Hiring a Pinterest Manager? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Hiring a Pinterest Manager

Pinterest is one of the most popular social platforms globally, and while it might look like a massive image gallery, it lends itself to the business world more so than some might expect.

It’s a hive of activity too, with hundreds of millions of visitors each month, many of whom are ready to spend.

If your business lends itself to visual content in even the slightest way, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. However, if you’re short on time and even shorter on experience on the platform, you need a Pinterest manager to capitalize on this undoubted potential on your behalf.

Embracing the Power of Pinterest

To the untrained eye, Pinterest might appear to be a place to browse pictures of things you like and keep track of the best ones. However, there’s so much more to explore.

Crucially, the platform can be the key to unlock new revenue streams, bring in more website traffic, and register massive brand awareness growth.

Of course, maximizing Pinterest’s potential for your business takes time and expertise. Anyone can become a Pinterest VA, but there’s a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective option for entrepreneurs with a million things to do – enlisting help from a strategist who offers Pinterest management services

Why Hire a Freelance Pinterest Manager?

Let’s say you’ve got a business with a website, plus plenty of pictures and photo opportunities related to your venture.

I’d dare say that one or more of these statements apply to you:

  • You don’t currently have a Pinterest marketing strategy
  • You see plenty of potential in social media but don’t have time to manage yet another account
  • You love the idea of passively boosting your business and rocket-strapping your profits
  • You like to focus on what you do best, like serving existing clients and finding new ones in ways that work for you

As every business owner knows, you bring aboard an expert in what you hope to achieve when you outsource or hire. That’s where your Pinterest manager comes in. They will:

  • Get to work immediately – no training required
  • Work to understand your business and its audience, and strategize accordingly
  • Provide the all-important consistency in social media marketing – it’s easy to burn out on something you’re not passionate about, but there’s nothing Pinterest managers would rather do!

What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

Anyone can become a Pinterest manager. However, successfully managing social accounts while focusing on growth, strategy, and profitability is an entirely different story.

The first thing a Pinterest manager will do for your business is demonstrate that there’s more to taking full advantage of the incredible social platform than posting photos and crossing fingers.

Among the many things your chosen freelancer will bring to the business, your personal Pinterest rockstar will:

  • Ensure you’re fully set up with a Pinterest Business account
  • Verify your website on the platform
  • Optimize your existing profile or create one from scratch if you’re just starting out
  • Create boards and join relevant group boards
  • Build a strategic Pinterest plan to complement and leverage everything your business does
  • Provide regular reports and updates on pin performance in plain English

Of course, you don’t need to know the finer details if you’re outsourcing. You’re interested in the destination, not the journey, and a Pinterest manager will:

  • Get your brand in front of more eyeballs (Pinterest boasts 459 million monthly users and growing)
  • Use optimized images and content to build a narrative around your business
  • Reduce your reliance on the mighty Google for website traffic (and the dreaded core updates)
  • Develop and deploy a growth strategy so that whatever your website does to make money, it makes even more 

A Pinterest Strategist or a Pinterest VA?

As I’ve already said, anyone can use Pinterest. It’s a social network that wants as many active users as possible, just as you’d like for your site. Time and experience are all that stand between a complete novice and outstanding results.

Pinterest strategists and their virtual assistant counterparts differ primarily based on their experience levels.

Many Pinterest VAs offer services on the platform as part of a broader range of business support activities. It’s not uncommon to get one person to handle your pins alongside other social accounts, with a bit of written content and graphic design thrown in.

They’re great for someone that needs a rounded corporate support mechanism. A VA will manage Pinterest accounts, but that doesn’t necessarily make them Pinterest managers.

Pinterest strategists sometimes start out as VAs before narrowing their focus (just like I did). Then, they take it upon themselves to learn everything there is to know about the platform and putting it to work. Their knowledge of the platform’s inner workings could perhaps put some of the company’s own employees to shame!

Strategists are there for those that want to do more than keep up appearances.

If you want someone that can schedule a few pins each week so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re on Pinterest, just like the competition, a VA will do the trick.

Alternatively, you might want to leverage the power and user base of one of the world’s largest social networks. You can boost your profit margins and take your business to heights you never dared to dream of in the process. A specialist Pinterest manager with strategic insight is just what your company needs.

When To Hire a Pinterest Manager

You might think I’m biased. If you’re reading this, I want to work with you. Of course, I’m going to say you should hire a Pinterest manager immediately.

I come bearing data to back this up.

I’ve already mentioned the 459 million monthly Pinterest users. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that every one of them wants to buy something from your website.

What I can say is that there’s still time to get in early and start making the most of that audience. For example, Pinterest added 124 million monthly active users in the last year alone.

Almost 90 million users are right here in the US. Even if your business isn’t US-based, there’s every chance that the platform is one of the most popular websites in your country. And yes, I still want to work with you.

There really is no time like the present for hiring a Pinterest manager, but it has to make sense for you. My goal, just like most freelancers, is to add value to your business. I want you to make more from my work than you spend on it.

You have to be in the right place as a business. Are parts of your operation running on autopilot? Do you have plenty of pictures and a few good ideas to start things off? Are you ready to hand off the management of what could quickly become your most significant source of online traffic?

If you can answer some or all of those questions in the affirmative, it’s time to bring a Pinterest manager aboard.

What Should I Budget for Pinterest Manager Services?

This question is a tricky one, as Pinterest managers are all different, as are the clients. We’ve already established that time is one of the key ingredients (as is expertise, which also carries a value). As a result, Pinterest management is often a case of “you get what you pay for.”

There are several factors to consider when setting a budget for these services:

  • How much do you make from Pinterest currently, if anything?
  • Do you have specific tasks in mind you’d like to get help with?
  • Can you provide images for pins, or is that part of the job?
  • How much do you spend on other social media platforms?
  • Do you already have a marketing strategy for Pinterest to slot into?

Most Pinterest managers are happy to work within budget constraints, but you might have to compromise on some parts of a service to achieve the perfect fit.

The best way to find out how much Pinterest manager services will cost is simply to ask! Seasoned pros love dealing with clients – relationship building and witnessing success is a big part of why we do what we do. We’ve seen it all before and can let you know what to expect and what it’ll cost without any obligation.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Pinterest Manager?

To find a Pinterest manager, you can always search for Pinterest Management Services on Google and a few will pop up. But why do that when you already have one standing by right now – the author behind this post, me! Hey there – I’m Laura Rike a Pinterest strategist.

You’ve got an interest in Pinterest, and so have I, so we already have something in common.

I’ve done the time, with over five years as a VA and numerous successful blogs. My passion for Pinterest grew through watching explosive traffic growth with my own eyes.

After several more years of refinement and some incredible achievements along the way – including a million page views in a month from Pinterest alone for one site and hundreds of new email leads for another – I’ll put my tried and tested tactics to work for you.

Whether I’ve piqued your interest, but you have a few more questions, or you’re ready to get started on taking your business to the next level with Pinterest, I’d be delighted to chat so we can start making marketing magic!

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Picture of Laura Rike
Laura Rike
Laura Rike is a Pinterest Powerhouse. She helps high-performing business owners, content creators & influencers (like YOU) grow PROFITABILITY the right way with SUSTAINABLE systems, so you can be found first without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success.
Picture of Laura Rike
Laura Rike
Laura Rike is a Pinterest Powerhouse. She helps high-performing business owners, content creators & influencers (like YOU) grow PROFITABILITY the right way with SUSTAINABLE systems, so you can be found first without tantrums over tech and trading sleep for success.

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