10+ Best AI Content Generator Software, Tools, and Writers (Free & Paid)?

Best AI Content Generator Software
Producing high quality content for your blog or website on a consistent basis, is not only time consuming but hard to achieve as a solopreneur. Luckily these Proven AI content generators come to your rescue. Find out how to create SEO blog posts, social and sales copy in minutes.

Looking for the best AI content generator software to scale content production? 

In this article, I discuss a number of them in detail so you can better make a judgment on which AI writer to acquire. 

Don’t have time to read through? Use the links below to go to the specific tools to explore more.

What Are The Best AI Content Generator Tools?

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What is an AI Content Generator?

An AI Content Generator software is a tool that uses AI to create human-sounding content for different use cases. These tools use the Natural Language Processing model to predict the next content, word by word by looking at previous entries. 

Most AI content generators on the market today Jasper and CopyAI use the GPT-3 model, an NLG model developed by the team at Open AI to power their content generation.

Best AI Content Generator Software, Tested and Compared

1) Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the industry leader in the world of AI content generation. With a community of over 40,000 members, Jasper has managed to establish itself as the go-to AI writing solution for several reasons:

Intuitive long-form assistant: Jasper AI, formerly Conversion AI, was one of the first AI writers to offer a complete blog post writing solution. This made many content marketers rush into it, and since the content generated was super relevant, they became advocates of the brand.

Rapid Implementation: Jasper listens. Today, many of the new features added to the platform resulted from what the users were looking for or asking in the group. For instance, Jasper now has:

  • Grammarly integration built into its document editor
  • Copyscape integration has been built into the Jasper interface
  • Surfer SEO addon for optimizing generated content for SEO
  • Several additional templates such as Amazon description as per user requests

Jasper Commands: With Ask Jasper, users turn their editor into a full playground, where you can generate different content and content ideas and incorporate them into your copy as you go along. Just encountered a phrase that you think your readers will have a problem understanding? Ask Jasper to define it for you.

Japer AI Content Generator

Other use cases of Jasper commands include:

  • Asking Jasper to run inbuilt templates on the content above the cursor
  • Asking Jasper to generate blog sections such as content brief, intros, headings, SEO metadata, intros, outlines or even expand sections
  • Asking Jasper to generate quotes to include in your content etc.

The cool thing about Jasper commands is that you can use them to brainstorm anything, personal or otherwise, Really:

  • Want a girl’s name starting with an R?
  • Wondering which business idea to create?
  • What to name your business?
  • Want to change your slogan?

Solution? Ask Jasper. 

With this playground, you can consolidate your copywriting skills and techniques to create something truly phenomenal.

Or read our detailed Jasper AI Review to learn more

2) Writecream AI ($59 Lifetime Deal)

Best for: 

  • Personalized Email Intro Generation
  • Short copy
  • Ad copy

Writecream is hands-down the best AI copywriter that does more than just generate copy.

I mean that literally. If you’ve been wondering if you could:

  • Enter a URL only and let AI generate a highly personalized copy

Guess what?

With Writecream, you can! For instance, I only entered my website address, and Writecream returned the following personalized text:

Writecream AI Content Generator

Forget Facebook renaming; this is Meta, my friend. So, if I were you, I would go ahead and grab the $59 LTD before it disappears. This offer gives you 200 credits every month (~ 400,000 characters), enough to generate 20 long blog posts or about 200 icebreakers.  

Now, what else makes Writecream truly phenomenal?

Personalized Email Outreach: Simply enter the address that you want to outreach to, and Writecream will generate highly personalized intros for your outreach campaigns that you can use to increase reply rates. You can also create outreach intros in bulk by uploading your CSV file containing your leads info.

Personalized outreach doesn’t end with Email intros, either. Using Writecream, you can:

Generate personalized image emails using the inbuilt Image Icebreaker template.

