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31 Car Niche Ideas for Auto Bloggers

If you have a knack for the automobile industry, then you can make money by starting a blog around the latest vehicles coming out.

Many car brands are looking for established bloggers with a large following to write sponsored posts and product reviews on their upcoming models of cars.

What you can monetize?

Check out the following car niche ideas that you can monetize:

  1. RV Accessories
  2. Sports Car
  3. Latest vehicles
  4. Car loans and financing
  5. Vintage cars
  6. Car repairs
  7. Personal cars
  8. Car insurance
  9. Best pickup trucks
  10. Scooters
  11. Door locks and alarms for cars
  12. Racing cars
  13. Vans
  14. Luxury cars
  15. Off-road
  16. Family
  17. Heavy-duty vehicles
  18. Economy
  19. Affordable vehicles
  20. Driving Lessons
  21. Car tires
  22. Best used cars
  23. Ice cream trucks
  24. Car auctions Car chargers
  25. Car batteries
  26. Car maintenance
  27. Buying a used car
  28. Limousines
  29. Specific car brands
  30. Buses
  31. Passenger vehicles

How to Monetize a Car Niche Blog

To monetize your car blog, you can:

1. Run Google Display Ads by applying to Mediavine, Thrive Ads or any other premium advertising management network

2. Run a car-related membership site and sell them your training courses, manuals or other subscriptions to help with their cars online

3. Run Amazon Affiliates by monetizing your blog posts with affiliate links to car-related products and earn a commission from each sale. You can sign up for the Amazon affiliate program here.

4. Offer Sponsored posts on your content. Find brands to work with that are in the Car industry and start pitching them your collaboration proposal.


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