6 Things to Consider When Choosing a White Label SEO Reseller

If you want to start an SEO agency, there are two ways that you go about it: One, carry out, and manage all the SEO tasks yourself or two, outsource all the tasks to a white label SEO reseller firm. This second option has made it easier for individuals without adequate working capital and technology to run successful agencies since they only pay the reseller after the client has placed an order.

As exciting as that seems, it’s not a walk in the park since you are entrusting a third party with your client’s works, a move that can either build or damage your reputation. That’s why lots of thoughts got to go into choosing the right SEO reseller for your business.

Choosing the right SEO reseller program

Here are a few things you need to consider when selecting a white label SEO program for your business

1.   Quality of service

Clients expect nothing but the best from your SEO agency. Let’s face it; they’re parting away with their hard-earned cash every month, so they have to be getting value for their money. Since you are delegating this obligation to a third party, you want to ensure that the service they provide is of high quality.

High-quality service when it comes to SEO could mean a variety of things. For instance:

  • Sticking to white label SEO practices only
  • Creation of high-quality content that meets users’ demand
  • Informed keyword research, mapping, and execution
  • Building quality backlinks through guest posting and blogger outreach.
  • Avoiding spamming activities that could damage your client’s reputations

To determine the quality of your reseller’s white label seo services, evaluate their past works. For established firms, you can easily find case studies, client reviews, and testimonials, as well as published works.

When examining their past works, focus on how each story is told; you can always spot disingenuity’ from a mile away. For published content, ensure that it meets all the aspects of quality content in terms of optimization and usefulness.

2.   Scrutinize their past experience

This is really important in order to understand if they are well experienced handling various clientele. Since you are a small agency, chances are your services are more inclined to a particular niche, for instance, SEO agency for dentists, legal SEO agency, or you are targeting authors, speakers, and coaches. While SEO aspects are similar across markets, the execution dynamics are different.

It may not be possible to find a niched SEO reseller program but do your due diligence to ensure that the firm you opt for has dealt with your target profiles before. Look for samples in your niche, and whenever you can’t find some, just message the firm asking for a portfolio in a particular market.

Another thing you want to be on the lookout for is service pages dedicated to certain markets. Most SEO firms will have pages such as SEO agency for dentists, SEO agency for practitioners etc. By searching on Google for these terms, you can find such companies. If they have dedicated pages, it means that these are the clients they are working with, have expertise handling them, and looking to attract more clients in these markets.

You, however, still need to read these pages to ensure that their promise is in line with the vision that you have for your clients.

3.   Evaluate their customer Service

Customer service is to SEO what quality interface is to design. Mess that up, and you don’t have a business.

Delegating this isn’t a wise decision in most cases, but if you are running a reseller-powered business, you have no choice. This means, therefore, that you need to choose a service that provides high-quality customer support.

Essentially, you are looking for:

  • On-time support: ensure that your reseller has reliable, white-labeled live chat support or ticketing systems.
  • Knowledgeable customer support team: they should know the processes within the company and how each service plays into the overall search ranking goals.
  • A support team that knows how to resolve disputes quickly without going all-defensive.

You can gauge the effectiveness of their support team by using their services with anonymity. From pre-sales to after-sales support, going through their processes gives you a holistic picture of their experience.

Ensure that you are asking the right questions and not being blatantly annoying just to see how far you can go before they can break.

The questions you ask should aim at telling you about their diverse experience tech-wise as well as give you a glimpse of their onboarding, execution, and reporting processes

4.   Learn more about their reseller program

After you have evaluated their customer support team and you are satisfied with the overall experience, come out of your anonymity and schedule an appointment with their reseller department.

This is your opportunity to ask questions about the program so that everything is crystal clear from the word go. You need to know what exactly is included in the reseller program as SEO reseller packages differ from one agency to another.

Ensure that the reseller program you choose provides the following:

  • White label SEO progress reports
  • Handle customer inquiries and concerns
  • SEO monitoring tools/dashboard etc.

5.   Technology

The right agency for your business is the one that employs modern tech to ensure that there’s a seamless interaction between your team, your clients, and their reseller execution team.

By ensuring that there’s integration and relaying of data on time between the three parties, you minimize to and fro email communications that only cost your business time and money.  If conversations can be carried out within the SEO software, the better since it makes it easier to do follow-ups and track messages based on clients and tasks involved.

6.   Scalability

The main reason why you went the reseller route in the first place is because of the lack of resources to run everything in-house yourself. By outsourcing SEO services, you hoped to scale your business and bring in more clients. Transitioning from one seller to another is not void of challenges, so you want to ensure that the SEO firm you choose can handle your needs as your business grows.

A scalable White label SEO reseller program is one that has been around for years, is well established, and have a proven system of finding new, and competent human resource as, and when the need arises. This means that you need a firm that has invested in creating training materials, developing cutting-edge technology, and laying out unbeatable company processes.


It’s paramount that you choose the right partner for your business. While the research can take a while, it’s worth it since transitioning from one seo reseller to another will not be easy especially when your business is starting to boom.

As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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