100 Weird Websites to Visit When Bored in 2024

Looking for something quirky and entertaining on the internet? Check out this handpicked list of 100 weird websites to visit when bored. From strange animations to unconventional designs, these sites challenge the norm and offer a unique online experience.

When the boredom bug bites and scrolling through social media seems too monotonous, why not indulge in something quirky? Let’s get ready to delve into the peculiar realms of the internet.

In this post, I present a handpicked list of 100 weird websites to visit when bored.

What are weird websites?

“Weird websites” refer to web pages that deviate from what one might consider “standard” or “conventional” online content.

These sites often challenge typical user expectations, presenting quirky, unusual, or unexpected content. They can be intentionally bizarre, serving no real purpose other than to entertain, amuse, or simply puzzle visitors.

Here’s a breakdown of what constitutes a “weird website”:

  • Purpose: Unlike most websites that serve a clear and definable purpose (e.g., news, online shopping, information dissemination), weird websites may exist purely for entertainment, to showcase a developer’s skills, or even to confuse or surprise visitors.
  • Content: The content on these sites can range from strange animations, unexpected interactivity, nonsensical text, or even bizarre games. The content often doesn’t follow typical website norms.
  • Design: Many weird websites embrace unconventional designs. This could mean unexpected user interfaces, peculiar graphics, or jarring color schemes. The design might be intentionally dated, overly simplistic, or complex in unexpected ways.
  • Niche audience: While some weird websites gain viral fame and draw large audiences, many cater to niche groups or remain relatively unknown. They’re the kind of sites someone might share with friends with the preface, “You won’t believe this site I found…”

Examples, as discussed below, include pages like Pixels Fighting, where pixels “battle” on screen, or The Quiet Place, which encourages users to disconnect and immerse themselves in tranquility.

The allure of these sites often lies in their deviation from the norm, offering visitors an escape from the usual internet experience.

Weird websites to visit when bored

1) The Useless Web

100 Weird websites to visit when bored the useless web

Feeling idle? The Useless Web is your ticket to randomness. With a click of a button, you are led to an assortment of weird and bizarre websites you never knew existed.

How to Use it: Just hit the “Please” button, and get ready for a surprise!

2) Windows93

Step back in time with Windows 93, an interactive mock-up of what Windows 93 could have been. It offers a fun, nostalgic experience.

Interesting Fact: You can play a simplified version of Doom in it.

3) FutureMe

Weird websites to visit when bored FutureMe

Ever wanted to send a letter to your future self? FutureMe lets you do that. Write an email and set a date, it’s that simple.

Pro Tip: Use it for setting future goals.

4) Zombo

Zombo is where anything is possible but nothing really happens. It’s an old internet artifact that still tickles your curiosity.

Note: The intro speech is the highlight, be sure to listen.

5) Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer finds a photograph pointing to your cursor every time you move it. Sounds simple, but it’s hilariously addictive.

6) Little Alchemy 2

Create new elements with Little Alchemy 2. Start with four basic items and make your way up to creating complex items.

Educational Value: Great for kids to learn about elements and reactions.

7) Patatap

Patatap turns your keyboard into an instrument. Different keys trigger different sound and visual effects.

Bonus: Try it with your favorite songs in the background.

8) Amazon Dating

Amazon Dating parody useless and weird websites to visit when bored

Amazon Dating is a satirical service created by content creators Suzy Shinn, Ani Acopian, and Morgan Gruer, in collaboration with animation company Thinko

It is not a real dating service, but a parody that allows users to “buy” people they want to date just as easily as they would a book or a vacuum cleaner with a return option on Amazon.

Now, though it’s a parody website, it’s so well-designed that it may take you a moment to realize that.

Amazon Dating weired website FAQs

The website features a fully functional homepage where users can see different people as if they were available to purchase. The service offers “Hot Singles Near You” at different price points, and even includes Prime delivery.

9) This is Sand

This is Sand

Ever been to a beach and built a sandcastle? This Is Sand lets you do it digitally.

For Designers: A relaxing break from work to boost creativity.

10) Bored Panda

This isn’t exactly weird but Bored Panda has a compilation of fascinating lists that you can scroll for hours.

11) FreeRice

FreeRice examples of weird websites

Not just a vocabulary quiz, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every question you answer correctly.

