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237 Micro Niche Ideas to Blog About in 2021

You’re here because you want to discover the best micro niche ideas that you can leverage. This, therefore, means that you appreciate two things:

  • Blogging is becoming harder and harder
  • Micro Nicheing is the best way to start a successful blog today.

In this article, I’ll share with you a list of over 200 viable micro niche ideas to use as an inspiration for choosing the right blogging niche. But first, let’s define what a micro-niche is.

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What’s a Micro Niche

A micro niche is a subcategory of a larger market. A micro niche is most often defined by the demographic or psychographic attributes of this subcategory’s consumers.

Let’s take, for instance, the market of “food”. Within this market, you can find subcategories such as organic food or gluten-free food. Other notable sub-niches include baby food, kitchen items, etc.

Within the organic food niche, there are different sub-niches such as the avocado niche. Yet, within the avocado niche, there are many more sub-niches such as organic guacamole or frozen avocados.

You get the point.

Narrowing Down Your Blogging Focus

Narrowing down your focus is important because it allows you to cater to a smaller demographic, which will give you more leverage. This, therefore, means that you can create content based on more specific and reliable data than if you were to write on a larger market.

Let’s face it: there is no such thing as the perfect blogging niche. Like beauty, a good blogging niche is in the eye of the beholder. What might work for one person may not necessarily work for another blogger.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find the best blogging niche.

Over 200 Micro Niche Ideas to Get You Started

To create a successful blog today, you need specific content for your niche. But you also need to understand that each micro-niche has its own audience that is looking for specific content.

And this means that you’ll need to plan your blog’s content in a way that delivers what they want.

In this post, I share with you a list of over 200 great micro niches to help you in your blog niche research. These should be enough to steer you in the right direction.

Business Micro Niche Ideas for Bloggers

  1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  2. Amazon FBA Business
  3. Amazon FBA Business
  4. Business Automation
  5. Business Consulting
  6. Business Ideas for Kids
  7. Business Ideas for Millennials
  8. Candle Making business
  9. Consultancy business
  10. Convertkit Email Marketing
  11. Crowdfunding for small businesses
  12. Dog training
  13. Dropshipping Business
  14. eBay Selling Tips
  15. Ecommerce Growth Strategies
  16. Etsy Printables Business
  17. Etsy Print on Demand
  18. Food-based business
  19. From Idea to Million Dollar Business (Inspirational Stories)
  20. Gig Economy
  21. Home Business Ideas
  22. Importing Products from China to Sell on Amazon FBA
  23. Influencer marketing tips
  24. Instagram Marketing Agency Tips
  25. Jewelry eCommerce Business
  26. Kindle Direct Publishing
  27. Landing Page Optimization
  28. Lead Generation for Small Businesses (local businesses)
  29. List Building for affiliate marketers
  30. List Building for Bloggers
  31. Local SEO for Small Businesses
  32. Luxury Soap Making
  33. Marketing consulting
  34. Offline tutoring business
  35. Online Courses – Creating and Selling them
  36. Online Tutoring Business
  37. Outsourcing Tips
  38. Print on Demand Business
  39. Productivity Hacks for entrepreneurs
  40. Product Sourcing Business
  41. Product Sourcing – Finding Products to Sell on Amazon FBA
  42. Real Estate Investing
  43. Selling a Product on Amazon FBA
  44. Side Hustle Ideas
  45. Six-figure marketing system
  46. Small Business Ideas
  47. Social Media Optimization for Small Businesses
  48. The Future of Work
  49. Upskilling
  50. Upwork Freelancing
  51. Upwork outsourcing
  52. Video Creation Tutorials for small businesses
  53. Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
  54. Walmart Fulfillment

