71 Personal Blog Topics for When You’re Feeling Stuck

71 Personal Blog Topics
Looking for original ideas to write about? Here are 71 personal blog post ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. From identity development, family stories, personal anecdotes, and more!

Have a personal blog where you open up yourself into the world? Unlike a niche blog where the topics are on a definite subject, personal blogging often involves journeying through diverse topics, from the personal organization, DIY, inspiration, and opinions to matters of beauty and lifestyle.

Thus, it’s not surprising that sometimes you might not be in a position to figure out what to write about next. That’s when these personal blog topics come in handy!

The trick is to use your own life as inspiration- simply taking note of things around you and relating them to your readers. For example, if you went on a trip, you might write a post about ways to keep in touch with people while traveling, what things to pack for travel, or share the moments with your readers.

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Examples of Personal Blogs

Some of the personal blogs we admire include:

  • Knocked-up Fitness
  • Seth Godin
  • Riskology
  • BySophiaLee
  • Zen Habits

You can read more about these blogs here

Personal Blog Topics and Post Ideas to Try

For your inspiration, I have highlighted a few of the personal topics that you can blog about on your blog:

1) Share your personal style with others. Who knows, there’s a possibility that you might help someone find their personal style through your posts! And, of course, accompanying your posts with complimentary pictures will help you relate more.

2) Tell us about your relationships. It can be with family members, friends, or even pets! Let us know how you developed a special relationship with them and what it means to you. Or perhaps it’s through sharing memories of the past?

3) Share a public diary of your life. Of course, the posts you write ought to be appropriate for other people to read- unless you want them to be overly invested in your personal affairs! But if you’re someone who’s open about yourself, sharing the daily happenings of your day should make for good reading (or even entertainment!)

4) Give us a glimpse into your spiritual side. Do you have a spiritual life? Or perhaps you’ve gone through something that made you want to embrace the spiritual path even more? This can form a basis for your next post.

5) Share your expertise with the world. You can use your blog to teach others about what you know! If you’re good at DIY, cooking, or organizing your life, why not share the knowledge with your readers?

6) Share a review of a product or service that you used. Whether it’s something from the local thrift store, a rare find on eBay, a modern tool from Amazon, or even a personal stylist makeover, if you found it useful, then chances are that others will too.

7) Write about what you’re grateful for. Despite the downs of life that creep in every once in a while, there are always things to be thankful for in life. By sharing your own list of things that you are grateful for, you help your readers appreciate what they have, too. These things could range from sentimental items to people, places, or moments shared and sparred. It doesn’t have to be one big thing, but little things to show that life isn’t always bad.

8) Write about the lessons you learned from a mistake that you made. Everyone makes mistakes- we’re no superhumans, although even though those actually existed, they wouldn’t be without flaws. The key is to learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward. Through your blog, you can take your readers through a journey of your mistake, the lessons you’ve learned, and how it has made you a better person.

9) Share your travel stories. This can be the trip that happened just recently or one that you took ages ago. You don’t have to fly internationally to post about it- even if you went on a road trip with your friends, these are travel stories, too! Sharing about your trip will make people learn more about the place you visited and probably give them ideas for their next trips.

10) Review some of your favorite books. This is especially great if you’re someone who loves reading because it gives readers an idea of what to pick up next (and maybe even bookmark some of the passages that you’ve highlighted in your copy). Reviewing books can be a great source of income, too, if you’re going to do affiliate marketing.

11) Write an emotional letter to someone dear to your heart. Whether it’s a family member, lover, or friend, writing about our emotions can be therapeutic. Sharing your heartfelt words can make people feel less alone, and know that they’re not the only ones going through a particular struggle.

12) Tell us the story of your life. We all have tales that we wish to tell, and they can also serve as lessons. Whether you’re writing about your childhood, teenage years, or present life, your story is enough to make people feel like they’re not alone in their own struggles. Stories make great personal blog posts as it pushes you as a writer to be vulnerable, winning your readers in the process.

13) Share a post about something that makes you happy. It can be a picture of your pet, an annual event you love attending, a song you can’t stop jamming to, or even a candle scent that you love. By sharing what makes you happy, you give people ideas for things to add to their lives, too.

14) Write an inspiring story about how you overcame adversity. We all have put ourselves out there at one point; we’ve all had our fair share of hardship and made it out on top. These hardships have only made us stronger and more tenacious. You can share your story to make people feel braver, more capable, and more resilient.

