How to Make Money with AI Tools Like Jasper AI (7 Ways)

AI copywriting tools are here with us, they have been since 2020. Today, these tools are being used by content creators, marketers, and copywriters to help fasten the content development process.

If you have a tool like Jasper AI or CopyAI (The most popular AI copywriting tools on the market), you might have been wondering how to leverage it to make more money.

In this article, I take you through how to make money with AI tools.

Best AI tools to make money

There are several AI tools on the market today that can help you make money online. These include AI writers, AI Art generators, AI video creators, etc.

I) AI writing tools to make money

AI copywriting tools are types of software that use GPT-3 and other Natural Learning technologies to generate content in a human-like format based on the text they have been fed with.

Some of the best AI writers include:

a) Jasper AI

Jasper AI Tools to Make Money

Jasper is the most powerful and affordable AI writing tool that you can leverage to make money. This tool is great for generating both short and long-form content.

Best Jasper AI features:

  • Commands for generating content quickly without switching to templates each time you want to write a different section of your content.
  • Powerful long-form document editor that provides you a playground for building up your articles
  • Content workflows: You can use Jasper’s built-in wizards for generating different types of content (Blog post workflow, sales copy workflow, rewriter workflow, etc.)
  • Jasper Chat: This is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives that now includes an option to toggle Google Search. Doing so will force the AI to generate content using the latest info from Google.
  • Jasper Art: Another powerful feature within the platform that you can use to generate high-quality AI images.

One of the challenges of this tool is that you do need to do lots of manual edits to make your content suitable for your readers, and also to game AI detection tools.

That said, apart from the next tool, Content at Scale, Jasper is the most useful tool.

b) Content at Scale (CaS)

Content at Scale CaS Square Ad

The newest entrant that is set to revolutionize the AI writing space is perhaps Content at Scale. 

This tool wins for two main reasons:

  • Ability to generate completely unique, relevant, useable, and comprehensive content with just one click. (2600+ words)
  • Content that passes AI detection tools.

Unlike other AI tools to make money that act as writing assistants, CaS is like a freelance writer. Your work is just to be a human editor to finetune the generated content.

This tool is able to accomplish this because its proprietary system utilizes a combination of three different AI engines, as well as NLP and semantic analysis algorithms for content generation. It also crawls Google and parses all of the content that ranks highest.

There’s a catch though. This is the most expensive AI tool but I believe it's worth it, because you’re able to publish a 1000-word article for as little as $10. An average writer charges $100 for such a service.

Get Early Access:

This tool is only available via invite. Go to Content at Scale to request early access to the platform.

Best for:

  • Freelance writers: If you charge $200 per 1000-word article, and you use this tool, you would still make $190 per article, for a task that takes you 30 minutes to complete.
  • Bloggers: Use CaS to publish 1-2 articles per day on low-competitive keywords, per day, and reach over 500 SEO posts in your first year.

20% Post Credits

If you request an invite through our link and make a purchase within the next few days, you will get 20% more post-credits 

c) Frase AI

Frase AI writer editor

Another tool that can help you make money is Frase AI. This is the go-to tool for bloggers and content marketers, as it has great features for On-page optimization.

Frase AI features: 

  • Ability to optimize your generated content based on top search results
  • SERP-inspired brief and outline builder
  • SEO and content planning tools
  • Content optimization tools (alternative to Surfer SEO)

You also get other writing tools that you would expect in any AI content generator. 

d) Writesonic

Writesonic AI copywriting tools

A close competitor to Jasper AI is Writesonic, with lots of tools for short-form and long-form content generation.

Main features:

  • Chatsonic: A ChatGPT alternative, similar to Jasper Chat, that connects to the internet but is more powerful
  • AI Premium Writer 4.0 — capable of generating 1500+ full articles with just one click but more customization options such as tone of voice, point of view, keywords, outline with up to 20 items, etc.

e) AISEO writer

AISEO writer hero

This can qualify to be a Frase alternative, but more affordable, starting at just $15/month paid annually.

