WordAi vs QuillBot: Which AI Paraphrasing Tool Should You Use?

WordAi vs QuillBot Rewritung Tools
Choosing the right paraphrasing tool is crucial for productivity. In this article, we compare WordAi vs QuillBot in metrics like key features and pricing plans. By the end, you’ll know which tool suits your business needs.

Choosing the right paraphrasing tool is key, as it determines whether you will be productive or not when working with content. 

In this quick read, we compare WordAi vs QuillBot in terms of the following metrics

  • Key features
  • Definitions
  • Pricing plans, etc.

WordAi and QuillBot are both rewriting tools that will help you generate top-notch content at high speeds, but they do have their similarities and differences.

I hope that, by the end of this read, you’d have figured out which one is best tailored for your specific business and content needs. 


What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is now a power suite of writing tools that help creators to write, paraphrase content, cite sources, scan their work for plagiarism, and fix spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Short answer, QuillBot just does more and is pretty affordable at just $49.95 per year. ($9.95 per month on monthly subscription plans)

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What is WordAi?

Unlike QuillBot, WordAi is a dedicated paraphrasing tool and is mainly used for rewriting articles or chunks of text content. 

It helps you pass plagiarism checkers while improving the overall quality of your content by finding and exploiting different ways to communicate the same message.

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Comparing key features

To help you make an informed choice in this QuillBot vs WordAi battle, we’ll highlight some of the key features of each tool.

Main QuillBot features

a) Paraphrasing tool 

QuillBot Review AI Paraphraser WordAi vs QuillBot

It’s the AI paraphraser that QuillBot is mainly known for. It’s super powerful and often return rewrites with uniqueness scores as high as 95%.

The free option grants you access to two paraphrasing modes, while QuillBot premium unlocks all 7 modes, giving more freedom on how you want your content to be rewritten.

These modes are Standard, Fluency, Simple, Formal, Shorten, Expand, and Creative. (The names pretty much say what they are used for).

You can decide how much vocabulary change you want using the synonyms slider. The higher you go along the slider (to the right), the more rewording changes you can expect on your work.

You can also change vocabulary manually by clicking on the word. A range of synonyms will appear in a pop-up and you can choose the one you feel is the best.

b) Freeze words

Another important feature worth mentioning is Freeze words. This mode allows you to lock in a word, meaning QuillBot will ignore it when paraphrasing your content. 

This feature is useful for technical terms, brand names, or particular phrases that you don’t want to be paraphrased.

c) Plagiarism checker

This plagiarism checker is powered by Copyleaks. It instantly scans your work and rates its similarity against existing content on the web. 

Here are some features of QuillBot plagiarism checker

  • Multi-language support (100+ languages are supported)
  • Get exact sources where your work is believed to be plagiarized from
  • Ability to preview plagiarized sources from within the plagiarism checker dashboard

d) AI Summarizer 

You can use QuillBot to condense your work to its main points. 

There are two ways you can go about this; Sentence mode and paragraph mode.

In the Sentence mode, QuillBot will shorten your work to a few key bullet points.

In the Paragraph mode, you’ll get a summary spanning a few paragraphs.

You can change the length of your summary using the length slider. Simply slide to the right for a longer summary, or to the left for a briefer result. 

e) QuillBot Co-writer 

This unique feature allows you to use all of QuillBot’s features without switching tabs. 

This means you can paraphrase, translate, summarize, grammar check, and check your work for plagiarism all with one feature. 

QuillBot’s co-writer can also present your text analytics in real time to save time and keep you within your target word count and tone.

Other QuillBot tools:

  • QuillBot translate – Use this tool to translate documents into more than 30 languages. 
  • Grammar checker – This is a robust tool that you can use instead of Grammarly

Want to learn more about QuillBot?

Here’s our detailed QuillBot AI review

Main WordAi features

a) Instant AI Spintax

WordAi Review Feature Rewriter Editor

WordAi has a Spintax feature, which is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that rewrites your text to make it sound unique. 