15) Discuss the changes in your life. You can write about how you changed your career or even the new life that you led when you moved to another country. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but one that is significant enough for you to reflect on.

Closer home, think of changes such as moving to a new city, taking on a new role at work or anything else that’s changed (especially if it’s for the better!). You could even write about the process of change and how you went through it all. Highlight the adjustments you had to make and how one change impacted the other aspects of your life.

16) Write about something that you’ve been meaning to do. Well, meaning to, isn’t the same as done. We all got that one thing that we’ve been meaning to do but never seemed to find the time for. Whether it’s visiting a museum, going on a hike or even buying that book that you’ve been eyeing in the bookstore for a while now, there’s always something. And as they say, well, it’s about time. Just make sure there’s a story in there.

17) Write about your life’s milestones. This can be in reference to certain ages, years, or just the emotions that are brought on by them- whatever you’re comfortable with! Think graduating college, having a first baby, getting married, owning a home, business success, or even that early retirement courtesy of a booming business. If your readers have been following you for years now, it’s always a treat to see what’s changed since you started, and how far you’ve come.

18) Tips & tricks to help out those who are just starting out in life. Whether you’re writing about getting your first job, saving money for emergencies, or even preparing a basic first aid kit, the tips and tricks that you use can potentially change someone’s life!

19) How to deal with struggles- just a few words of encouragement for people who need it often go a long way. Someone could be going through financial issues, struggling with body image, having a rough time at work, finding love, or even wanting to break free from addiction. It’s always good to remind people that they are not alone in their struggles, and if they need help, there are ways to find some.

20) Write about something humorous that happened in your life. Everyone needs a good laugh, and we can’t help but crack up at some of the more absurd experiences we go through ourselves. Whether it’s taming that wild tarpaulin at the fair or finally finding some peace after a long day, getting those happy chills out of our system will make us feel good, too.

21) Discuss your philosophy on life – what you believe in, what’s important to you, and what your top priorities are. Share how you arrived at this conclusion- was it a deeply moving experience, was the conclusion a result of many years of introspection, or just a random thought? Whatever it is that brought you to your philosophy, it’s sure to inspire others.

22) Write about the most memorable gift you’ve ever received. This can be in reference to a birthday, anniversary, or even a holiday. Reflect on what you still have, and how it’s important to you even years later.

23) Give advice on how to travel on a budget. Whether it’s what to do before leaving, packing tips, or where to stay, there are always ways to save money for that dream vacation. If you’ve been there yourself, it’s even better to include tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way.

24) The things you do that other people might find weird. People love reading about these kinds of posts! You never know if readers can connect with what you’re going through or going to go through- plus, it’s always interesting to hear about the weird things other people do. So I’m pretty sure your’s will make interesting a read.

25) List out your favorite (or least favorite) household items, decor, etc. People like seeing pictures of other peoples’ homes! Plus, you can get recommendations for suppliers and vendors based on what you’ve shared with everyone else.

26) Share your moments as a parent. Tantrums, refusal to eat, melodramas that are totally uncalled for, or just the humorous things your kids have said before. What they say – it’s all a part of being a parent. Parenthood can be exhausting, but it’s always interesting to hear about all the challenges that other moms and dads are going through, especially if the reader is a new parent.

27) Discuss how being a parent has changed your life – whether it’s having to adjust work schedules or travel less often, etc. There are many ways that parenthood changes every part of our lives. If the majority of your readers are new moms, then this blog topic can make an interesting read.

28) Make a list of the things you wish you hadn’t done. It could be that girl who broke your heart or that college course you failed because you were partying too much. There are always mistakes we’ve made in life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them! A good read for others who might be thinking about doing some of these things, too.

29) Share your experience of traveling abroad– from culture shock to the food, and of course all the adventures you went through. It’s always interesting to learn about other places- plus, if you’ve got some cool photos, this blog topic is the perfect excuse to share them!

30) Discuss the various tools you use to stay in shape and healthy. Whether you share your exercise regimen or just the various fitness products and accessories that you use, it’s always interesting to see what other people do for self-care.

31) Share tips for others when they’re feeling down in the dumps. Maybe it’s an easy DIY project that puts a smile on your face or maybe it’s what you do for others. There are many ways to turn something around, so make a list of yours, and who knows- perhaps your suggestions can help your readers.

