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55 Fitness Niche Ideas for Starting a Fitness Blog in 2022


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

Fitness is a lucrative industry, and so can be quite competitive. If you want to start a fitness blog, then you need to take time to research a profitable but low-competition sub-niche.

You don’t want to start a general fitness blog as it will be difficult to build a loyal following, as the content will be all over the place, serving different types of audiences.

With a niched fitness blog, you understand your audience better, and their goals so as to tailor your content strategy to better serve them.

What is Fitness Blogging?

Fitness blogging is a way to get involved in the fitness industry. It's not only about weight loss and getting fit, but also about fitness products, mental fitness, wellness, and anything around physical and mental wellness. 

Fitness niches are popular with bloggers because they're easily monetized and offer a steady stream of income.

Fitness Niche Ideas

Here are some of the best and most profitable fitness niches to blog on:

  1. Fitness Supplements
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Intermittent Fasting
  4. Combat Sports
  5. Fitness Apps
  6. Fitness Products
  7. Workspace Wellness
  8. Fitness Exercises
  9. Weight Lifting
  10. Fitness News
  11. Lifestyle and Wellness
  12. Women Fitness
  13. Home Fitness
  14. Men Yoga / Yoga for Men
  15. Fitness Equipment / Fitness Gear
  16. Best of Fitness Blog
  17. Bodybuilding
  18. Fitness Workouts
  19. EMS Training
  20. Fitness Competitions
  21. Fitness Nutrition and Dieting
  22. Mental Health
  23. Fitness Resources
  24. Athletic Performance
  25. Strength and Conditioning
  26. Pregnancy Fitness
  27. Fat Loss
  28. Low Carb and Ketogenic Diet
  29. Sleep Quality
  30. Aerial Yoga, Suspended Yoga
  31. Anti Aging
  32. Running
  33. Crossfit
  34. Fitness Gadgets
  35. Aerobics
  36. Senior Fitness
  37. Functional Fitness
  38. Muscle Building
  39. Injury Prevention
  40. Recovery
  41. Gym Motivation
  42. Fitness Challenges
  43. Cycling
  44. DIY Fitness
  45. Postpartum Fitness
  46. Working Mom Fitness
  47. College Fitness
  48. Over 50 Fitness
  49. Over 40 Fitness
  50. Detox Diet
  51. Nootropics
  52. Weightloss with Juices
  53. Paleo Diet
  54. Kombucha
  55. Keto Diet

Examples of Niched Fitness Blogs to Inspire You

Here are some of the best fitness blogs that we found to have thoughtful and very well implemented the concept of microniches: 

Knocked-Up Fitness: Teaches women how to stay healthy and fit while pregnant. Topics include fitness for women, healthy eating, prenatal and postpartum workouts, and tips.

Get Healthy U: This fitness blog caters to aging women. Topics include healthy living, food, fitness workouts and challenges, wellness, and lifestyle fitness.

Born Fitness: This sleek website covers all topics around fitness, including fitness workouts, nutrition, recipes, and wellness tips.

How to Make Money with a Fitness Niche Blog

All of the well-known blog monetization methods apply to a fitness blog, but in particular:

Consulting services: If you are a fitness expert, you can make money from your blog offering consulting services and charge a premium for it. As a fitness consultant, you advise your clients and provide tips to help them stay fit and achieve their weight goals.

Online programs: Online programs do well in the fitness industry, as the clients are usually motivated and willing to spend money to improve their physical and body image.

Affiliate marketing: Make money recommending fitness programs, products, tools, services, and other fitness resources to your readers.

Wrapping Up

Don't get me wrong, but writing about fitness stuff might not be for everyone. Don't worry, though. There are plenty of other profitable blog niches out there to be explored and conquered. Before you give up, take a look at the tips and tricks below that might prove helpful when brainstorming your next niche ideas post.

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