15 Best AI Writing Tools Software (Tested & Ranked) for Generating Marketing Content Faster

Best AI Writing Tools and Generators
Looking for the best ai writing tools to leverage for your SEO, Content and Marketing needs? Read on to see detailed analysis of 7 writing assistants

Looking for the best AI writing tools to automate most of your writing projects?

Whether you want to streamline content research, content briefs, content production, or even content publishing, these AI copywriting assistants can be of great help.

While there are a dozen or so such tools, only a few are truly phenomenal. In this article, I take you through a detailed analysis of various AI writing tools on the market today. 

But first, here are the top 5 that you can use for different types of content:

  • Jasper AI: Your all-in-one writing assistant for writing sales copy, social copy, and full-blown blog posts in minutes.
  • Copymatic AI: This is a really powerful AI copywriting assistant that is much more affordable than Jasper, and you can use it to generate almost any form of content.
  • Rytr: Best AI content generator that helps you build up blog posts section by section.
  • Article Forge: One-click full article generation. This tool uses its own custom AI solution to provide full-length articles. Simply feed in your main keyword and sub-keywords, customize a few aspects, and hit generate.
  • Writecream: Generate highly personalized email and Linked in intros by simply entering your pros[pects website and LinkedIn profile URLs respectively
  • Frase AI: For full AI writing and SEO experience. Do your research using AI from within your editor and start populating the editor with AI-generated content in minutes.

New to AI writing? Let’s help you understand how these tools work. First, what are they anyway?

What is an AI writer?

An AI writing tool, or simply, an AI writer is a content generator powered by a Natural Language Generation model. This model utilizes Artificial Intelligence made possible by technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to create natural-sounding content. 

Today, most AI writing assistants use GPT-3, an NLG model developed by OpenAI. These tools learn how to generate new words by looking back to the previous content input, and then generate the next most logical content, word by word, just as a human would. 

This makes the generated content unique every time, but for your peace of mind, you may want to run it first by your plagiarism tool before publishing it. 

Want to learn more about how these tools work? Then have a look at my post about AI content generators where I cover the GPT-3 model, more deeply. 

These applications are often referred to as AI writing assistants since AI cannot truly take over writing per se. They can only help content creators to produce more quality content in less time. This, therefore, means that for AI copywriting to be effective, users need to know how to work them

Why use AI Writing Assistants?

To stand out in a noisy marketplace, you need quality content, for every little vertical that your business covers. And not just blog posts, you need social media content, web content, landing page copy, video scripts, podcast scripts, etc.

Quality content helps you establish yourself as an authority, generate targeted leads, convert prospects into customers and boost customer engagement. 

 All these come at a cost, though: creating enough quality content to keep your audience engaged across different marketing channels can turn into a time-consuming and expensive process. 

Even top marketing professionals struggle with the amount of content they need to create for their businesses.

Here’s where artificial intelligence comes in. AI writing tools are designed to take over repetitive tasks, snap content creators out of the dreaded writer’s block and enable them to reach content publishing way faster, since tasks such as headline generation and content outlining can now be done in seconds instead of an hour or so.

Content creators worldwide who are looking to diversify their content marketing strategy should definitely consider using AI tools. They are simple to use, easy to learn, and come with many features that will enable you to brainstorm and create high-quality content in a matter of minutes.

Types of Content You Can Create with AI Writing Software

AI writing tools started off with a focus on copywriting, a distinctive and intentional approach to writing content with the aim of converting prospects into buyers and short-form social and Ad copy.

However, as the need for long-form content arises, AI writing tools are adapting to be fully-fledged long-form writing assistants.

These tools can efficiently create any content type including, but not limited to:

Sales copy:

Landing page copy
Product page copy
Product descriptions
Sales emails
Personalized cold outreach emails
Amazon and Shopify product descriptions

Complete articles
Blog intros and conclusions
Blog excerpts

Social Copy:

Social media posts
Social Media Ad Copy
Social media post idea generation
LinkedIn bios
YouTube video scripts
Social media captions

Page SEO titles
Page meta descriptions
YouTube video metadata

Other capabilities:

Content expansion
Content rewriting
Content paraphrasing

15 Best AI Writing Tools to Produce and Optimize Content at Scale

Here are some of the best AI writing tools for creating content that will be shared and viewed more often:

1) Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI, & Conversion AI)

If you want an AI Writer that solves all your content needs, then you wanna go with Jasper AI. With this tool, you can create highly powerful copy, informative blog posts, and engaging content for your social media channels.

