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72 Sports and Gaming Niche Ideas to try

The sports industry has grown beyond golf, soccer and athletics. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you may find this industry appealing to you.

The gaming industry is growing by the year as more people get involved with pro e-sports and pop culture.

These niches are on-demand and profitable but the competition is intense so make sure that you have something unique to offer to your audience.


Where there is money involved, there will always be competitors and most of them steal content from others, so creativity is key.

Creating content with high value to the reader should be your ultimate goal and not just fluff. The audience will tell you what they want if you tune into them.  

You can still cover gaming and sports even if you aren’t an expert by doing research and conducting personal interviews with other experts in the niches.

Some of the top sports and gaming niche ideas include:

  1. Motorcycle racing
  2. Long jump
  3. Kitesurfing
  4. Golfing
  5. Bullfighting
  6. Baseball
  7. Badminton
  8. Airhockey
  9. Bowling
  10. Cheerleading
  11. Chess tutorials
  12. Cycling
  13. Sports news
  14. Sports tech
  15. Soccer
  16. Tournaments
  17. Esports
  18. Fantasy football
  19. Gymnastics
  20. Hockey
  21. Horse racing
  22. How to… for beginners
  23. Jerseys
  24. Netball
  25. Rugby
  26. Snowboarding
  27. Skydiving
  28. Olympics
  29. Sports medicine
  30. Table tennis
  31. Knife throwing
  32. Knife throwing target
  33. Wheelchair basketball
  34. Games for the Disabled
  35. Games for women
  36. Video games
  37. FIFA
  38. Women’s golf
  39. Track and field
  40. Athletics
  41. Marathon
  42. Volleyball
  43. Windsurfing
  44. surfing
  45. Sports nutrition
  46. Sports education
  47. Morning fitness
  48. Body exercises
  49. Team sports
  50. Outdoor
  51. Indoor sports
  52. Water sports
  53. Tennis skirts
  54. Tennis equipment
  55. Slingshots
  56. Cricket
  57. PC Games
  58. PlayStation
  59. Gaming Reviews
  60. Mobile Games
  61. Play store Games
  62. IOS Games
  63. Top games
  64. Xbox
  65. Online free games
  66. Portable gaming consoles
  67. Minecraft
  68. Minecraft tutorials
  69. Gaming gear
  70. Rare video games
  71. Computer gaming headsets
  72. Call of Duty COD

How to Monetize a Gaming Blog

You can monetize Sports niches by recommending sportswear, running a sports clothing line or displaying ads on your site. If you are an expert in a given sport, then you can put together training or even a membership site targeting people who want to learn that specific game.

These monetization techniques also apply to Gaming niches as well. Amazon affiliates is also a goldmine for sports and gaming niches especially if your micro-niche involves products and reviews


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