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61 Hobby Niches for Hobby Bloggers to Write About

Looking for hobby niches to start a blog on? Explore this extensive list of over 60 hobby niche ideas

Starting a hobby blog is a good idea if you have a particular hobby that you’ve been on it for years. It can be both fun and profitable. 

But first, you need an idea for the niche of your blog.

For your inspiration, here are profitable Hobby Niches worth exploring include:

  1. Dancing: This is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. You can write about dance shoes, dancewear, dancing tips, guides and tutorials etc., or even start an online dance class with instructional videos.
  2. Adventure traveling: This is another popular hobby, especially amongst the youths. You can write about travel destinations, trekking tips, guides and tutorials etc.
  3. Gardening: Gardening is also a very profitable hobby. You can write about floriculture, home gardening tips and tutorials, organic gardening etc.
  4. Gourmet cooking: Gourmet cooking is a lucrative hobby too. With the increasing popularity of TV shows on food, blogging about gourmet recipes has never been easier.
  5. Science: Science can be a great hobby if you steer it in that direction. You can start a blog where you demonstrate simple science concepts for kids, share magical experiments and even create science-based DIY projects at home.
  6. Music: You can write about various genres of music and how to develop an interest in music. You can also share your musical talent by uploading cover songs or performing original musical pieces. Share music lessons, hacks and tricks as well.
  7. Antique collecting: This is a profitable hobby for seniors interested in antique furniture, paintings, jewelry boxes, etc. You can start an antique blog with tips on finding, sourcing and preserving the value of antique collections.
  8. Photography: If you are a man or woman of the lens, starting a photography blog is something you should consider. Your readers will come to your blog for tips on how to take great shots, explore industry trends, read personal stories, source advice on camera gear and much more.
  9. Yoga: Yoga is a great hobby for people of all ages. You can write about yoga poses, meditation techniques and ways to achieve a relaxed state of mind amongst people of all age groups.
  10. Horseback riding: Another popular and profitable hobby is horseback riding. You can write about the equipment needed, horse care, riding techniques etc.
  11. Crafts: This is a very generic and widely popular hobby. You can start a craft blog where you write about paper crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting etc. Through your blog, you can share tutorials on creating certain DIY projects for various purposes such as fashion wear, home decor, lawn design, kitchen etc.
  12. Sports: This is one of the most profitable hobbies in the world. You can write about every sport imaginable, from football to badminton. Blogs on sports generally tend to monetize through ads and affiliate marketing. To succeed, however, you want to niche even further to a single game or sub-niche.
  13. Wine: Wine drinking is prevalent among people of all age groups. You can write about wine tasting, types of wines, food pairing with wines etc.
  14. Pets: Another profitable hobby niche for bloggers is pets. You can write about pet care and advice, pet food reviews, product reviews on doggy apparel and accessories etc.
  15. Video Gaming: Gaming is a growing industry, and one sub-niche that’s doing well is video gaming. You can write about games and gaming consoles, top 10 lists of certain games, best mobile games, gaming gear etc.
  16. Drawing: If you love drawing, you can start a blog to help other artists master their crafts. You can write about drawing techniques, art books, sketching etc.
  17. Watercolor painting: You can start a watercolor painting blog where you help others develop their creative skills by sharing tutorials and tips on buying the right art materials.
  18. Custom illustrations: Illustrations are the new in-thing when it comes to art. You can start a blog sharing tips and tricks on creating custom illustrations using software like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  19. Film making from home: With widespread internet access, there has been a boom in short films. You can start a blog where you share tips on writing, shooting and editing your own films.
  20. Music production: Do you have a beat-up in your head? Then, start a blog where you share tutorials on music production with a focus on recording artists.
  21. Puppetry: Starting a puppetry blog is ideal for experienced puppeteers. You can write about different types of strings, puppet-making techniques, building joints, puppet choreography, etc.
  22. Poetry: Poetry is an art that many people can master. You can start a blog where you write original poetry and share some classic pieces created by great poets throughout history. You can also share poetry tips.
  23. Ceramics: This is an art that’s slowly making a comeback. You can write about the fundamentals of pottery-making and give your readers tips on where to buy ceramics supplies.
  24. Spoken word: Spoken word is a trend that’s slowly gaining popularity. You can share tips on writing, performing and recording spoken word poetry, typically all the dynamics that go into local open mics.
  25. Sculpting: Another old art form that’s making a comeback is sculpting. You can write about the different sculpting materials, what kind of sculptures are popular today, sculpting projects and tutorials, etc.
  26. Writing: This is the most popular hobby among bloggers. You can start a blog where you write about creative writing tips, coming up with storylines, creating conflicts, finding ideas, writing prompts or sharing snippets of your work.
  27. Painting: Painting is a hobby anyone can enjoy, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist. You can write about which colors to use for painting different types of paintings such as landscapes, abstracts, portraits, painting tips for beginners etc.
  28. Instrumentation: If you play an instrument, start a blog where you share tips and tricks on playing it. You can also write about the different instruments and musical styles and share some of your original work.
  29. Knitting: Knitting has been a pastime for many women. You can start a blog where you write about knitting patterns, yarn reviews and tutorials on different types of stitches.
  30. Crochet: Crochet is another way to get your yarn on. You can start a blog where you write about crotcheting projects, share crochet patterns, crochet tips, reviews of different types of crochet yarns.
  31. Lettering: Hand lettering and calligraphy is the latest craze when it comes to art. You can write about different hand-lettering techniques, where to buy pen nibs, and finding lettering jobs and so on.
  32. Camping: Camping is a popular hobby among men and couples. You can write about different camping trips, what to pack for your camping trip, where to go for your camping trips and so on.