Jasper AI Writing Tools

Jasper is perhaps the best AI copywriting tool existing in the market today for several reasons:

A vast variety of copywriting features: With 50+ copywriting templates, from AIDA, and PAS frameworks to Pinterest Descriptions and Quora Answers, you can pretty much do anything with Jasper templates with a click of a button.

Advanced AI Capabilities: With Jasper, you get an excellent copy that often beats your own writing when you guide it well. You can craft a solid 2000-word article on Jasper in less than 2 hours, even on a technical subject where your knowledge is limited.

Jasper Commands: Instead of relying on templates or the designated content fields to give directions to Jasper, you can upgrade to BossMode and have immediate access to Jasper commands, where you can tell the AI to do pretty much anything in the middle of your document. For instance, got stuck on a definition? Command Jasper to define it for you. With Commands, you can easily make use of the inbuilt templates while working on a document. (Write an AIDA copy for the above.)

User-Friendly Interface: Jasper AI, in my opinion, takes minimalistic design to heart. The dashboard makes it easier to find what you are looking for so you can start working immediately. The document editor is also super simple, with only the necessary edit tools pinned at the top, giving you a larger working space.

AI Writing Tools Jasper AI

Steer writing styles with Tones: Often underutilized, tones can make your writings go from casual to hilarious, professional to sounding like that industry celebrity, you know, Gary Vee…

Multilanguage support: With the support for 26 languages, Jasper is the only AI Writing tool that supports as many languages

Rephrase: This little tool can help you rephrase a selection to either make it better or unique.

Content expansion: The content improver template enables you to expand a selection of content into something longer and more detailed.

Necessary Integrations: Jasper now integrates with critical content-related services such as Grammarly. Instead of using a browser extension, you can now proofread your Jasper docs right within the editor. Besides Grammarly, you now have access to the world’s best Plagiarism checker, Copyscape, right within the Jasper interface. Besides, for a limited time only, you get to have Copyscape credits at 20% off.

What Others Are Saying About Jasper

With over 1000 reviews yet an overall rating of 4.9/5, Jasper AI is your go-to tool for the best ROI. Here are some of the people raving about Jasper on review sites:

Jasper AI Reviews

Jasper Pricing

Jasper has two plans:

Starter Plan: Limited word generation and lack advanced features such as document editor and Jasper commands. Suitable for short copy such as social media posts. This plan goes for $29 per month or $24 with an annual commitment.

Boss Mode: This is your superpower on the loose. Create extensive sales page copy and complete blog posts with unlimited runs of the generate command. This plan starts from $59 for up to 50,000 words generation, (or $49 with an annual commitment) with the ability to claim back 10,000 words of non-useful content.

Jasper AI Pricing

Overall Thoughts

Jasper is a great AI writing tool that you should add to your arsenal. It will make your sales copy effective and personalized, increasing conversions. With this tool, you can literally generate a year’s worth of social media copy in a matter of hours, schedule them in a good scheduler like Publer and move on to something else. Why should your social media followers be starved when you are busy working on those launch sequences?

2) CopyAI

CopyAI AI Writing Tools

CopyAI is another AI-driven copywriting software that is similar to Jasper. Whether you want to create digital ad copy, social media copy, web content, SEO blog posts, sales copy, or even eCommerce copy, all you have to do is to select your copy type, and enter your instructions to provide context to your AI Assistant and then run the tool to get great copy ideas 10 times faster.

Unlike Jasper, CopyAI doesn’t have an intuitive way to write long-form content, so it’s more suitable for short sales copy. That said, you can still use blog-specific templates such as Blog Title, Blog Outline, Blog Intros, Blog Conclusions, and Bullet Point to Blog Section templates to build up a full blog post

CopyAI is great for online content managers who need to scale their output and benefit from faster turnaround times without compromising quality.

Start 7-Day Trial (No Credit Card Required)

Note: Currently, if use my affiliate link to sign up for the 7-day trial and upgrade within 4 days of your trial, you get access to CopyAI unlimited at 40% off for an entire year.

Online writers with little experience can take advantage of Copy.ai to generate highly readable and engaging content at scale without worrying about SEO.

What you can create with CopyAI:

You can use CopyAI to create:

  • social media content
  • eCommerce copy
  • Web copy
  • Digital Ad copy
  • Sales copy

You can use CopyAI to create blog posts, eBooks, and other kinds of content for your business.

