How to Make Money on Fiverr for Beginners

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Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites for beginners.

The platform becoming a great way for freelancers to make good income and even build a business around it. There are several new freelancers who actually make money on Fiverr with less effort.

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    How Does Fiverr Work?

    As a freelancer, you offer the services you are going to do, for instance:

    • I will write a 500 words SEO article for $5
    • I will design a great website for you for $100
    • I will be your virtual assistant at $15 per day
    • I will be your social media manager at $70 per week
    • I will write a killer 10000 nonfiction eBook starting at $300
    • I will do scientific research on any niche
    • I will write great blog posts and deliver within 24 hours
    • I will Write a moving love poem for your lover
    • I will write and design great greeting cards for you

    Here is a list of 101 services that you can sell on Fiverr that do not require much expertise

    To learn more about being effective on Fiverr, read the tips in this post

    When it comes to Fiverr, your freelancing world is unlimited. It is only up to you to open your eyes wide enough to see and grab the opportunities.

    Is Fiverr Right for You?

    Fiverr is for you if you are a freelance:

    • Writer
    • Content creator
    • Copywriter
    • Website designer
    • Logo designer
    • Social media manager
    • Virtual assistant
    • Blogger
    • Books reviewer
    • etc etc

    Getting Started on Fiverr

    Now that you have decided to take your freelancing services to another level, the first step is to head to Fiverr and create an account. Unlike Freelancer, you do not have to pay to be a member or to access unlimited bids.

    Create a Fiverr Account

    To create an account, you will need an email, username, and password. Alternatively, you can also sign up with Facebook or Google.

    Now Click Here to Create Your Account

    NB: Choose your username appropriately. You can use a combination of your names, or better still come up with something related to the Services you will be offering. Personally, I used to offer ghostwriting services. That is, writing eBooks for my clients and they take all the rights. So I used ‘ebooksexpert‘ as my username

    Updating Your Profile

    Your profile is like a branding page for your profile. Choose a great tagline for your profile:

    • Excellent article writing that converts
    • You deserve the best, I deliver nothing less!… That's actually my tagline

     Also remember to write  an elaborate bio, explaining your capability, experience, and motivation:

    Here is what my bio says:

    Hi, I am a proficient eBooks writer with a keen interest in the Non-fiction category. I also write insightful How-to articles that wow your readers. Being a published amazon kindle author and an avid blogger, you can be rest assured of quality service. And yeah, I love seeing people win!

    The simple rule towards a successful bio is simplicity, brevity, and informative nature Also update the other sections of your profile. These include education, skills, work experience and portfolio

    Create Your First Gig

    To create a Gig, Login to your account, click Selling > Gigs Click ADD A NEW GIG. Note: If this is your first time creating a Gig, click Selling > Start Selling, fill out your seller profile, and then proceed to create your Gig. Gigs are basically services which you are going to offer.

    Work with Mysson.

    I’ve written articles that rank  number one on Google as well as provided insightful full content strategy and website SEO audit for several clients.

    Let’s write the best content for your business that attract the right audience and results in conversion.

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    Mysson Victor

    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?
    Mysson Victor

    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?

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      God bless you brother for such an awesome piece,
      looking forward to contact you soonest I am ready to begin freelancing.

      1. Mysson Victor

        You are most welcomed Esbonn, and the very best in your freelancing venture

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      Sure I agree with you. I work on Fiverr too and for me, it is the best freelancing account I can say I have met awesome buyers. Thanks for the article.

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        Hi lydia, I want to work with fiverr as a freelancer . I designed a seller gig. But it doesn’t work. Could you please explain how does it do.what is the best way to create a fiverr freelancer gig.

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      I never thought of fiver. I know it exists but I never thought of using it to make an additional income. Thanks.

      1. Mysson Victor

        Hey Moshe,

        Fiverr is a good catch when starting. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Best

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        This is a new idea to me and I feel like trying it.Can the phone do it all or the laptop.kindly help

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      Thanks for your sharing.
      Nice article for startup on the fiverr like me.

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      Thanks for the guideline. I have successfully completed the registration process and the creation of my first gig. How do I earn from all that now? Just sit back and hope someone requests for my services?

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