Marketing Micro Niches

  1. Advertising on Reddit
  2. Affiliate Marketing for Merchants
  3. Amazon PPC Advertising
  4. App Store Optimization (ASO)
  5. Blogging as a Service
  6. Blogging for B2B Businesses
  7. Blogging for SaaS businesses
  8. Content Curation Services  (Business, Social Media)
  9. Content Writing Tips
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce Sites
  11. Copywriting Tips and Tricks
  12. Customer Service Strategies
  13. Email Marketing Tips
  14. Facebook Ads for Small Businesses
  15. Facebook Advertising
  16. Funnel Marketing
  17. Growth Hacking Strategies
  18. Influencer Marketing Strategies
  19. Infographics Marketing
  20. Instagram Marketing Tips
  21. Keyword Research
  22. Link Building For Niche Sites
  23. LinkedIn Lead Generation
  24. List Building Strategies And Tools  (Email, Social Media)
  25. Local Lead Generation
  26. Local SEO for Small Businesses
  27. Marketing Strategy Guides (eCommerce, SaaS, etc.)
  28. Niche Marketing 
  29. Organic Traffic Growth Strategies
  30. Pay Per Click Advertising
  31. Pinterest Marketing 
  32. Product Launches for Niche Websites
  33. Relationship Marketing  (SaaS, eCommerce)
  34. Retargeting Ads for eCommerce Businesses  (Facebook, AdRoll, Google Adwords)
  35. SEO Tools and Expert Reviews  (Moz, Ahrefs)
  36. Social Media Marketing Tips for Niche Websites
  37. Video Creation Tutorials and Tools  (iMovie, Camtasia)
  38. Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
  39. Visual Marketing
  40. Whitehat SEO Tutorials and Strategies for Niche Websites

Personal Finance Micro Niches

  1. 3 bucket system
  2. Becoming Debt Free
  3. Budgeting Tips for Freelancers
  4. Creating a New Income Stream
  5. Credit Repair
  6. Credit Score Repair
  7. Curbing your spending habits
  8. Digital Nomadism
  9. Earning Money on the Side to pay off debt
  10. Earn money online while traveling (make money while traveling)
  11. Extreme Couponing Tips
  12. Financial Independence
  13. Financial Planning
  14. Getting out of Debt
  15. Getting out of debt faster
  16. How to budget your expenses
  17. Millionaire Interviews
  18. Money Management Tips
  19. Money-Saving Tips
  20. Mortgage Refinancing
  21. Mortgage Tips for First-Time Homeowners
  22. Passive Income Ideas
  23. Personal finance advice for millennials
  24. Retirement Investing
  25. Surviving Bankruptcy
  26. Tax tips for small businesses

Personal Transformation Micro Niches

  1. Challenges and Accountability
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  3. Creative Visualization (guided meditation)
  4. Dealing with Grief and Loss
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Finding a Career You Love
  7. Getting rid of bad habits
  8. Gratitude and self-improvement
  9. Healing from Heartbreak
  10. Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs
  11. Meditation
  12. Motivational Videos and Posts
  13. Self Esteem Boosters
  14. Success Tips

Tech Micro Niches

  1. 360 Cameras Tutorials For Newbies
  2. 3D Modelling
  3. 3D Printing for Beginners
  4. Automated Webinar Software for Marketers
  5. Automation
  6. Cable Management
  7. Canva Tutorials
  8. Clickfunnels tutorials
  9. Coding Tutorials
  10. Digital Illustrations
  11. Digital Photography Tutorials
  12. Ecommerce Tutorials
  13. Elementor Tutorials
  14. Email Marketing automation software tutorials
  15. Excel Tips and Hacks
  16. GamingGear Reviews
  17. Google Analytics Tutorials
  18. Google Hangouts on Air for Businesses
  19. Google Search Console
  20. Google Sheets Tutorials
  21. Graphic Design Tutorials for beginners
  22. Leadpages Tutorials
  23. Mastering Adobe Photoshop
  24. Mastering Canva
  25. Mastering Excel
  26. Mastering Google Docs
  27. Mastering Microsoft Word
  28. Music Editing
  29. Online Accounting Tutorials (Xero, Freshbooks)
  30. Pinterest Analytics for Marketers
  31. Pixelmator Tutorials
  32. Shopify Tutorials  (XML, themes)
  33. Social Media Management Solutions (Sprout Social, Hootsuite)
  34. TubeBuddy
  35. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  36. Virtual Reality
  37. VPNs
  38. Wix Tutorials  (XML, themes)
  39. WordPress Advice and Tips

