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63 Agriculture Niche Ideas for Agriculture Bloggers

If your roots are in farming like mine, then you must admit that this is one aspect of our lives that we can’t just give a blind eye to. I’m always planning to start my own small garden mainly for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs before turning thirty. That’s six years from now.

If you already have experience and success in trying out some of the farming techniques and types, then you can start a blog where you share your tips. Just like the DIY niche, farming is quite a popular topic on YouTube and Pinterest.

You can then monetize through online lessons, selling your own farm produce or farm supplies or partnering with brands.


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Here is an ultimate list of popular farming niche ideas you can blog on:

  1. Permaculture
  2. Poultry Farming
  3. Turkeys
  4. Growing tomatoes
  5. Harvester
  6. Greenhouse supplies
  7. Organic farming
  8. Orchards
  9. Horticulture
  10. Irrigation farming
  11. Seedler and fertilizers
  12. Shed plans
  13. Chicken for eggs
  14. Broilers
  15. Transplanter
  16. Chronometer and Chronograph watches
  17. Poultry medicine
  18. Farming tools
  19. Farm wear
  20. Sprayers and sprinklers
  21. Rearing ducks
  22. Vegetable gardening
  23. Sheep care
  24. Beekeeping
  25. Dairy farming
  26. Chicken feed
  27. Hatcheries
  28. Chicken tractor plans
  29. Ameraucana chickens
  30. Bantam Chickens
  31. Tree nursery farming
  32. Dual crop farming
  33. Aquaponics
  34. Fish farming
  35. Microgreens Farming
  36. Hydroponic farming
  37. Rooftop tea garden
  38. Mushroom farming
  39. Flower farms
  40. Fruit growing Fruit picking
  41. Livestock feed manufacturing
  42. Field crop farming
  43. Honey production
  44. Nursery operation
  45. Rabbit raising
  46. Weed killers
  47. Sustainable farm consulting
  48. Making compost
  49. How to grow onions
  50. House plants
  51. Indoor gardening
  52. Herbs
  53. Farming Methods
  54. Trellis
  55. Cucumbers
  56. Homemade weedicides
  57. Strawberry farming
  58. Hydroponics courses
  59. Homesteading
  60. Gardening ideas
  61. Gardening with kids
  62. Farm produce storage
  63. Business farming

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

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