3) Rytr AI

Rytr is another interesting AI content generator that allows you to build up long-form content sections by section.

Rytr AI Writing Software

4) Copymatic AI

Copymatic is a superpower AI copywriter that enables you to generate highly persuasive content quickly. In my opinion, this tool has the best interface than any other that I tried.

So if you want an AI writing tool that: 

  • Has the most intuitive wizard for generating long blog posts
  • Has every template you can think of
  • Is affordable and
  • Can generate perfect copy every time,

Then, Copymatic is your babe. Common, try it for free. Use the free 10 credits that it gives you to play around with the 

Copymatic AI Editor

What I love about Copymatic:

Extensive library of templates: This tool has every template you can think of, from popular copywriting frameworks powered templates like QUEST formula, AIDA, and P-A-S, to exclusive ones like:

  • Essay Intros and Outlines
  • Name Ideas (Product and Startup names)
  • Value Proposition
  • Video Script sections
  • Follow-up emails etc. 
Copymatic AI Features

Super Intuitive Blog Writer Wizard: What piqued my interest the most with Copymatic was the blog generation wizard which makes generating full blog posts a no-brainer for anyone. The five-step wizard guides you through choosing the right heading, outlining your post, creating a blog intro to turning your outline into paragraphs all with single clicks.

Well, you can then get into the editor to expand your sections even further, but you could have a 700-word article in less than 7 minutes that only requires minimal edits before publishing.

Copymatic AI Workflow

Excited about this handy tool? Well, click the button below to get started, or read our Copymatic review here

5) Content Bot

Content Bot is another underrated yet powerful article writer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. With over 50 templates, some powered by copywriting frameworks, you can use Content Bot to create any form of content to suit your content and marketing needs.

6) Writecream AI

Writcream excels at one thing: Personalized outreach. Imagine you have 10 or so prospects you want to cold email. First, you need to visit their individual sites or LinkedIn profiles, find something unique about them and then incorporate that into your cold outreach email campaigns.

With Writecream, all you need are website addresses. Simply enter your prospect’s website address and it will instantly return with highly personalized email intros that you can use right away.

Writecream AI Content Generator

Other things you will love about Writecream:

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach: Besides email intros, you can use Writecream to create intros for your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Simply choose the LinkedIn Personalization use case, and enter the profile URL of your prospects. 

Backlink Personalization: Select this use case, and enter the URL you want to base your outreach on. For example, if you want to ask for a link from a page about AI writing tools that your prospect has authored, simply enter the URL of the page in the generator.  Writecream will generate context that you can add to your outreach campaigns to increase your chances of getting a link. For example, I tried generating one for this very post, and the results were surprisingly good: 

Writecream AI Email copy examples

And yes, I did test every tool I have included in this post.

Exclusive Templates: Besides Personalized Emails and LinkedIn templates, Writcream also has more opportunities for you to make your outreach super relatable, tailored, and only-for-you effect. These templates include:

  • Image Icebreaker
  • Audio Icebreaker

Content Repurposing: Who said you only have to create text content using AI writers? Writecream makes it super easy to turn your generated copy into a voice-over that you can use to meet your various content needs, for instance, Podcasts or audio to accompany your YouTube videos. 

Ready to give Writecream a shot? Take advantage of the free 20 credits 

What Others Are Saying About Writecream:

Barely a month on Appsumo, Writecream has nearly 300 reviews from raving fans. One of the reviews goes:

Writecream Appsumo Featured Review

Now, that should convince you to at least give it a shot. 

7) Ink Editor

INK Editor is the only downloadable editor that is currently utilizing AI to generate content as well as optimize it for SEO. It’s like a simplified version of Microsoft Office, but where AI does the writing.

Its Unique Value Proposition lies in these two features:

AI Co-Writing: This feature uses AI to generate copy based on your topic. You can use it to generate SEO-optimized titles, write captivating blog intros, and blog outlines to writing full-blown sections. Powered by GPT-3, AI Co-Writing can:

  • Write unique content
  • Rewrite content to make them clearer and unique
  • Expand sections, or paragraphs
  • Simplify texts
Ink Editor AI Writer

SEO- Assistant: This feature is where your content generation starts inside the Ink Editor. To begin, enter your topic and let it scan the internet for the top-ranking pages for the given keyword. This might take a minute. Once done, it analyzes the results for the determining success factors and then creates a clear To-do list for you to follow in creating/generating, and optimizing content for SEO.