It can analyze your uploaded work and reconstruct it to make it distinctly different from the original while retaining key points and your intended ideas. 

b) Bulk rewriting

WordAi has a bulk rewrite feature that lets you upload a CSV file or a zip folder containing the articles you want to rewrite. You then have to set the number of rewrites you want, and the level of paraphrasing.

All of your rewrites are saved in the Bulk Rewrite section under Saved Bulk Jobs

c) Protected words and custom synonyms

Like QuillBot’s Freeze word feature, this tool ensures that some key terms are not rephrased when rewriting your content.

d) Avoiding AI detectors

There’s now a new tool that you can use to avoid AI content detectors with just one click.

WordAi vs QuillBot Avoid AI Detection

Here’s how to use this tool:

  • Login to your WordAi account
  • Here, you’ll see two options on your dashboard (Rewrite Articles, Avoid AI Detection)
  • Click on the second option and paste the AI-generated content you wish to rephrase
  • Click on the “Avoid AI Detection” button

That’s it! This tool will do the rest of the magic.

Want to learn more about WordAi?

Here’s our detailed WordAi review

QuillBot vs WordAi — Comparing prices

QuillBot has a forever free plan, but all WordAi plans are paid. 

Another difference when it comes to pricing is that WordAi offers a 3-day free trial during which you can try all the premium features. QuillBot, on the other hand, doesn’t have a free trial for its premium plan.

QuillBot Premium pricing

  • $9.95/month when paid month-to-month
  • $39.95/6 months (semi-annual plan)
  • $49.95 /year (recommended, most savings)

WordAi pricing

Compared to QuillBot, WordAi is more expensive

  • $57/month when paid month to month
  • $27/month when paid annually.

It also has a custom package that adjusts your package price based on your needs.

Comparing content quality (My honest review)

Comparing content quality between these tools is hard, as they seem to do a pretty good job at rephrasing your content from scratch.

I did find that, by trying to beat AI detection, QuillBot will make your content harder to understand. Thus, it might work well with academic essays but not so great with SEO blog posts.

WordAi rewrites content from scratch from sentence and paragraph levels. This makes it possible for the AI to generate variations that are completely unique but carry the same contextual meaning. This is a plus for WordAi over QuillBot.

Comparing customization options

QuillBot AI Paraphraser allows you to:

  • Set paraphrasing modes (up to 7 with QuillBot Premium)
  • Control the number of synonyms to be used (fewer – more changes synonyms slider)

WordAi Rewriter allows you to:

  • Set the number of rewrites per content (1-4) to get up to 4 unique variations
  • Level of paraphrasing (modes)

Where QuillBot wins over WordAi

  • Pricing plans: QuillBot is comparatively cheaper than Word AI. You get to spend a maximum of $9.95 a month on QuillBot as compared to WordAi’s $57 a month.
  • Multiple languages: QuillBot supports over 30 languages while WordAi supports English only.
  • Other features: With one subscription you unlock all other QuillBot tools including plagiarism checker, AI translator, Summarizer, and Co-writer.

Where WordAi wins over QuillBot

  • Speed: Bulk processing on WordAi makes it comparatively faster at rewording content than QuillBot
  • AI detection: WordAi now has a dedicated tool for avoiding AI detectors with one click. 

QuillBot vs WordAi: Which one should you choose?

Both tools have some pretty unique and useful features, but I recommend opting for:

a) WordAi if you are looking to rewrite lots of Ai content for SEO purposes, and also pass AI detectors.

b) QuillBot if you want a simple all-in-one tool that can help you write, translate, cite, rewrite, and scan content for plagiarism and grammar errors.

Better yet, why not acquire both?

Get QuillBot for just $49.95 per year, and add on WordAi and become a content publishing powerhouse, on top of using a dedicated AI content generator like Jasper AI

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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