Main features:

  • Blog post generator tool
  • Hemmingway readability AI improver
  • SEO documents
  • SERP Analysis
  • Ability to paraphrase up to 50K characters in one click
  • Powerful AI rewriter tool
  • Chrome extension for generating content on the go

Currently, this tool is offering a lifetime deal that starts at just $67 for 7 SEO documents per month, $147 for 15 SEO documents, and $397 for unlimited documents.

f) ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful conversational AI tool built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 models. You can use this tool to generate any type of content, and even write executable lines of code.

Main features:

  • This tool recalls conversations within a thread, giving it more context
  • Can generate lines of codes with its integrated Codex model
  • High-quality language generation: ChatGPT can generate human-like text that is often difficult to distinguish from text written by a person.
  • Handling context and conversation: ChatGPT is able to understand and respond to context, making it well-suited for use in chatbots and other conversational systems.
  • Handling a wide range of tasks: ChatGPT can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, including language translation, text summarization, and question answering.

Other AI writing tools:

These tools are perfect for breaking your writer's block and brainstorming ideas and marketing angles.

II) AI video tools to make money

Sometimes you need to whip out a simple animation video or do a spokesperson tutorial without showing your own face. 

Luckily, AI video generators have come to our rescue. Small and big businesses alike are leveraging these tools to make money.

  • AI video editors
  • AI video makers
  • AI spokesperson videos


Synthesia AI Tools to Make Money with Videos Hero

Synthesia is one of the earliest users of AI video generation. It has an intuitive interface that makes video creation a no brainer for anyone. 

Your videos are narrated by AI avatars with voices that are barely indistinguishable from humans. And with a choice of over 65+ AI actors and 60+ supported languages, you sure can find a voice that can fit your brand.

These AI avatars are super realistic. One of the most used Avatar is Anna, that companies like Copymatic AI and Writecream  use for explainer videos.

Synthesia ai video generators avatar anna

Synthesia features:

  • Multi-lingual support
  • Video duplication
  • Ability to merge videos created by Synthesia, avoiding the need of using a separate video editor
  • Voice customization — even replace synthetic voice with authentic human voices
  • Ability to use your own voice
  • Use custom avatars
  • Extend the power of Synthesia beyond the confines of the platform with their API access

You can use this tool for just $30/month, a personal plan that allows you to create up to 10 videos.

h) Pictory AI

Pictory AI Exit Chat Feature

Pictory AI is another one of the best AI tools to make money online. With this tool, you can easily create short viral and branded videos to grow your brand and your influence.

It also has a powerful editor that can help you modify your videos by editing the transcripts. For instance, you could delete a word, or a phrase from a video transcript, 

It’s a web application, so there’s nothing to download. Pictory automatically extracts key points from recordings (Zoom, Webinars, Microsoft Teams)

Use cases:

  • Turn your scripts into highly converting sales videos
  • Converting blog posts into Youtube videos
  • Automatically adding captions to your videos for accessibility 
  • Create sub-titled videos for social media

Other features of Pictory:

  • Script to video generator
  • Blog to video generator
  • Editing video using text
  • Creating video highlights
  • Auto summarizing long videos
  • Video transcription
  • Insert B-rolls 

i) InVideo

This is a robust AI video creator and editor that helps you fasten the creation process. Just like Animoto and Vivavideo, InVideo leverages templates.

All you need to create a video is to type in your scripts, select a template and then start customizing to get you the desired result.

You can use it to create ad videos, explainer videos, etc.

j) Rephrase AI

This tool is similar to Synthesia, as it requires you to upload your script, select your AI narrator and corresponding voice and then click on generate to turn your text into full narrated videos.

Main features:

  • Custom actors
  • CTA labels
  • Ultra Realistic presenters
  • Personalization features through merge tags that can have AI spelling out your contact’s names
  • Custom landing pages
  • Video editing studio to help you truly transform your content

Other AI video tools

III) AI Art Generators

Another set of AI tools that can enable you to make money is AI art software. 

AI art generators use text-to-image technology to create powerful imagery. All you need is to feed them with detailed descriptions of the image you want to create

These tools are capable of generating completely unique images that you can then use for different use cases, such as creating coloring books, marketing materials or even Print on demand products for sale.

Examples of best AI art generators:

k) Jasper Art Generator

Jasper Art Generator Examples fan art of Harry Styles oil painting

For just $20 a month, you can use your favourite AI writer to generate unlimited high quality art and images as well. 