  33. Jewelry making (DIY): If you are into jewelry making, you can start a blog where you teach others how to do the same. On your blog, you can talk about different types of jewelry-making tools, the different types of jewelry materials, types of beads, sourcing materials, finding tools, tips and tricks, and finding design inspirations.
  34. 3D Modelling: Have you been modeling objects using programs like Blender and Maya? You can start a blog primarily for sharing modeling tips, tutorials, sharing scenes, rendering and how to build your own 3D models using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  35. Rapid Language Learning: Have you been successful in mastering new languages using games and other fun activities? You can start a blog sharing different language learning methods and promoting your own language info products.
  36. Surfing: If you love surfing, then start a blog where you can share your passion for it. You can talk about the different types of surfboards, different types of surf gear, where to go for surfing trips, etc.
  37. Climbing: This one’s another outdoor hobby that’s been gaining a lot of popularity lately. You can start a blog about different climbing locations, the best times to climb, tips for beginners and climbing gear.
  38. Windsurfing: Another popular water sport. It’s a watersport that’s a combination of surfing and sailing. You can write about windsurfing tips and tricks, where to go for windsurfing trips, what gear you need and what to expect.
  39. Biking: Biking is a popular pastime for many people, and it’s fun and healthy too. In a world that is going green energy-wise, biking or cycling is a great way to get around and is becoming an interest of many today. You can start a blog where you write about different types of biking trails, safety tips, maintenance of your bike, types of bikes and environmental benefits of biking.
  40. Martial Arts: Starting a blog for sharing ideas, insights and tips regarding martial arts can be exciting. You can write about different martial arts techniques, staying safe, and finding martial arts classes.
  41. Coding: As technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, coding is becoming a very popular hobby. You can write about different programming languages, building websites, troubleshooting issues, or just building programs for fun.
  42. Sewing: If you love to sew, then start a blog to share your passion with others. You can write about different sewing tools, where to find fabrics or even review sewing machines.
  43. Fashion (DIY): If you are into fashion, starting a blog where you write about DIY fashion, tips for beginners, top fashion trends and how to get the look you want with DIY projects will be an excellent fit for you.
  44. Fashion (high-end): Are you stuck in the world of high-end fashion? Start a blog where you can write about designer labels, the high-end fashion market, and finding the latest fashion styles.
  45. Choreography: This hobby niche is great for expert choreographers and is easy to monetize through online training programs such as online courses and coaching. You can start a blog where you write about dance styles, making your own dance routines and tips for choreography.
  46. Acting: This niche is best suited for people who love drama and theatres. If that’s you, then go for it. It can be a great way to unwind, sort of, after hours of cramming those lines in. You can write about how to get started in acting, tips for auditions and reviews of different plays.
  47. Drumming: Ideal for drummists. You can start a blog where you share drumming tips, write tutorials on getting started as a drummer and review drumming gear and accessories.
  48. Walking: This hobby is very popular because of its benefits. You can start a blog where you can write about tips and ideas for walking, different walks you can do and other associated health benefits.
  49. Running: Another popular activity and hobby that you can turn into a blog. You can start a blog where you write about running shoes, training programs, upcoming races and other running-related events.
  50. Olympics: This sport is becoming increasingly popular, and starting a blog about it can be fun. You can write about the different Olympic sports, news on upcoming games and getting into that sport. Keep in mind that this is more of a seasonal topic and thus may not be very profitable. However, you can build an entire business by working with trainers and coaches to create info products for athletes.
  51. Skiing: This is another winter sport that is very popular today. You write a blog about the different types of skiing, where to go skiing in the world or how to ski with tips for beginners.
  52. Chess: If you love playing chess, you can start a blog where you write about different types of chess games, the best chess players and upcoming chess events.
  53. Stage performance: Many people, artists and non-artists alike struggle with stage performance, whether it’s stage fright or just lack of great stage presence. Start a blog where you can write about tricks for overcoming stage fright, how to deal with the crowd and performing arts events.
  54. Ballroom dancing: Ballroom dancing can make a great niche topic for a blog for those who love this hobby. You can write about different dance styles, ballroom events and how to get started.
  55. Sound mixing: This is a fun hobby for film enthusiasts and musicians. You can start a blog where you can write about different types of equipment, post-production techniques and even collaborate with other people.
  56. Wedding photography: You can start a blog where you share tips for capturing the best shots on the big day, different photography styles and upcoming wedding events.
  57. Djying: This is a fun hobby for music lovers. You can start a blog where you write about different types of DJ equipment, tips and tricks or even new DJ music releases.
  58. Ventriloquism: Here,  you can share your secrets on becoming a great ventriloquist.
  59. Speed reading: You can start a blog where you write about different speed reading techniques and tips for improving your reading speed.
  60. Weaving: This hobby is becoming more and more popular in the home reno industry. You can start a blog where you write about different weaving techniques, weaver resources and where to find weavers.
  61. Graphic Design: This is a fun hobby for artists and creative people. You can start a blog sharing tips on topics such as graphic design principles, artistic styles, color schemes, color psychology and upcoming graphic design events.

The list of profitable hobby niches for bloggers is endless, and you can explore all of them if you choose to take up blogging as a hobby.

How to Monetize Hobby Niches

Monetizing a hobby blog can be a little tricky, but if you have a niche that is in high demand and appeals to your target market, you can start making money quickly. Here are some ideas:

  • Sell advertising space on your blog if you are in a niche that is popular enough
  • Offer consulting services related to the hobby topic
  • Sell digital products based upon information found on your blog 

If you have a blog based upon an under-served niche, you can use the power of social media to get your content in front of the people that would be interested in it.

Ready to start a hobby blog? Here’s our step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

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