32) The things that bug you the most about people. Everyone has their pet peeves- share them here! People love reading about other people’s irritations because you never know if they’re experiencing the same. And it can also make for an interesting read!

33) Make a bucket list of the things you want to do before you die. Whether it’s marrying your best friend, doing skydiving, or visiting the seven wonders of the world, everyone has things they want to do before they die. People love reading about what other people want to accomplish before they die.

34) Write about your daily routine. If you’re a blogger, it’s the perfect time to show off your awesome workspace and get back to how you started blogging in the first place! If you’ve got a traditional 9-5, you can share your travel tips and tricks for staying productive while you’re at the office.

35) Thoughts on the latest happenings in the world… whether it’s politics, social issues, or even just current events in entertainment and sports. Get your opinion out there! Your readers may agree with you, but if they don’t- they’ll definitely be interested to see what you have to say.

36) Write a letter from your future self back to your past self. What would they say? Would you be able to share it with the young, naive version of yourself? Would there be any advice you’d give your younger version? Write about what you think of your past self and what you’d tell yourself if you had a chance to go back.

37) Share what makes your hometown special. Is it your favorite restaurant, the public library you used to frequent, or even a historical landmark? Everyone has that one place in their hometown that holds a special spot in their hearts. This particular spot can form the basis for your next article.

38) Discuss your thoughts on beauty and how you feel beautiful. Whether you’ve always been confident with your looks, or you still struggle with embracing who you are, everyone goes through insecurities. You can help your readers feel confident in themselves by sharing your own story.

39) Make a list of the things people should stop saying or asking. Put yourself in their shoes and share your thoughts on why certain phrases can be damaging, especially if you’ve been a victim of them. Talk about the reasons why certain questions should be off-limits.

40) Write about the silliest things you’ve ever done. We all have those moments where we do something so crazy, it’s funny. What’s even funnier is that it’s usually completely spontaneous. Whether you’ve fallen asleep on the floor or flung yourself into a pile of mud, write about that one time where it seemed like a bad idea at the time, but you laughed about it years later.

41) Things that are hard to let go of- no matter how much time has passed by. It can be a song, a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for years now, or even just old photos. We all have those things that we just can’t seem to let go of, so share yours.

42) Write about your journey to self-discovery and how it’s changed you as a person. Is there anything you want others to know? Whether it’s beneficial for other people or just yourself, readers will be interested to read what you have to say.

43) Share the music that helps cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down. It can be a song, a particular artist, or even just a genre- it’ll depend on your mood! Listen to this playlist while writing down all the songs that get you going.

44) Make a list of all the things you’d do if money was no object. It could be traveling the world, meeting up with long-lost friends, or even buying an island to call your own. Who knows? You might inspire others to make their own lists too!

45) Write about something that’s often misunderstood or not well sensitized. For example, you can talk about mental health, menstrual health, living with disabilities, political correctness, etc.

46) Tips on how to be a good friend. For example, how to be supportive during tough times, ways to make plans with someone, or things you should avoid saying to someone. You can even focus more on the types of friends everyone needs rather than general tips for everyone!

47) Write about the people that you admire. Perhaps it’s someone in your family, a neighbor, or an old friend from back in high school- either way, if they’ve done something remarkable then tell us all about them!

48) Make a collection of your favorite quotes and share them with the world- perhaps each post can be accompanied by a related graphic or picture?

49) Write about your favorite food, recipe, or restaurant! There are plenty of people who love to cook and eat so this could be an interesting topic for the right audience.

50) Write about your favorite travel spots. If you have a favorite spot, why not write about it? Or perhaps you want to offer advice on choosing a destination?

51) Discuss the latest fashion trends and how they apply in real life. If you love shopping or anything fashion-related, then this is a fun area for you to cover!

52) Top 10 lists are always popular, so why not make your own? It could be the top 10 songs you’ve been listening to lately, book recommendations, or even something like favorite makeup products! You can also share the posts in multiple forms- video is trending at the moment so perhaps do a video blog post about it.

53) Write about a local celebrity that few people know about– perhaps they’re an aspiring singer or just simply do inspiring volunteer work.

54) Write about what you would change if you were the president for a day. What laws would you implement? How would you help your country?

55) Write about the benefits of working at home– either full or part-time. You can give advice on how to balance everything, where to find jobs that allow you to work from home, etc.

