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29 Beauty Niche Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

If you are passionate about makeup and skincare routines then starting a blog on this niche is a good idea.

There are always new tips and tutorials that can be shared to help others look better. You can also share your personal story of how you faced beauty challenges in the past or how you were able to overcome them through different products.

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Here are beauty niches to explore:

  1. Creams and Cosmetics
  2. Fair tone beauty products
  3. Hairdo/ Hairstyles
  4. Makeup
  5. Personal styling
  6. Pedicure
  7. Manicure
  8. Beauty routines
  9. Body care
  10. Beauty salons
  11. DIY beauty
  12. Beauty rooms
  13. Eyelashes
  14. Eyelashes extensions
  15. Hair extensions
  16. Beauty tips for different skin tones
  17. Natural beauty
  18. No makeup looks
  19. Beauty product reviews
  20. Homemade beauty treatment
  21. Makeup supplies
  22. Beauty supplies
  23. Beauty brands
  24. Starting a beauty line
  25. Face brushes
  26. Celerity makeup looks
  27. Jewelry
  28. Wedding rings
  29. Makeup tables

How to Monetize a Beauty Blog

Beauty blogs tend to attract lots of visitors. This means that it will not be difficult for you to find sponsors.

Some sponsors may give you money but more likely they will ask for a review of their products which means your blog can make a profit straight away. 

You can also use the Amazon Associates program to earn commissions on every product that you link to your blog.

You can set up adverts from Google Adsense or through ad management platforms such as Mediavine and Thrive Ads so you’ll have the opportunity to make money from your blog even if there are no sponsored products available.

Other ways to make money include affiliate marketing, CPA offers and working with brands directly which is likely to be more beneficial for you rather than the brand.


You can also sell some of your own beauty products or do product reviews on their behalf.

If you create a beauty line that is popular, you can use your blog to advertise your products to increase your customer base.

You can create a membership site using a platform like Sendowl to sell your beauty-specific e-books and other digital products that are related to your niche.

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

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