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57 DIY Blogger Niche Ideas to Explore for Craft Lovers

This section is yours if you are handy and love making your own products while at home. Anything from kitchen tools to woodworking is quite a profitable topic since you can promote your own Etsy and eBay shop products.

These niches tend to get lots of traffic from Pinterest, so you want to make sure that you have optimized your Pinterest account so that you can start seeing results as early as possible.

Apart from writing tutorial posts, the DIY audience is more into videos, which really is a plus for you since you now have a guaranteed extra source of traffic: YouTube. From simple animations to quick tutorial crafts videos, YouTube can really scale your DIY blog very quickly as you continue building a growing audience.


The best way to monetize this niche is to sell or promote craft supplies, Display ads since you will be getting tons of traffic and selling your own eBooks and courses

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Examples of Profitable DIY Niche Ideas for DIY Bloggers:

  1. Tiny Houses / Tiny Homes
  2. Home Decor
  3. Tiny house design
  4. Painting
  5. Paper toys
  6. Vegetable carving
  7. Weaving
  8. 5-minute crafts
  9. Homesteading
  10. Upholstery supplies
  11. Bracelets
  12. DIY Kitchen
  13. DIY Furniture
  14. DIY Fashion
  15. Calligraphy pens
  16. Stuffed animals
  17. Kid toys
  18. Soap making
  19. DIY couches
  20. Cross stitching
  21. Remodels
  22. DIY Solar Water heating systems
  23. Making candles
  24. Knitting patterns
  25. Art supplies
  26. Drawing
  27. Airbrushes
  28. Floral Design
  29. Lapidary
  30. Carving
  31. Needlepoint
  32. Farmhouse decor
  33. Woodworking
  34. Papermaking
  35. Porcelain dolls
  36. Calligraphy
  37. Homeschooling tools
  38. Sewing
  39. Cardmaking
  40. Yarns
  41. Knitting
  42. Embroidery
  43. Crochets
  44. Illustrations
  45. Stitchery
  46. DIY Jewelry
  47. Embossing
  48. Engraving
  49. Wall art
  50. Modern decor
  51. Décor for cheap
  52. Drawing animes
  53. Home renovations
  54. Easy juicing
  55. Gift wrappers
  56. DIY Gifts
  57. Deck plans

How to Monetize a DIY Blog:

There are many ways that you can use to monetize a DIY Blog. These include:

Selling DIY Tool kits via dropshipping: Find a great supplier and dropship them to your customers so you don’t have to handle any of the shipping and receiving. You can use Blogger or Squarespace and purchase a template that is already in dropshipping format.

5 Minute Crafts: Sell your own eBooks or videos on Patreon, Skillshare, Udemy so that you can start earning passive income from your loyal DIY followers.


YouTube Ads: Become a YouTube partner and monetize your YouTube channel with display ads.

Make money with affiliate marketing: Sign up for affiliate marketing programs and receive a commission when your visitors buy DIY products from online retailers.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Create Amazon Associate links to relevant products and earn 4% per sale on all items that are bought through your referral link.

Display Ads: As your blog grows consider joining ad management networks such as Mediavineso that you can earn extra income from your blog through Google’s Display Ads programs.

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