161 Relationship Blog Topics to Cover in Your Love and Dating Blog

Topics on love and relationships
Here is a list of over 160 relationship blog topics that you can write about on your blog

Love and dating is a central part of our lives. It’s the process through which we meet people, connect with others, procreate, and socialize. 

This makes love and dating a natural topic to cover in your love and relationship blog. 

This can be an ideal topic if you are an expert in matters of love, romance, and relationships in general. Your audience will be looking for advice on these topics.

One of the most critical aspects of creating a successful relationship blog is knowing which topics to cover. So, in this neat blog, I share some interesting relationship blog topics to consider for a few of your next posts.

Topics on Love and Relationships

Here is a list of over 100 topics on love and relationships that you can write about on your blog:

First Date Topics

  1. 13 best virtual first date ideas
  2. How to dress up for your first date
  3. How to prepare for your first date
  4. What to do when your first date isn’t going well
  5. How to make a good first impression on a date
  6. How to be her most memorable first date
  7. How to tell if your date is interested in you
  8. The first date do’s and dont’s
  9. 5 tips for a successful first date
  10. 10 questions to ask on a first date
  11. Top 10 things you should stop doing on a first date
  12. What to talk about on the first date
  13. Seven first date ideas that guarantee you’ll get a second one
  14. The best first date ideas: a list of first date ideas that are relatively inexpensive and enforce a fun atmosphere.
  15. Where to go on a first date with a girl
  16. 9 signs of a keeper on a first date

Dating Blog Ideas

  1. How to ask someone out on a date
  2. The top 10 date night spots in your city
  3. How to make the first move on a guy
  4. How to make the first move on a girl
  5. How to make the first move for a kiss
  6. Can dating help you move?
  7. How dating a narcissist changes you
  8. Will dating a friend ruin your relationship?
  9. How many dates before it’s a relationship?
  10. Dating for professionals
  11. Dating for single parents
  12. How to flirt with a guy you like

Online Dating Topics

Is there a more polarizing topic in dating than the use of dating apps?

Some people say that dating apps are the cause of our generation’s inability to commit. Others believe they’re an empowering way to connect with new people, and a chance to get out of your comfort zone. Still, others think they’re just an easy way to cheat on your partner (and ruin your relationship).

These diverse views on dating apps are what make online dating a great topic to cover on your relationship blog. Here are a few topics to consider:

  1. Online dating tips for twenty-somethings
  2. Online dating tips for people over 40
  3. Best places to meet dates that you met online
  4. How to stay safe while dating online
  5. Best online dating websites for everyone
  6. Best Christian dating websites
  7. Best catholic dating websites
  8. Best dating apps to try
  9. Are dating apps safe?
  10. Are dating apps bad for mental health?
  11. Are dating apps a waste of time
  12. 11 Tinder alternatives
  13. How to get noticed on dating websites
  14. How to write an online dating profile
  15. Tinder etiquette: the do’s and don’ts of dating app rules
  16. 13 tips to starting a conversation on Tinder
  17. Funny Tinder bios you could steal
  18. How to keep Tinder conversations going
  19. Free online dating sites for singles
  20. 7 best niche dating sites you didn’t know exist
  21. How I met my girlfriend on a dating app
  22. First messages to send on dating apps to get a positive response
  23. Dating app conversation starters that lead to a first date
  24. Dating without apps
  25. Dating without social media

General Relationship Topics

  1. Relationship red flags every woman should look out for 
  2. How to tell if someone likes you
  3. Relationships advice for women from men
  4. Relationships advice for men from women
  5. Dealing with Rejections
  6. Dealing with a tough breakup
  7. Surviving a 5-year itch
  8. How to deal with jealousy in your relationship
  9. 50+ Green flags in a relationship
  10. 20 signs you’re falling in love

Personal blogs about love

If you don’t mind sharing yourself on the internet, then writing about your personal experiences with love can make a great angle for your relationship blog.

Here are some personal blog ideas to try:  

  1. How I saved my failing relationship
  2. How I survived an abusive relationship
  3. 7 red flags I ignored because of young love
  4. 9 Things I do every day to make us happy
  5. 7 different gifts I have gotten my girlfriend since we started dating  
  6. Seven of my best spots for a date night
  7. Reasons I still believe in love after several failed relationships
  8. How I found my soul mate, part 1 of 3
  9. How self-love improved my relationship

Self-love Blog Topics

  1. How self-love can improve your relationship
  2. 8 tips for mastering self-care
  3. How boosting self-confidence can help you with your love life
  4. Avoiding relationship burnout
  5. Why codependence in a relationship isn’t healthy
  6. Building mechanisms for your personal space in a relationship
  7. How to journal your way to self-love
  8. Ways busyness is killing your happiness
  9. Simple ways to create a life you love
  10. 5 steps to letting go of negative self-talk
  11. Looking after your mental health online