Image 4

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach: LinkedIn is becoming a great lead generation hub, and Writecream didn’t ignore this channel. To generate personalized outreach campaigns, all you have to do is enter your prospects’ profile URLs and hit generate. You are immediately presented with several highly effective options to choose from. 

LinkedIn Personalized Messages Generator

Other notable features of Writecream include:

  • Backlink outreach personalized intro generator
  • Value Proposition generator
  • Longform editor for creating sales copy and SEO blog posts
  • Quora answer assist
  • Voiceover creator to turn your generated content into podcasts

In fact, within one week of launching on Appsumo, this tool surpassed 200 reviews:

Writecream Appsumo Featured Review

Ready to try Writecream?

3) CopyAI

CopyAI is an intuitive content generator explicitly made for persuasive copywriting. Use CopyAI’s automated creativity tools to generate market copy that carries your brand messaging, tone and voice.

Unlike most AI writing tools, CopyAI offers a completely free seven-day trial of their software, and you don’t even have to enter your Credit Card details.

You can use the CopyAI interface to create anything, from Digital Ad copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads), Social media content (Captions, topical ideas), Website copy, eCommerce copy, Sales copy to entire blog posts.

What I love about CopyAI:

Integrated templates UI: Many AI content generator tools on the market today don’t make it easy to seamlessly run and compare different copy from different frameworks. This means every time you run a different copy template for the same context, you have to do the tedious process of either typing or copy-pasting your context text. Do this five to 10 times, and immediately feel that these writing tools could do better.

However, with CopyAI, you only need to enter your context once, pull up any template, and your recent context is auto-populated. This way, you can try a mix of copywriting frameworks until you find one that better represents your brand. 

Minimize Editor: This is useful when brainstorming or comparing copy from different templates. Easily increase your brainstorming workspace by minimizing your doc editor. This little editor button sits nicely in the right-center of your screen, so you can pull it up anytime you want to start working on your copy.

Image 7

Exclusive Templates: CopyAI also has some of the best and exclusive templates for brainstorming and quickly creating your copy. Some of these templates include:

  • Audience Refiner
  • Brand voice generator
  • Value Proposition
  • Testimonial Rewriter
  • Keyword Generator

These templates are actually really good. For example, I ran the keyword generator for the XDDifference context example above, and it returned the following: 

CopyAI keyword generator tool

Impressive, to say the least. I also ran the QUEST template out of curiosity, çause why not:

CopyAI QUEST template tool

Now, this got to me and maybe one of the many reasons I’m deciding to keep my CopyAI subscription after all, together with Jasper AI.

How to get CopyAI 7 Day Trial

To try CopyAI copywriter:

  • Head over to Copy.AI
  • Sign up with Google or Email
  • Start writing

That’s it! No complex onboarding. Also, look out for CopyAI welcome email sequences, as they are helpful when you get stuck. CopyAI also offers live chat support so that you can talk to agents directly. Many AI writers don’t have this support channel, even my favorite, Jasper.

Ready to test drive CopyAI?

4) Copymatic AI

If you want a powerful but affordable AI copy generator, then try Copymatic AI. This tool has a user-friendly interface that makes copy generation a no-brainer even for total beginners.

Copymatic AI Content Generator

As you can see, this generator returns really impressive results without much work from your end.

Its blog writer wizard is also super intuitive, with only five sections that use AJAX loading, meaning you are almost instantly taken to the next section without loading a new page.

I followed the wizard and got the following copy for blog intros:

Blog Intros:

Copymatic AI Blog Intros Writer

Blog Outlines:

Copymatic AI Blog Outlines Generator

On reaching step 5, the content section, you will see that prompt to magically turn your outline into full-blown blog posts.

Copymatic AI Blog Writer

Now, on clicking the Yes, please button, AI copywriter turns your outlines into powerful content in a matter of minutes.

Copymatic AI Blog Writer Sample

You can then go ahead and break down the generated paragraphs as you like them, turn to lists and even generate some more by hovering on the section.

Copymatic AI Editor

Ready to try this AI writing tool?

