t mastered when to use affect vs. effect but I’m to lazy to care most times. Note to self: add that to bucket list.
    I feel an increased urgency to write because I’m terrified my speech issues might rob me of communicating the way I’ve always known.
    Could my deep love for all things words possibly be a curse for admitting I don’t believe in God.
    I don’t believe in God or curses. I do believe in karma.
    I am a mom of 4 yet fill like a childless mother. That’s the Gemini in me but I can bore you with that another time.
    Astrology fascinates me to no end, but only the personality traits involved with each sign. The rest seems like hocus pocus. Does that make me a hypocrite? I prefer to think I use personality traits as a profiler of people.
    Science and the universe are my deities. Hard cold facts smooth me.
    I’ve never written a non-fiction story, not even for a class and I never want to.
    Reading fiction feels like a waste of time. I secretly don’t understand people who find pleasure in reading it. I feel guilty admitting that.
    Damn this writing on demand is more work than I thought.
    I’m getting lazy and wrote that last line to fill space. I don’t feel guilty admitting that but worry that means I’m not a true writer at heart.
    I’m jealous of those that are true word wizards.
    I long to write, and for it to be read and respected. I crave to dazzle with my words even more.
    Reading my own words I’ve put down on paper gives me great satisfaction. Reading words written by others who are masters is my greatest nirvana. I rarely take the time to do so anymore.
    Being a Gemini, my words allow me to blend into any crowd. Upscale or uneducated, either gives me deep satisfaction. Is that ego or insecurity? Truthfully I don’t care if it’s both.
    My heart is grateful I stumbled across your site.
    I’m suspicious it is probably spam, but I am just as guilty. I used the opportunity not caring as I am longing to get my feet wet in this thing they call writing.
    I’m so glad I’m almost to 50, I’m dying to play an IPad game I love.
    Thank you for this opportunity, I will eternally think of you as “my first”. How often does a mom of 4 get to say that? HA!
    Like I said when I started this journey, I’m a rebel at heart, so I’ll leave number fifty unfinished.
    I never want

  3. Wow, I don’t think I can top that comment above. But I really do think your points are true. You can’t engage an audience without invoking some kind of emotion.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the fact that my readers would love to read about such things. You give me some inspiration for my future posts! Thank you very much!

  5. The biggest mistake a blogger can make is to not be authentic to themselves and their readers. I always try to imagine what I would tell my best friend about the product or topic I’m writing about. What would she want to know from me and how would she want to hear it. If you picture someone when you are writing and not everyone, your post will come across so much more engaging and personal.

  6. Wow, these are all so great! I love getting reminders like this because sometimes it can be so discouraging especially if you are not sure you are providing what your reader is looking for.

    Great tips!

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