Educational and Charitable: Learn and donate at FreeRice.

12) Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a simple yet weird website where a wiggly worm follows your cursor. Shake it fast enough, and prepare for a surprise.

Warning: Not suitable for those sensitive to flashing lights.

13) Radiooooo


Travel through time and music with Radiooooo. Pick a country and a decade, then sit back and enjoy.

Cultural Dive: A great way to explore musical history around the world.

14) Falling Falling

Falling Falling is about the experience of falling… infinitely. The visual and sound effects intensify the longer you stay.

Mindfulness: It’s oddly meditative, despite its weirdness.

15) Wishpush

Wishpush allows you to add wishes and view wishes from others anonymously.

Anonymous Wishing: Make a wish or grant one at Wishpush.

16) Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood plays an endless loop of rainy weather, offering a calming atmosphere.

Ambiance: Experience the rain at Rainy Mood.

17) What Happened in My Birth Year

What Happened in My Birth Year

Input your birth year, and this website offers you a scroll of significant events that occurred during that year.

Personal History: Take a trip back in time to What Happened in My Birth Year.

18) A Soft Murmur

Create your own ambient sound with A Soft Murmur. Mix and match sounds like rain, thunder, and wind.

Productivity: Useful for creating a focused work environment.

19) Essay Typer

Need to write an essay in a hurry? Essay Typer won’t produce academic-quality work, but it’s fun to see it type as you press any key.

For more reputable content generation use cases, consider leveraging AI writing tools.

Disclaimer: The generated essays are not fit for academic submission.

20) Eel Slap

Eel Slap weird useless websites

Experience the joy (or weirdness) of slapping someone with an eel at Eel Slap.

Game Mechanics: Just move your mouse, and let the eel do the work.

21) Window Swap

Window Swap allows you to view short videos from other people’s windows around the world.

Travel Inspiration: Great for scouting your next destination.

22) RunPee

Ever wondered when to take a restroom break during a movie? RunPee solves that problem.

Moviegoers: A practical tool for uninterrupted entertainment.

23) Ship Your Enemies Glitter

If you’re in a mischievous mood, Ship Your Enemies Glitter lets you do exactly that.

Note: Use responsibly. It’s all in good fun!

24) Scream Into the Void

Scream Into the Void

Need to vent? Scream Into the Void lets you type out a message and then deletes it forever when you ‘scream’ it.

Emotional Release: For when you just need to let it all out.

25) Koalas to the Max

Koalas to the Max

Koalas to the Max is a weirdly entertaining site where you split circles to eventually reveal a picture of a koala.

Fun Fact: It takes 4,096 circles to reveal the koala!

26) Pixel Thoughts

Pixel Thoughts

Pixel Thoughts is a 60-second meditation tool that helps you gain a new perspective on a problem.

Mindfulness: A quick way to re-center your thoughts.

27) Purrli

Are you a cat person? Purrli simulates the sound of a cat purring.

Relaxation: Many find the sound soothing and sleep-inducing.

28) Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans takes well-known company slogans and gives them a more “honest” description.

Satirical Commentary: See brands in a new light at Honest Slogans.

29) Hashima Island

Hashima Island

Explore Hashima Island, a digital reconstruction of the abandoned Japanese island.

Historical Insight: Learn about the island’s eerie past.

30) Is It Christmas?

Curious to know if today is Christmas. Is It Christmas? will give you a straightforward answer.

Seasonal: Bookmark for a chuckle every December 25th.

31) Your World of Text

Your World of Text offers an endless grid where you and anyone else can type anything you want.

Collaborative Fun: It’s fascinating to see what other people write.

32) Endless Horse

Endless Horse weird useless websites when bored

Endless Horse features an ASCII horse with legs that go on forever.

Humor: Best viewed when you need a quick laugh.

33) Into Time

Into Time lets you click to divide the screen into a series of smaller rectangles, creating a hypnotic pattern.

Artistic: Good for color enthusiasts and design lovers.

34) Don’t Even Reply

Don't Even Reply

Don’t Even Reply shares email exchanges from people who answered spam or fake ads.

Cautionary Tales: Provides laughs but also a lesson in online safety.

35) Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce website

Ever seen a bouncing cat? Cat Bounce is exactly that, and you can even make it rain cats!

Animal Lovers: A simple way to get your daily dose of cuteness.

