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30 Maternity and Baby Niche Ideas to Blog About

The baby products industry is booming right.

Parents with babies or those expecting are constantly looking up the web for every advice they can get from experienced parents.

Before, this used to be a task dedicated to senior relatives, but with the advent of technology and urbanization, most young parents find themselves miles away from people whom they can rely on for advice.

Baby niche ideas blogging

If you want to start a blog centered around this niche, then you must be a passionate parent otherwise this can be really a daunting task unless you will be relying on freelancers to create content for your site.

The best way to gain traffic to baby and maternity blogs is through social media accounts such as Pinterest and Instagram

Your content will largely be around product reviews, secret hacks, and how-to tutorials as well as best of list posts.

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Here are baby niche ideas that you can explore if you love this field:

  1. Baby Adoption
  2. Baby food
  3. Baby clothes
  4. Baby bathing
  5. Baby strollers
  6. Baby beds
  7. Prenatal vitamins
  8. Bedwetting
  9. Baby sleep
  10. Baby showers
  11. Baby gifts
  12. Baby gear
  13. Babysitting
  14. Breastfeeding
  15. Baby development
  16. Baby nursery
  17. Baby allergies
  18. Daycare
  19. Potty training
  20. Mother-daughter matching outfits
  21. Baby dresses
  22. Bedtime
  23. Nappy change
  24. Newborn skin conditions
  25. Winter training
  26. Maternity
  27. Maternity clothing
  28. Baby products
  29. Baby toys
  30. Baby items and stores

You can easily monetize blogs in these niches through affiliate marketing and sponsorships as well as writing guides and creating tutorial videos.


Selling your own physical baby products is also a profitable model to adopt. Towards the end of this post, I will show you three ways you can sell physical products by either outsourcing from manufacturers or through dropshipping.

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