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6 Things Bloggers Need to Focus on Right now Amidst Pandemic

As a content creator during such a pandemic, it's hard knowing what to do, what to publish, and where to promote your content.

To help you out, I have outlined six things bloggers need to be doing during such a crisis.

1: Revisit Your Automations.

If you are a human being, who works alone without a team, then there are those forgotten automations that you haven't looked at in years.

This could be the perfect time to hang out more inside your email service provider. Go to automatic and visit every step in there.

When auditing your automations, you want to focus on the keys areas below:

  • Automation steps for full onboarding
  • Wait period: That time difference between one auto responder and another.
  • Freebie email: Make sure the link is working, and it points to the latest version of your freebie.
  • Overall tone. The automations that you set 6 years ago might not represent your current editorial voice and value proposition. Maybe it's time to reword.

By revisiting your most promising automations, you can easily revamp or even overhaul and boost engagement. To reflect the current situation in the world, you may want to add another step in your automation, that includes your most recent and highly relevant content around Covid-19

If you gonna revisit your autoresponder, you might as well make it more empathetic while you are at it.

2: To Publish More or Less?

While most bloggers might be having more time to write, the concern is rising around content promotion.

Actually backlinko are doubling down on content creation but halting content publishing. If you spend lots of time in content creation, it makes sense to want to publish it at a time when people would actually care to read.

Unless you are writing on productivity, kitchen and recipes, stress management, homeschooling and making money online and working from home, it will be a challenge to create content that will resonate with your readers now.

3: Double Down on Content Development.


What if your niche isn't current-situation-favourable? What if you review cars and write product descriptions?

It makes sense to develop more content but halt on publication. Do your keyword research, write your content and even plan your editorial calendar on WordPress.

Later, when things are back to normal you can schedule more content than you normally would. You will also have plenty of time for content promotion and you will now be ahead a few months in your content development.

Do not let content promotion be the only hindrance to you publishing more content. You can still go ahead to publish your content as soon as you finish.

This way, Google will be able to index and rank it even when you are not actively promoting it. Then, afterwards, when the world is back to normalcy, you can do content-relaunch: Where you do some updates and republish it as new.

4: Focus on List Building.

This is the best time to exponentially grow your email list. People are currently consuming content like it's no man's business.

By rethinking your list building strategy, you can easily have a growing and engaged list. Give people what they want.

You may need to create new freebies or even give away your premium resource.

What most bloggers are doing right now to grow their list:

  • Holding free workshops on stress management, taking business online, finding freelance jobs, scaling your business, homeschooling, working remotely, working with conferencing tools etc.
  • Giving away their premium courses
  • Doing online appearances (chats) on YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Creating more freebies and resources, particularly those that readers can really use right now. Melyssa launched Limitless Entrepreneur, which is an incredible 5 days training workshop which has been enrolled by over 6500 students so far.
  • Creating more relevant content that is 3x better to attract people to their websites.

Creating more freebies and resources
Creating more relevant content that is 3x better to attract people to their websites.

Giving away their premium courses
Running webinars online
Doing online live appearances on Facebook, YouTube
Creating more freebies and resources
Creating more relevant content that is 3x better to attract people to their websites.

5: Create More Relevant and Insanely Helpful Content.

Your content strategy has to change. You want to strike a balance between being concerned and helpful.

Towards the end of last month, I published a list of 21 premium courses which were being offered for free. This was one of the first list to be out there, so gathering the information was a bit of a hustle.

However, that post was read 8000 times within the first week and garnered 800 shares. This article has brought 356 subscribers so far.

Well, that number is trivial but for PennyMatters, it isn't, considering that mine is a small blog that only adds 97 or so new subscribers every month.

But does it mean that you should struggle to create resource articles when you can't find them?

Not really. Be more creative. Here is some of my suggestions:

  • If you are in a business or online niche, create more content on remote working, online jobs, making money online, taking business online, freelancing etc.
  • If you are in a mom's niche or another relevant niche, focus on homeschooling, diy, recipes, happiness, stress management etc
  • Be genuinely helpful. Adopt a firm but emotional tone with a touch of optimism.
  • Stay in the loop. This is the time to read more. Follow your benchmarking sites (others call them competitors) See what content they are creating and see how you can adopt the same.

6: Build Communities.

People are online. Your subscribers are online. But what are they really doing, right now?

Let me give you the shortest answer: They are doing what you are doing! If I am right: You are engaging in communities, networking with others, pitching for guest posts, taking free courses, taking advantage of discounted offers etc.

This is the best time

Things bloggers need to focus on right now
6 things bloggers need to focus on right now amidst pandemic

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