36) Everyday I’m

Click and watch a dancing robot at Everyday I’m.

Fun: Good for when you want to pump yourself up with music and dancing.

37) Blank Windows

Blank Windows features an endless series of blank windows you can move and resize.

Randomness: Oddly satisfying, yet serves no real purpose.

38) Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt offers an infinitely zooming image that’s a collaborative art project.

Art Buffs: A fantastic exploration of endless, evolving art.

39) Breadfish

Ever wondered about a bread-shaped fish? Breadfish is exactly what it sounds like.

Quirkiness: Pure fun with no other explanation needed.

40) Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman takes your simple stick figure drawing and puts it through various adventures, making you an integral part of the storytelling.

Interactive Art: Create your own adventure at Draw a Stickman.

41) Trypap

Trypap Passive aggressive passwords

Trypap is a website where you can hire a grandparent for advice, warmth, and wisdom. A bizarre yet endearing concept.

Human Connection: Hire a grandparent at Trypap.

42) Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Challenge yourself to Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. The site will count down as long as you stay idle.

Self-Control: Test your ability to disconnect, even briefly.

43) The Useless Web Index

Want a directory of weird sites? The Useless Web Index is a treasure trove.

Exploration: Think of it as a portal to other weird websites.

44) Shower Thoughts

Get some Shower Thoughts from Reddit that will make you think twice.

Intellectual Curiosity: For those who love pondering life’s oddities.

45) MapCrunch

MapCrunch teleports you to a random location in Google Street View.

Geography: Discover places you might never otherwise see.

46) Bury Me With My Money

Click and watch a man falling while saying Bury Me With My Money.

Oddity: It’s as weird as it sounds but oddly captivating.

47) Flight Radar 24

Flight Radar 24

Watch real-time flights move across a map on Flight Radar 24.

Travel Enthusiasts: A window to global travels.

48) Instant Rimshot

Need a punchline? Instant Rimshot provides a “badum-tss” sound.

Comedy: Perfect for those dad jokes.

49) Plink

Make music in real-time with friends using Plink.

Musicians: Collaborate and create something new.

50) Is It Normal?

Is it Normal

Wonder if your quirks are common? Is It Normal? lets you ask the community.

Self-Discovery: Gauge if your quirks are actually quirks.

51) Heavens Above

Track satellites and ISS with Heavens Above.

Astronomy: For sky-watchers and space enthusiasts.

52) Rasterbator

Turn images into wall art with Rasterbator.

Home Decor: Customize your space your way.

53) Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Quick Draw challenges you to draw something and have an AI guess what it is.

Art Meets Tech: Perfect for doodlers and sketch artists.

54) Death by Caffeine

Calculate how much of a caffeinated beverage it would take to do you in with Death by Caffeine.

Curiosity: For lovers of coffee and energy drinks.

55) Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later

Play a game where your moves are made before you get to think at Move Now Think Later.

Strategy: An interesting twist on turn-based games.

56) Webcam Toy

Take fun and quirky selfies using Webcam Toy.

Photography: Play with over 80 fun effects.

56) Paper Toilet

Useless Paper Toilet website

Unroll a toilet paper roll virtually with Paper Toilet.

Pointless Fun: For when you literally have nothing better to do.

57) Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

Enjoy a collection of cringe-worthy moments at Awkward Family Photos.

Nostalgia and Humor: A funny look at awkward family moments.

58) Watching Grass Grow

Join others in Watching Grass Grow. Yep, it’s a thing.

Patience Test: Ideal for practicing mindfulness, or just boredom.

59) Cross Divisions

Cross Divisions is a hypnotic, geometric design website.

Visual Experience: Suitable for graphic designers or just casual browsers.

60) This is Why I’m Broke

Discover crazy and bizarre products on This is Why I’m Broke.

Shopping: Interesting finds for those who think they’ve seen it all.

61) Engrish

Laugh at translation fails on Engrish.

Language Humor: Perfect for linguists and travelers.

62) 100,000 Stars

100,000 stars

Explore a 3D visualization of our stellar neighborhood at 100,000 Stars.

Astrophysics: For those who want a cosmic experience.

63) Will Robots Take My Job?

Find out if automation threatens your job at Will Robots Take My Job?.

Career: An interesting perspective on the future of work.

64) Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Take a 3D virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel at Sistine Chapel.

Culture: Great for history and art enthusiasts.

65) Museum of Endangered Sounds

Experience old tech sounds at the Museum of Endangered Sounds.

Nostalgia: Relive the auditory elements of your past.

66) People of Walmart

People of Walmart website

People of Walmart features a comedic look at customers of Walmart stores across the United States.

Retail Humor: Laugh along at People of Walmart.

67) FMyLife

FMyLife is a collection of everyday anecdotes and stories likely to happen to anyone and everyone, sent to us exclusively by our users, which we then publish on the site.

Commiseration and Humor: Read life’s unfortunate moments at FMyLife.

68) All Day Doing Nothing

Exactly as the name suggests, All Day Doing Nothing gives you a platform to do absolutely nothing.

Anti-Productivity: When you need a break, visit All Day Doing Nothing.

69) Trumplings

Watch animated Trump figures fall and bounce in your browser window at Trumplings.

Political Satire: Experience it at Trumplings.

70) Evil Takes Many Forms

An oddly unnerving experience awaits you at Evil Takes Many Forms.

Horror Fans: Explore the dark side at Evil Takes Many Forms.

71) Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing randomly takes you to strange items available for purchase online.

Shopping Oddities: Uncover the weird at Weird or Confusing.

72) I Look Like You

Find your doppelgänger from around the world with I Look Like You.

Identity and Community: Discover your twin at I Look Like You.

73) Pixels Fighting

Pixels Fighting displays an ever-evolving battle between pixels. It’s a fascinating visualization of colors and squares vying for dominance on a never-ending canvas.

Pixel Wars: Engage with the hypnotic color battles at Pixels Fighting.

74) Procrastinator

Procrastinator serves as a hub for those seeking to wander aimlessly in cyberspace. With a variety of tasks and activities, it’s a delightful pitstop for digital nomads.

Waste Time: Delve into delightful distractions at Procrastinator.

75) The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place offers a sanctuary from the overwhelming noises of daily life. It encourages users to disconnect and immerse themselves in tranquility.

Mindfulness: Recharge and rediscover inner calm at The Quiet Place.

76)Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats captures the rapid pace of online activity. From tweets sent to Google searches, it’s a testament to the digital age’s vibrancy.

Real-time Data: Glimpse the dynamic nature of our digital world at Internet Live Stats.

77) Hemansings

Relive a meme legend with Hemansings. This internet classic remixes He-Man’s visuals to the catchy tune of “What’s Going On?”.

Nostalgic Music Video: Revisit this viral sensation at Hemansings.com.

78) Corgiorgy

Corgiorgy is a celebration of the beloved Corgi breed. Watch endless animations of these adorable canines in their jubilant sprint.

Corgi Marathon: Revel in cuteness overload at Corgiorgy.


OMFGDOGS offers an endearing looping animation of running dogs, accompanied by a catchy chiptune.

Doggy Delight: Enjoy this pixelated canine parade at OMFGDOGS.

80) Hacker Typer

100 Weird websites to visit when bored Hacker Type

With Hacker Typer, you can feel like a movie hacker. Each keystroke generates lines of code, making anyone feel like a cyber whiz.

Pseudo-hacking: Unleash your inner coder at Hacker Typer.

81) Trashloop


Trashloop is a quirky website featuring looping content that is both bizarre and oddly captivating.

Loop Fun: Celebrate the odd and unexpected at Trashloop.

82) Tholman.com

Tholman cursor effects

Tholman.com, created by Tim Holman, is a haven for quirky, interactive, and playful web projects. Tim, an Australian web developer and artist, showcases a portfolio of his unconventional and whimsical creations.

Web Wonderland: Discover a world where art meets code. Dive into intriguing digital experiments that play with form, function, and interactivity at Tholman.com.

83) Find the Invisible Cow

Play a delightful game of hide and seek with Find the Invisible Cow. Rely on audio cues to locate the hidden bovine.

Hide & Seek: Test your ears and patience at Find the Invisible Cow.

83) RGB

RGB Weird website

Celebrate the world of colors with RGB. It’s a simple yet vibrant tribute to the RGB color model.

Color Play: Immerse yourself in this chromatic wonderland at RGB.