Or read our Copymatic Review here

5) Copysmith

Copysmith differentiates itself with intuitive collaboration features that make content production at scale faster and more efficient. Team workflow queue accelerates feedback and approvals; thus, businesses might be able to get rid of third-party content management tools altogether. 

Just like other AI Writers, Copysmith utilizes copywriting frameworks built into templates for copy generation.  So, whether you want to create web copy, sales page copy, social media content or blog posts, this tool has you covered. 

What I love about Copysmith:

Google Docs Integration: At the time of writing this, Copysmith is the only AI writing assistant that makes it easy to integrate your Google Docs with the AI writer. This way, you can continue editing or create Copysmith copy directly from within your Google Docs editor. At the moment, you can run two templates in Google Docs: Content Enhancer and Content Rewriter.

Shopify App: This feature allows you to integrate your copy generator with your Shopify store. No more copy-pasting product descriptions. Simply log in to your store, install the app and connect your Copysmith account. 

To generate product descriptions, simply launch the Copysmith app, select the product, enter context details, and click generate. You will get several descriptions in seconds. Pick one that interests you, do minor edits, and then click apply. That’s it! Your auto-generated copy is added to your product, and you are ready to publish or update your product.

Besides Shopify, Copysmith also integrates with Google Ads and Frase, an AI-powered outline generator and SERP analyzer.

6) Anyword AI

Anyword is great for brainstorming ideas and creating a short copy. That said, you can still use AI to develop long-form content such as landing pages and blog posts using guided wizards.

Some of the exclusive features I love about Anyword AI include the following: 

Predictive Performance Score: Anyword’s algorithms rates generated copy on a scale of 0-100, the highest being likelihood of best performance. Since AI content generators often generate ten or so copy variants, users often waste time deciding which variant to use, and without data to base their choices on, they could be making wrong copy decisions over and over without them even knowing.

With the Predictive Performance Score, you can now choose copy variants based on their scores.

Anyword AI Generator

Anyword’s pricing starts from $19, but to take advantage of its powerful features as the Predictive scores and brand voice customization, you’ll need a Business plan, which is still in the beta phase and only available when you request a demo. 

Use Anyword20 to get 20% off.

7) Frase AI Writer

Over a few months, Frase has grown from an outline builder and a SERP analyzer to a complete content development tool with a range of services, including: 

Content brief generator: Frase crawls the web and scans the top 20 search results for your query, and uses it to build a great outline for your content in minutes.

Frase AI Content Generator Editor

SERP analyzer: The analyzer delves even further to provide more topical insights, including common subheadings, top results, linked statistics, etc. With access to these features, you can easily do research while you write or finetune your copy all from the same window.

AI Writer: Enabled by the SEO addon, this tool uses machine learning to generate highly unique and engaging content for your copy sections. You can also choose to run popular templates, including:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Blog Intros
  • Bullets to paragraphs
  • Explain Why
  • Feature Benefits

8) Texta AI

Texta AI has tried to create a really sleek interface that contains lots of templates to choose from. Some of the notable ones included:

  • Why/Try/Buy
  • Marketing Strategy Generator
  • ACCA (Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action)
  • Video Intro Hook
  • Product Hunt Launch

I used the Email template insideTexta AI, and the output was just about right:

Texta AI Copy Samples

While I loved the interface, finding copy that I would use right away was often a hustle. I had to play around with copy description to better guide the AI and also run several generations. 

That said, you can try Texta AI for yourself for free for seven days and decide if it solves your needs. No need to enter Credit Card card details. Simply sign up with Google or Email and start tinkering with it.

9) Closerscopy

Closerscopy is an AI Copywriter that comes close to Jasper in terms of what it can do and excels in short copy generation.