56) Review a book or movie that recently came out. Describe why you liked/disliked it and who else might like it too!

57) Discuss some of the challenges of learning a new language or skill. For example, you can write about what it’s like to learn a new language as an adult or how long it takes to really master a certain skill.

58) If you have a hobby that many people don’t know about, you can share your story! For example, perhaps you love crocheting and want to pass on the joy?

59) Teach us how to do a certain DIY project. For example, you could teach readers how to make a beautiful flower arrangement or sew a new pillow cover for their room.

60) Offer tips on being the perfect house guest- perhaps it’s being mindful of your host’s schedule, learning which behaviors to avoid, etc.

61) Make a list of some of the biggest mistakes people make in their careers. Perhaps they’re common mistakes that you made in the past or mistakes that plenty of other people frequently make.

62) Discuss your favorite childhood memories- perhaps it was a game you used to play, where you would go on vacation, or what kind of food your mother cooked for dinner each night.

63) Write about something crazy that happened to you. From unexpected experiences to unbelievable incidents, we’ve all had our fair share of crazy. While some people might think what happened is embarrassing or even cringe-worthy, it will strike a chord with other people who have gone through something similar. The key is to be honest about it- you can’t write about an experience if you aren’t willing to be 100% real about it.

65) Make a list of books that you think everyone should read. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or biography; books give us the opportunity to escape into an alternate world as and when we want to.

66) What you do for fun! Whether it’s traveling, playing video games, watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes, we all love to unwind and let loose. Sharing what you do for fun will inspire others that even when it feels like there’s no time, there’s always time to change things up.

67) Write about something that you’re scared of doing. We all have those things that we fear the most, especially when it comes to facing our fears head-on. There are a lot of things you can do to face your fears, but we all know that, unless we try, we’ll never lose. So we never do. You can write about the things that are holding you back, and the steps that you plan on taking to finally overcome your fears.

68) Write about why you love a given place. Think of the places that always bring a smile to your face, even if they’re just small cafes or quiet parks. What is it about these places that you love? Share your thoughts and feelings with people. This is a great post to get the conversation going, too, since you’re more likely to get reactions from people who frequent there as well, while, at the same time, piquing the curiosity of those who haven’t.

69) Write about the future you envisioned for yourself as a child. What were your dreams and how do they compare today? How did you make them come true, or how do you plan to? What has changed, and what hasn’t?

70) Write about your pet. This one is a given- who doesn’t love pets? If you don’t happen to have one, write about your favorite animal or even the fictional ones. Don’t forget to include a picture of your pet!

71) Reveal your day-to-day. No, it’s not too personal, so don’t worry about being judged for sharing what you do on a daily basis. Whether it’s your morning routine, afternoon work schedule, or the things you wear for weekends, personal blog posts like these allow people to really get to know you and your life as a writer.

These personal blog post ideas are great for getting you started with your blog, but it’s always good to try out new things if you’re stuck on what to write about! Running a personal blog means you are not tied down to a particular topic or niche, so you can always express yourself in a variety of ways.

5 Tips To Grow Your Personal Blog

  • It’s important to make sure you’re consistent with your blog posts- try to post at least once a week.
  • Have a strict publishing calendar so that your followers know when to expect another tantalizing read from you. For instance, you can decide to be posting every Tuesday morning.
  • Be creative with your blog’s layout and design. You can hire someone to create a design for you or try DIYing it! When doing the design yourself, make sure that you’re keen on user experience. Creative design shouldn’t come at the expense of the user experience of your site.
  • Use social media platforms to promote your blog- most blogging platforms will have buttons that allow readers to share your content. After you’ve published a new post, let your followers know. Also, if you have email subscribers, you should be sending a newsletter preferably the same day that your new posts on the site go live.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Have a friend read over your posts before you publish them. The goal is to always be better every time you publish something. After all, what are we if not constantly improving beings of change?
  • Network with other bloggers as much as possible. Create relationships and build friendships- it can lead to some really creative collaborations or guest posts down the road.

Ready to Start a Personal Blog?

If you haven’t started a blog yet, then here’s my handy guide on how to start a money-making blog. I take you through the critical steps including choosing a profitable niche, signing up for web hosting, installing WordPress, Themes, and Plugins, and writing your first post.

Where to host your personal blog

There are many web hosting services, but I recommend you go with Bluehost as it is quite affordable and reliable. You also get a free domain when you purchase a hosting plan with them

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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