84) Tiii.me

Ever wondered how much time you’ve devoted to binge-watching? Tiii.me calculates the total hours you’ve spent on your favorite TV shows.

Binge Calculator: Gauge your TV dedication at Tiii.me.

85) The Most Seconds

Experience the relentless march of time with Themostseconds. It’s a stark reminder of the seconds ticking away.

Time Watch: Reflect on the fleeting nature of time at Themostseconds.

86) This is My Website Now

This Is My Website Now

Seize control of your browsing experience with This Is My Website Now. It’s a humorous take on who truly “owns” your browser.

Browser Play: Laugh and interact at This Is My Website Now.

87) Photopea

Photopea brings advanced photo editing capabilities right to your browser, rivaling premium software.

Photo Editing: Dive into sophisticated image manipulation at Photopea.

88) MadeonFR Adventure

Embark on a digital journey with MadeonFR Adventure Machine, a unique blend of music and interactivity.

Musical Quest: Experience the synergy of beats and visuals at MadeonFR Adventure.

89) Gifcities.org

Gifcities.org weird

Revisit the internet’s golden age with Gifcities. Discover gifs from vintage Geocities websites and bask in digital nostalgia.

Retro GIFs: Relive the internet’s yesteryears at Gifcities.org.

90) The Beatles Never Broke Up

Discover an alternate reality where The Beatles Never Broke Up. This site presents a tantalizing “lost” album from the iconic band.

Alternate History: Dive into a world of “what ifs” at The Beatles Never Broke Up.

91) You Should Have Seen This

Explore a curated collection of the internet’s most iconic moments with You Should Have Seen This.

Internet Classics: Take a digital trip down memory lane at You Should Have Seen This.

92) The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows eloquently defines emotions that don’t have a name yet but resonate deeply.

Emotive Lexicon: Engage with the language of feelings at The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

93) Tableflipper

Express your digital frustration with Tableflipper. Flip virtual tables and let off some steam.

Text Fun: Vent your digital angst at Tableflipper.com.

These websites, each with its unique flavor and charm, showcase the diversity and creativity of the internet. Perfect destinations when seeking a break from the mundane!

Weird Websites FAQs

1) Why do weird websites exist?

Weird websites often arise from a creator’s desire to experiment, entertain, or simply express themselves in unconventional ways. They can serve as a showcase of unique web development skills, a medium for art, or just a fun project.

2) Are there any benefits to visiting weird websites?

Absolutely! These sites can offer a refreshing break from the typical internet browsing experience. They can inspire creativity, provoke thought, or simply provide a good laugh. For web developers and designers, they can serve as inspiration for thinking outside the box.

3) How can I find more weird websites?

Apart from the curated lists like the one provided on The PennyMatters, you can explore subreddits like r/InternetIsBeautiful or websites dedicated to cataloging bizarre internet finds. Word of mouth and social media shares are also common ways these sites gain popularity.

4) Are weird websites safe to visit?

While many weird websites are harmless and created purely for entertainment, it’s always important to ensure online safety. Ensure your antivirus software is updated, be cautious about downloading anything, and avoid providing personal information.

5) Do these sites generally work on mobile devices?

It varies. Some weird websites, especially older ones, might not be optimized for mobile devices. However, with the increasing importance of mobile compatibility in web design, many newer sites offer a seamless mobile experience.

6) Can I create my own weird website?

Of course! If you have a unique idea or simply want to experiment, there are numerous platforms and tools available to help you design your very own corner of internet oddity. Familiarize yourself with web development basics and let your imagination run wild!


Navigating the vast realm of the internet can sometimes feel monotonous. However, sprinkled throughout the web are these incredible weird websites to visit when bored. Each site, in its unique way, encapsulates the creativity and boundless imagination of its creators.

Sites like Tholman.com, Pixels Fighting, and The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows remind us of the internet’s capacity to entertain, enlighten, and surprise.

Whether you’re looking for a good chuckle, a digital detox, or a trip down nostalgia lane, there’s a site tailor-made for that very purpose.

The PennyMatters hopes this curated list sparks a newfound appreciation for the delightful nooks and crannies of the internet. Who knows, maybe you can actually turn your passion for weird websites into a hobby and blog about it?

So, the next time monotony strikes, remember this treasure trove of weird and usefuless websites when nothing else helps. Dive in, explore, and let the digital adventures begin!

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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