Some of the features of Closerscopy that stood out to me are:

Different writing modes: Closerscopy provides three modes that you can easily alternate between when generating your copy. These are SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI

  • SalesAI: use this mode when creating sales and social media copy for your different marketing needs
  • BlogAI: Switch to this mode when working on SEO blog posts
  • StoryAI: Suitable for composing stories
Closerscopy AI Models

How to Use AI Content Generator Software 

There are several ways that businesses can use AI content assistants in jumpstarting sales and marketing growth. Some of these include:

  • Writing product descriptions
  • Creating Sales page copy using given copywriting frameworks
  • Brainstorming product ideas, product names, marketing angles, brand positioning and messaging

Write Product descriptions

Product descriptions are those things that take time to get right, and so this is an area where you can start feeling the benefits of having an AI copywriter, especially when you have dozens of products to list. It makes the generation of great product descriptions seamless and ultra-fast.

Using Simplified’s new AI Copywriter, I asked to write a product description using the following context: 

  • Product Name: Discovery
  • Tell us about the product: We are an online forum for the best of products

Though pretty generic instructions, though by design, I still got great descriptions that I could definitely use.

Closerscopy AI product description generator

Now, if you are writing product listings for Amazon, for example, you want to direct the AI on what features to emphasis

Create Powerful Teasers

When promoting your products and services, you often use teasers to have people clicking through to your page. For example, here are four areas to use copy teasers:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog post excerpts
  • Blog post and web page meta description
  • Ad copy

AI Copywriting tools can come up with great teasers for you in seconds with proper instructions. For example, I used Anyword to write a teaser for my recent post on AI Writing Tools, and the result was way better than I had imagined:

Anyword AI Writer teasers

Key Features To Look For When Choosing an AI Content Generator

There are several key factors to keep in mind when choosing an AI content generator. These include:

  • Accuracy: This refers to the accuracy rate of the software. If it produces high-quality text, then it will be able to accurately replicate human language patterns.
  • Speed: It should be fast enough to complete large amounts of work within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, users won’t feel comfortable paying for something they could easily accomplish themselves.
  • User Interface: You want a UI that feels intuitive and easy to navigate. You also need to ensure that all functions are clearly labeled and accessible.
  • Support: Make sure that any given program includes comprehensive documentation and tutorials. Also, consider asking other people who used the product before purchasing it.

How Does an AI Content Generator Work?

To better understand how AI content generators work,  let’s have a look at the GPT-3, an NLP model upon which many AI writing tools run on:

How GPT-3 Works

GPT-3 is a third-generation language in the GPT-n series, an innovation developed by Open AI. It stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer — 3), where n, in this case, 3 refers to the version, or rather the generation. It’s an advanced update of GPT-2.

GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model utilizing deep learning to figure out how to create content in a way that sounds native and human-like.

An autoregressive model means that the AI writing editors use past actions to predict future actions. GPT-3 utilizes algorithms that are pre-trained, as they have been intentionally fed lots of information (about 10% of the internet) and has a capacity of over 175 billion machine learning parameters, making the generated content so high quality, that it’s hard to tell AI and human-generated content apart.

Being a language prediction AI, it learns how to build language constructs by employing semantic analytics. This way it analyzes words and their contextual use cases as applied in texts. It then generates the next words, a character at a time. The data it needs to generate content that you need is accumulated from the training texts.

To achieve that, the algorithms study the usage of words and sentences, and take them apart in an attempt to rebuild them, and use what it has learned to predict the next logical words.

So, this is the process that every GPT-3 powered AI tool like Jasper AI and CopyAI uses to generate unique, persuasive copy for your various content needs.

FAQ About AI Content Generator Software

Will AI Content Generators Replace Human Writers?

Not really. While these tools can help craft content natively, they are far from creating original content based on personal experiments and research. There will always be room for human writers in the writing industry.

How does an AI writer generate content?

An AI content generator uses the Natural Language Generation model to predict the next logical text, character by character informed on the training texts and user inputs.

Is AI-generated content unique?

Yes! The content that is generated by AI writers is unique as these tools generate content character by character ( word by word just like a human writer). 

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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