It’s like bringing the power of AI content brief generators and keyword analyzers such as PostPace right into your editor.

Ink Editor SEO Score

How to Get Started with Ink Editor

Getting started is easy:

  • Create an Ink Editor account for free (You don’t even need to enter your Credit Card details)
  • Download and Install Ink Editor
  • Access the editor, log in and start using AI tools to create powerful copy.

INK Editor Pricing

Starting from $35/month, this tool is quite a bargain compared to other AI and SEO content assistants.

Here’s the breakdown of INK Editor pricing: 

Ink Editor AI Pricing
Ink Editor Pro AI Pricing

With a clean, easy-to-use interface with real-time recommendations, Ink Editor is your go-to tool for AI-Assisted content development.

Ready to give this tool a test drive? 

8) Article Forge 3.0

Article Forge 3.0 unveils a super powerful way to use AI technology for article generation. Instead of building up your article section by section, articleforge allows you to generate full-length articles with just one click and a few customizations.

With Article Forge 3.0, you can generate:

  • short articles – 250 words
  • Long articles – 750 words and more

Want to see the power of Article Forge?

Here’s an article I generated using Article Forge that took me less than five minutes.

Article Forge sample article

The tool can include images and videos in the generated content if you ask it to.

article forge customizations

Ready to give Article Forge a try? Simply click the button below to start your 5-day free trial and start generating full-length articles

9) Grammarly

Grammarly AI Editor

Grammarly is the world’s best-automated proofreading tool that will help you with any type of writing.

With Grammarly, you can access plagiarism and grammar checker features within the editor, which is very handy. Since all your content is stored in one central location, it is easy to track what needs polishing and what needs to be removed.

With Grammarly, you can check your content word by word, which is known as a contextual spelling checker. The tool also helps with finding the correct vocabulary for each sentence without changing its meaning or intention. You can choose from a list of 100,000 alternatives that are more specific to your context.

What Makes Grammarly a Great AI proofreading and Grammar Tool?

Grammarly helps you improve your writing so that you can sound natively while making your writing easier to read and understand. Use Grammarly to:

  • Improve the conciseness of your writings
  • Correct glaring spelling mistakes
  • Detect plagiarized content
  • Improve readability of your content etc.

10) Copysmith AI

This AI Writing Assistant, just like Closerscopy, is designed with copywriters in mind. This means that it has several templates based on modern and popular copywriting frameworks such as PAS, AIDA, etc.

With Copysmith, you can create sales page copy, social media copy, web content, and blog posts with ease, amongst others.

Whether you are looking to brainstorm ideas, create branded content, convert readers into buyers, create ad copy or optimize content for SEO, Copysmith is your buddy.

The interface isn’t as intuitive as Jasper’s, but it is still simplistic and easier to use.

What Makes Copysmith Different?

Copysmith has powerful integrations that other AI Writing tools don’t have, including:

Google Docs Integration: You can now connect Google Drive to your Copysmith via API. This works with Google Docs, allowing you to continue editing or even create your Copysmith content directly from within the Google Docs editor. Currently, you have access to two templates with this feature: Content Rewriter and Content Enhancer.

Shopify App: No more copy-pasting your product descriptions. From your Shopify store, launch the Copysmith app, select the product from the drop-down, enter product details and click generate to get dozens of product descriptions in minutes. The next thing you want to do is pick the one you want to use, make a  few edits, and then apply it to the product with a single click.

11) KafKai

KafKai AI Writer

KafKai is a great AI writing tool that makes it super easy to mass produce articles. It uses Natural Language Processing to auto-generate unique full-text articles just like Article Forge based on the 40 or so niches she’s been trained on. 

Since you do not have much to say in the generation process, the quality of the articles isn’t always as good. But since you can generate several articles for the same query at once, you can always find some that require minimal editing. 

KafKai is specifically designed for SEO and content marketers, and its niche first approach is rather interesting.

KafKai Niche Writer Supported Niches

KafKai AI Writer Niches

KafKai Pricing

KafKai has four pricing plans:

  • Writer: Generate 100 articles a month at $29.99
  • Newsroom: Generate 250 articles a month at $49.99
  • Printing Press: Generate 1000 articles per month at $129 
  • Industrial Partner: Generate 2500 articles per month at $199

12) Frase AI

Frase started off as an AI-powered content outliner but it has now evolved to include two powerful features:

AI Writer: This is a full-fledged AI writing assistant that enables you to create sales copy, social content, and SEO blog posts. This means that, if you have Frase you can actually brainstorm, plan, generate and optimize content from just one dashboard.

