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12 best websites to find free stock photos for your blog posts.

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After writing your blog post, the next thing you would want to do is to add some catchy images to reinforce the message. However, finding free stock photos for your blog is a difficult task.

Most professional companies charge more than $20 for a single stock photo, and considering that you are publishing new posts every day, this can be quite costly.

Young bloggers and authors often opt to find images on google which have been used for other posts, copy and paste it into their articles. This amounts to plagiarism, and people will rarely take your content seriously.

Oops, that's the hardest side of it, but thanks to some professional companies and individuals who allow you to use their free stock photos which they post on their websites regularly.

This is one of those few ways to access high-quality stock photos without much hassle or significant costs.

Below is a list of the best free stock photo websites for you as a blogger.

1. Unsplash.

Depending on your niche, as an online writer, you will get a variety of free stock photos from Unsplash.

I mostly use this site together with a couple of others when working on new projects. The good thing With Unsplash is that their photos are of high-resolution and is actually one of the best sources of stock photos. New photos are added on a regular basis.

All photos on Unsplash are released under the creative commons public domain license.

2. Good Stock Photos.

Good Stock Photos is another amazing resource to find free stock photos for your blog posts.

It is even interesting to note that with the photos at Good Stock Photos, you can do much more with them:

  • Use them on your blog or website
  • Use them in an app or software
  • Use them in social media
  • Use them on print or online advertisements
  • Use them to promote a product or service
  • Include them as part of a product or service you sell (such as an app or theme)
  • Do derivative works – photoshop the photo and make it cooler.
  • Sell derivative works of the photos (as long as it’s a fairly significant alteration)
  • Sell products in which the derivative work is the focus (such as a physical print of the altered photo)

The site is updated daily and all photos are taken solely by Steve, the brain behind the stock site. This is of particular importance since Steve do not source images from anywhere else.

The photos you get at the Good Stock Photos are therefore unique and good for your branding.  The photos don't require any attribution, though it's always a good practice for bloggers to accredited the sources of their images as a way of saying, ‘thank you.'

3. Pixabay.

If you are a web designer looking for a site with free stock photos, here is the place for you. Pixabay is a web designer's dream.Besides offering  an easy-to-use search feature, the images are absolutely brilliant.

Most of its free stock photos don't require any attribution at all. You just pick and use them in your site.

And yeah, you guessed that right. I indeed used Pixabay to find the featured image for this post. You can visit my homepage to see how it looks.

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4. IM free.

There is so much in one place with IM free website. It is a curated collection of free stock photos, all for commercial use. Since the photos are curated from various sources, some photos may require attribution.

5. Negative Space.

From architecture to technology, Negative Space offers up new free stock photos every week. Their photos do not come with copyright restrictions, and that means you can use them ‘your way.'

With Negative Space, you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff by simply sorting the results based on the color, copyscape position and the category

6. Good Free Photos

This is another awesome resource. The site over 17000 photo categorized mainly by location.Most photos are of state parks, national parks, national landmarks, and historical sites. They also have business, tech, animal, plant, and food photos as well.

All photos at Good Free Photos are free to use for any purpose. A lot of the photos were taken by Yinan, the site owner though he occasionally take requests for specific photos.

7. Stokpic.

Every two weeks there are up to 10 new free stock photos dished out that you can use on your website, as part of a template, in an ad and pretty much anywhere.

With Stokpic, you can easily browse through categories like landscapes, people, and technology until you find the perfect fit for your blog. The list is definitely endless.

8. MorgueFile.

To the lovers of wildlife out there MorgueFile, will grant you the best free stock photos for your blog posts.It is one of the simplest sites you’ll come across. MorgueFile has a streamlined layout and carefully curated list of photos. Its selection isn't as large as that of some of the other sites on this list, though.

12 best websites to find free stock photos for your blog posts

9. Kaboompics.

There is clearly a creative eye behind this awesome resource for high-quality photo that you will want to use them on your works. From fashion to food to landscapes, the images  outsourced from Kaboompics cover a variety of different scenarios.

While there is no formal attribution requirement, including photo credit with a link back to the site when possible will help the website grow.

10. Freerange.

All of the free stock photos on the Freerange website comes from a pool of both in-house photographers, as well as a growing community of external contributors. The photos are good quality. Images provided directly (in-house) by Freerange Stock are either digitally photographed on Canon DSLR cameras and are of a high-resolution Nikon.

11. Pexels: Free Stock Photos

These free stock photos are carefully handpicked from a variety of free image sources to ensure that you're getting only the best of the best. All of the photos that make the cut at Pexels are free for personal and commercial use with no attribution required. You won’t struggle to get the best out of it all.

12. Free Images.

Free Images offers thousands of incredible images from a diverse aspect of categories. This should be your ultimate destinations when writing new posts, eBooks or updating the old ones.

The site boasts of over 389,809 Free stock photos available at a click of a button. If you don't find enough photos on a specific niche, you can always try their premium photos as well.

Bonus Sites for Free Stock Photos

13. Focus Fitness

This site provides great  free health and fitness stock photos. If your blog falls on health and fitness categories, then you can dash to Focus Fitness website to outsource great photos on:

  • YOGA
  • DIET

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