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51 Family Niche Ideas for Bloggers in the Dating, Marriage and Family Niches

If you want to write about something that is close to your heart and you are also knowledgeable about this niche, then writing a blog on family life can be a great direction to take.

If you have children in preschools or primary schools, you can share your experiences and tips with other parents.

You can also share quotes and stories that you find from your day-to-day activities so other parents can be inspired or entertained by them.


Family blogs can either be personal ( writing about your own family ) or non-personal ( talking about general family life).

You can also talk about related niches such as Dating, courtship, wedding, marriage and divorce as they are all under the family umbrella.

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Some of the topics that you could include in your blog are:

  1. Couple Life
  2. Catholic dating
  3. Christian dating
  4. Dating, courtship and intimacy
  5. Couple transition
  6. Moving in
  7. Single Life
  8. Divorce
  9. Meal planning for busy couples
  10. Marriage life
  11. Life after divorce
  12. Home Decor
  13. Long-distance relationship
  14. Second marriages
  15. Wedding planning
  16. Family planning
  17. Maternity
  18. New parents
  19. Family Life
  20. Managing a big family
  21. Family meal planning
  22. Online dating
  23. Relationship boundaries
  24. Meeting Families
  25. Trust and Jealousy
  26. Relationship coaching
  27. Wedding cakes
  28. Wedding flowers
  29. Wedding traditions and anniversaries
  30. Dating advice for women
  31. Weddings on a budget
  32. Wedding wear
  33. Wedding planners
  34. Dating advice for men
  35. Reigniting Passion
  36. Get your Ex Back
  37. Bi-racial dating
  38. Polygamous relationships
  39. Monogamous relationships
  40. Dating In Twenties
  41. Dating In the Thirties
  42. Dating In the Forties
  43. Dating in the fifties
  44. Penpals
  45. Foreign Friendships
  46. Friendship
  47. Finding new friends
  48. Toxic relationships
  49. Dating for introverts
  50. Matchmaking
  51. Roleplaying
  52. Trust issues
  53. Abusive relationships
  54. Vows renewal

To succeed in this niche, you need to be willing to find a way to relate your topic to the lives of others. Personal stories, reminders and pictures will help your blog become more memorable.

Make your blog as visually appealing and easy-to-read as possible so you can attract more people to read your content.


Try adding some multimedia content such as videos, audio clips and photos on your posts so readers will be stimulated when they visit your site.

You can also use infographics to make complex information easier to understand.

You can learn more about creating an effective blog here

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

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