SEO Analyzer: Frase SEO addon also has a SERP analyzer which is pretty powerful. The tool analyzes the top 20 ranking pages for your target query, breaking it down so that you know what needs to be included in your content.

Frase AI Content Generator Editor

Outline generator: Since Frase was particularly designed for this, this handy feature helps you create a data-backed content outline based on not just the context, but primarily on the subheadings that top-ranking pages have covered. What’s even more impressive is that Frase does all the work for you. Simply enter the keyword and hit generate an outline.

13) Text Blaze

Text Blaze is not a copywriting tool but a great AI writing assistant that should be a nice addition to your arsenal. 

Instead of copy-pasting text from one app to another, you can use this powerful chrome extension to save your swipe files as snippets and then use shortcuts to access and use them from anywhere on chrome.

Text Blaze

This is handy for crafting emails, documents, notes, etc.

  • Here is a list of great things you can do with Text Blaze
  • Customize templates
  • Access snippets via keyboard shortcuts
  • Share snippets with your team
  • Use dynamic formulas to retrieve vital information.
  • Access to popular web apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

Text Blaze pricing

You can start off with a forever free plan or upgrade for more features starting:

  •  Pro Plan for $2.99/month
  • Business Plan for $6.99/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

14) Closerscopy AI

Closerscopy is an AI writing tool similar to Jasper and is powered by its own technology, rather than relying only on GPT3. It’s the go-to software for copywriters looking to create powerful copy for their websites and other marketing channels.

With over 50+ plug-and-play marketing frameworks, you can quickly create any marketing copy intuitively, with ease, even when you are not an expert copywriter.

Closerscopy also has an intuitive wizard to guide you in creating content populated with enhanced insights so that you can steer the wheel in your preferred direction.

What Makes Closerscopy Different?

Three Different Models: With Closerscopy, you can easily alternate between 3 different modes: SalesAI for writing sales pages and ad copy, BlogAI for creating blog posts, and StoryAI for storytelling.

50+ Copywriting Frameworks: This tool leverages the most number of frameworks in its templates, enabling you to easily create any copy in minutes using any of the 46 supported copywriting skills

Multilingual AI: Unlike other AI writing tools, Closerscopy supports 111 languages, making it an industry leader in translation-supported AI writing.

Library: You can now assemble your works and use them as templates. You can access all of your custom templates, and swipe files in your library area.

Extra features: Closerscopy AI also has a few inbuilt features such as Thesaurus for quickly looking up synonyms and antonyms, powerful keyboard shortcuts, teams support, etc.

How Much Does Closerscopy Cost?

Closerscopy  AI Generator Pricing

Closerscopy offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: access to all features with a 50,000 character generation limit for $29.99
  • Professional Plan: Access to all features with 200,000 character generation limits
  • Unlimited Plan: Access to everything without generation limit

Explore Closerscopy

15) AI Writer

AI Writer is another popular AI text generator that you can use to create different types of content, including full-length articles.

What makes AI Writer unique:

  • List of citations: This tool includes a list of verifiable citations that you can use to verify some bold statements generated for you. 

I haven’t had a chance to try this tool myself since the verification email didn’t come through, but once I have access I will definitely update this section. 

AI Writer Pricing

Starting at only $19 per month for up to 40 article generation, AI Writer is one of the most affordable options available on the market today. 

AI Writer Pricing

Want to try this tool? AI Writer gives you a free 7 days trial, which you can grab here.

Summing Up: Best AI Writing Tools Compared

If you’re looking for a great AI writing assistant, then consider the following for different purposes.

  1. Jasper: Best AI Writing software for copywriters and content marketers
  2. Copymatic: Best AI blog writer
  3. CopyAI: Best for sales and social copy
  4. Article Forge: Best article generator
  5. Content Bot: Best Jasper AI alternative
  6. INK Editor: Best downloadable distraction-free document editor with copywriting and SEO capabilities.
  7. Grammarly: Best AI-powered grammar checker and proofreading tool
  8. Copysmith: Best AI Copywriting tool
  9. KafKai: Best for Automatic content creation
  10. Closerscopy: Comprehensive copywriting assistant
  11. Scalenut: Best cold email and LinkedIn outreach intros generator

Do you use AI writing software in your content production processes? Which one is your favorite?

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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