Date Ideas for Couples

  1. Weekend date ideas for couples
  2. Stay-at-home date ideas for couples
  3. Romantic date ideas for your girlfriend
  4. Romantic date ideas for your boyfriend
  5. Getaway ideas for couples
  6. Sexy and interactive date ideas
  7. Summer date ideas
  8. Winter date ideas
  9. 20 fun activities for couples while on vacation
  10. Indoor date ideas for rainy days
  11. Outdoor date ideas for summer
  12. 15 date ideas to spice up your relationship

Frugal Dating Ideas

  1. Cheap date ideas (your city: Newyork, Los Angeles, etc)
  2. Free date ideas for couples
  3. Free date ideas for married couples at home
  4. Free date night ideas at home
  5. Free date ideas (your city: Houston, LA, etc.)
  6. Free date ideas for summer/winter

Relationships Products Blog Ideas

  1. 13 best sexy date night ideas to impress him
  2. Top 10 dating books to read in your twenties when looking for love
  3. Top 10 romantic movies on Netflix to watch with your girlfriend.
  4. Best dating games to have fun with your partner
  5. Dating red flags that indicate you’re in an unhealthy relationship
  6. Why is the divorce rate so high? According to 20 experts
  7. 50+ signs of a codependent relationship

Break-up blog topics

  1. How to handle a tough breakup
  2. How to handle a breakup when living together
  3. How to handle a break-up gracefully
  4. Breaking up after 5 years
  5. Should you block your ex or not? 17 pros and cons
  6. Should you delete your ex’s photos?
  7. What to do after a breakup?
  8. How to get over a breakup

Role Play Blog Topics

  1. How to introduce role play ideas to your partner
  2. 13 role play ideas to revamp your relationship

Gift Ideas Topics

  1. Valentine’s gift ideas for her
  2. Valentine’s gift ideas for him
  3. 13 best birthday gifts to get your boyfriend
  4. 13 best birthday gifts for your girl
  5. 7 gift ideas for your dating anniversary

Meeting the parents

  1. It’s time to meet the parents: Here are 10 things you need to know
  2. 17 Gifts you can bring when meeting his parents
  3. 10 Gifts to bring when meeting her parents

Professional Relationship Topics

  1. How the dating industry has changed
  2. Dating vs courting vs seeing someone
  3. What is relationship coaching?
  4. How to become a relationship coach today
  5. Navigating the dating space
  6. The ultimate guide to dating etiquette
  7. How to be vulnerable in a relationship
  8. 20 signs of gaslighting in a relationship, according to 20 experts
  9. 5 tips to heal from an affair
  10. 5 reasons to disclose an affair details
  11. Signs of emotional unavailability in a relationship
  12. How soon is too soon to move in together?
  13. How to get over retroactive jealousy in a relationship
  14. Why do people cheat on the people they claim to love?
  15. Why do I always attract narcissists in my love life?
  16. Why do some men distance themselves after intimacy?
  17. When to let go of a long-distance relationship?
  18. Why do people stay in toxic relationships?
  19. 30 signs she likes you more than a friend
  20. How to fix a broken marriage without counseling

Relationship Topics for Discussion

If your blog inclines towards the more academic, and research-based approach to blogging, then there are some topics you can choose to argue on your relationship blog.

Here are a few:

  1. Why do elderly couples show true love?
  2. How does modern technology shape our perceptions about love
  3. Dealing with heartbreak: Analysis of how men and women differ
  4. Online dating: a blessing or a threat?
  5. Do we need love to feel complete?
  6. Legal issues when unmarried couples break-up

Other Relationship Blog Ideas

If you rather looking for general, rather than specific blog post ideas, then here are some things you can talk about:

  1. Books on love and relationship
  2. Romantic TV shows
  3. Romantic Movies
  4. Seduction
  5. Understanding women
  6. Attracting women
  7. Vacation ideas
  8. Attracting men
  9. Understanding men

Relationship Blogging: The Bottomline

To have a successful blog about love and dating, you must be passionate about the power of stories to inspire readers. 

It’s important to portray yourself as someone who cares about their audience. Choose a unique niche within the relationship space that speaks to you and your readers’ desires. 

Being yourself is important, and you want to make sure that your blog doesn’t become an extension of someone else’s career. As issues come up in life that correlate with relationships, it’s important to keep pushing out content regularly to keep your readers reeled in. For inspiration, you can explore this list of the best relationship blogs that I love

I hope these relationship topics have helped you brainstorm your next content piece. 

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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