Jasper Art Generator is an AI-powered software built on top of Open AI’s Dall-E-2 model that helps users to create unique, high-quality visual artwork. 

It can generate abstract images, landscapes, and portraits based on any input data. 

Using the generated artwork, users can also create digital art prints, which can be used for decoration or for sale.

Jasper Art features:

  • Intuitive user interface that allows users to enter any type of input data, and then generate images based on it. 
  • Range of customization options, allowing users to set:
    • Art style
    • Medium 
    • Artist
    • Lighting
    • Keywords
    • Modifiers, etc.

The better you’re at writing effective AI prompts, the better your generated images will be.

l) Photosonic

Photonic AI Art generator Enhance Image

Photosonic is similar to Jasper Art, but is developed by Writesonic, another powerful AI content generator built on top of OpenAI’s language models.

This tool can help you create stunning visuals and unique digital art for different use cases, with minimum effort.

You only need to provide some basic information about what you’re looking to create and  Photosonic will do the rest!

With Photosonic, users can create a wide range of digital art pieces, from abstract designs to detailed landscapes. 

Photosonic features:

  • Built-in photo enhancer for downloading generated images in HD
  • High quality image generations

m) Night Cafe AI

Night Cafe AI Art Generator

Another tool I recommend for making money with AI art is definitely Night Cafe.

With Night Cafe, you can generate high quality images by leveraging its customizable options, including:

  • Multiple styles
  • Ability to generate images in bulk
  • Bulk downloading
  • Default negative prompt setting
  • Ability to select an original image to use as a starting point.
  • Ability to boost the accuracy of the images generated
  • Symmetry of your images (vertical, horizontal)

You can also set aspect ratios for your images (Square, Widescreen, Portrait, Mobile vertical, or Landscape)

n) Stock Photos Upscaler

StockPhotos Best AI Imager Upscalers

The images you generate with these tools are not of high quality and resolution yet. To make these images ready for commercial purposes (say Print on Demand), you’ll need to enhance them by upscaling.

Upscaler is one of the most powerful image upscaling tool you should consider adding to your arsenal.

o) Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered art generator that allows you to turn text-based prompts into images. With its launch in mid-2022, it has quickly become a popular tool for users who enjoy experimenting with bizarre prompts and seeing the creative output from the AI.

This tool is capable of generating super realistic and almost surreal images from text inputs.

Key features: 

  • Natural language processing to generate artwork from text
  • Ability to DM yourself the generated images for easier access
  • Image upscaling
  • Image variations
  • Ability to start your generation from existing images by entering the image URl in the prompt.

How to use Midjourney:

Step 1: Ensure you have a Discord account. Midjourney works entirely on your account. Don’t worry, Discord is free to use.

Step 2: Request access. Midjourney is still at Beta, so you need to visit their website to request access or do so directly on this page.

Step 3: Accept invitation, and navigate to the Midjourney channel on your Discord account. Choose one of the newcomer rooms on the left, and enter the room to start creating images.

What to do next: 

  • Once you are in the correct room, you can enter the command /imagine followed by your desired prompt in the text box and submit it. Midjourney will then generate an image based on your prompt
  • Use /help to view tips on using the platform

These commands will give you more control over the image generated by the AI and help you create a unique and personalized image.

Other AI art tools:

  • Stable Diffusion
  • Starry AI
  • Deep Dream Generator
  • Night Cafe
  • Dall-E
  • Deep AI

IV) AI paraphrasing tools

These tools help you rewrite existing content using AI, giving you completely unique variants of your content pieces

Examples of AI rewriting tools:

How to make money with AI

Let’s now get to various ways you can make money with these machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence-powered content generators.

1) Become a freelance copywriter

Becoming a copywriter used to take you years of dedicated learning, hours of case studies and pages of swipe files, and thousands of rows of power words.

Today, even the not-so-experienced writer can craft highly persuasive and converting sales copy with the help of AI copywriting tools. This is because these tools have built-in templates that utilize proven copywriting frameworks such as QUEST, Feature to Benefits, AIDA, Problem — Agitate — Solution (PAS), Before — After — Bridge, etc.

By playing around with these different templates, you will be able to come up with unique marketing angles, that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of on your own.

To try Jasper AI, the best copywriting tool and long-form content generator tool, click the link below.