Health and Wellness Micro Niches

  1. Acne Treatment Tutorials
  2. Allergies Relief Methods
  3. Alternative Medicine
  4. Anti-Aging
  5. Anti Inflammatory Diet
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Cleansing diets  (juicing, lemonade diet)
  8. Detoxification Diet  (juice, lemonade)
  9. Digestion Tips and Methods  (acupressure points, water fasting)
  10. Healthy Eating Tips  (Whole 30, Keto)
  11. Herbal Remedies  (cinnamon, lavender)
  12. Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss
  13. Meditation Techniques  (guided, silent)
  14. Migraine Relief Methods
  15. Nutrition Advice and Meal Planning for Women Who Work Out
  16. Vitamin Supplements Reviewed by Experts (Puritan’s Pride, Amazon)
  17. Websites for Health and Wellness Topics  (WebMD, Mayo Clinic)
  18. Weight Loss Tips (hypnosis, meditation)
  19. Yoga Tutorials

Food Micro Niches

  1. Candy and Chocolate
  2. Coffee Recipes
  3. Cooking and Recipes
  4. Diabetes-friendly food
  5. Exotic food niches
  6. Freezer Meals
  7. Frozen Food Sub-niches
  8. Gluten-free
  9. Healthy Snacks
  10. Juicing Sub-niche ideas
  11. Meal Preparation
  12. Non-GMO
  13. Organic Food
  14. Paleo Diet
  15. Protein Snacks
  16. Spices
  17. Sugar-Free Foods
  18. Vegan Diet

Diy Micro Niches

  1. Cleaning Hacks
  2. DIY Jewelry Making Ideas
  3. DIY Light Fixture Ideas
  4. DIY Painting Inspiration
  5. How to Make Money on Etsy
  6. Printables Making
  7. Soap Making
  8. Upcycling Projects  (projects that take old things and make them useful again)
  9. Woodworking for Beginners

Work From Home Micro Niches

  1. Accounting Jobs from Home
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. App Development Jobs
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Customer Service Jobs
  6. Freelance Designing
  7. Freelance Development Jobs
  8. Freelance Journalism Jobs
  9. Freelance Writing
  10. Instagram Monetization
  11. Make Money Blogging
  12. Making Money for College Students
  13. Making Money on Pinterest
  14. Making money on YouTube
  15. Side Hustle Ideas
  16. Virtual Assistant Jobs
  17. Work From Home Tips
  18. Work from Home Transcription Jobs

This list is an awesome place to get started, but it isn’t anywhere near complete.

And you’ll need to continue to do your research and find out more about these niches and their potential audience if you want to succeed.

To stay on top of the wider variety of micro-niches that you can target, use these tools when doing your research:

  • Keyword Revealer– for cheaper keyword research
  • Buzzsumo – to analyze content that’s working for these niches.
  • Keywords Everywhere– to do keyword research on Google, YouTube, and Bing
  • SpyFu- for more elaborate competitor research
  • Google Trends- to see what’s trending on Google and find potential new niches.

If any of these topics appeal to you, don’t hesitate to write down some ideas of what kind of topics you’d like to cover.

And remember – consumers’ needs and wants change over time. So even if you think your audience is very interested in something, make sure you do your research and find out exactly how much demand there is before you commit too much time and money to a specific topic.

Remember, just because a certain topic is popular today doesn’t mean that it will be popular next year or the year after.

That’s why you need to continue to research and find new micro-niches that you can target now and in the future.

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