2) Start an AI-powered blog

When you have an AI writer like Jasper (Jarvis AI), it’s like having 5 other content writers working for you 5 days a week. Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money with AI tools. This is because you are building a passive income stream that will generate money for you for years to come.

Now, starting a blog is more than just churning out dozens of awesome content every month. You need a strategy. Before you start your AI-powered blog, take time to do your research. You want to find a blog niche that is:

  • Less competitive with considerable keywords or topics with low to medium search volumes
  • The topics should be general enough that AI writing tools won’t struggle to create content on their own
  • Is less scientific or technical

Keep in mind that you will be using AI tools to publish 3-5 blog posts every day for at least a year, so if you go for a niche that is too technical, these tools won’t help you much as you will be doing lots of editing yourself.

When doing keyword research, it helps to invest in a tool like Semrush. You only have to sign up for the first month and spend this duration doing keyword research. Once you have identified a niche, then go ahead to research topics. Add potential topical keywords to a list or group, and then export them as CSV.

This way, you will always have the keywords to target even after discontinuing your Semrush subscription.

If you would rather do your keyword on a budget, then I recommend using SERanking an affordable keyword research tool.

3) Offer Pinterest descriptions on Fiverr

Writing optimized Pinterest descriptions is a challenge that many bloggers face. Being the shrewd freelancer that you are, this is something you can leverage to rake in $50 a day

There are several AI tools that Pinterest description generators such as Nichesss. 

Jasper AI has a dedicated Pinterest Title and Description template that you can use to brainstorm ideas for your clients.

Jasper AI Pinterest Description Generator

For a service like this, you can easily charge $10 on Fiverr and be able to have 5 bookings a day. Of course, you do need to prove yourself first, but once you have a few 5-star reviews, you could start getting orders on autopilot.

Things to note:

  • Your pin description should sound native with keywords naturally used without sounding like you are just randomly throwing in keywords
  • Pin descriptions max at 500 characters
  • Include a call to action

4) Get paid to do keyword research

If you have access to AI keyword research tools such as Semrush, and Ahrefs, then you know how addictive data can be.

If data excites you then you can make money with AI as a keyword researcher. Clients pay you a set amount to help them identify relevant topics that they can easily rank for.

Some of the popular AI keyword research tools that you can use to offer this service include:

  • Frase AI: A powerful content research and copywriting tool with an SEO keyword that comes in handy in identifying sub-topics to cover
  • Writerzen: This is like a Semrush plus Jasper AI.
  • Semrush: A dedicated keyword research and content analysis tool
  • SERanking: A best affordable alternative to Semrush and Ahrefs

5) Become a product description writer

Many AI tools have intuitive product description generators that can help you in creating product descriptions for any type of product. 

You can offer this service on your website or through a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork.

The tools I recommend for product descriptions are Jasper AI and ContentBot.

6) Create and sell PLR digital products

PLR info products are digital products that are licensed for reuse or even resell. 

If you have been offering PLR products, then you’ll be glad to note that your work just got a lot easier, as AI tools will shorten the time to create them.

Types of PLR products to create:

  • Articles
  • Presentations decks
  • eBooks
  • Video scripts
  • Autoresponder messages
  • Lead magnets
  • Brandable courses etc

How much you charge depends on the commercial value of the PLR product. For short articles, you could charge $5 while for eBooks and brandable courses, you could charge anywhere above $67. For shorter PLRs, you can bundle a few together to make the offer more exciting.

7) Create and sell swipe files

Swipe files are some of the most popular types of digital products that sell well today. Before, you would have to spend time researching, brainstorming, and rewriting your copy until you have enough to bundle together.

Today, with the help of a powerful AI tool like Jasper, you could comfortably create a swipe copy with 50-plus variants on a weekend.

Some swipe files ideas to try include:

  • Email outreach copy templates
  • LinkedIn outreach templates
  • Social media copy
  • Facebook ad copy
  • Email subject lines
  • Blog Intros
  • Product launch email swipe files
  • Product description swipe files

You might one to niche down to a specific product type or industry instead of all and sundry.

Ready to start making money with AI?

If that is so, then make sure you grab your Jasper offer to generate up to 10,000 words of content for free in the next 5 days after signing up.

As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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