101 Services to Sell on Fiverr and make Money Online

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Looking to make money online?

Fiverr has become a great place to make money online by selling literally anything. If you are looking for a way to make some ‘passive’ income, then you may want to give Fiverr a shot. There are hundreds of freelance services to sell on Fiverr.

Fiverr is coined from the word Five. It started as a place where people could outsource quick services for five dollars.

However, overtime, freelancers on the platform have demonstrated great skills and expertise, thus prompting the Fiverr team to up their game. You can now literally charge as much as you want for your freelancing services.

Recently introduced is Fiverr Pro, where, as a pro freelancer you can easily get away charging $500 for logo design or SEO writing.

These services are packaged as gigs. There are almost Fiverr gigs for everything.

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    101  Services to Sell on Fiverr

    Struggling to come up with some freelancing ideas to offer on the platform? In this article, we share slightly over 100 services to sell on Fiverr.

    Writing Services to Sell on Fiverr

    If you have a knack for creating compelling content fast, then you may want to offer writing services. Continue improving your skills and working on your writing samples so that you can win clients when submitting proposals using the Buyers Requests section.

    Some of the writing services you can sell on Fiverr include:

    1. Writing website copy
    2. Copywriting services
    3. Writing articles
    4. Freelance blogging
    5. SEO writing
    6. Proofreading and editing services
    7. Researching and developing whitepapers
    8. Writing press releases
    9. Writing products descriptions
    10. Writing compelling blog posts and Newsletter headlines
    11. Offering translation services
    12. Writing ultimate guides
    13. Developing viral listicles content
    14. Writing quality guest posts and publishing on preferred networks

    Marketing Services to Sell on Fiverr

    If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, then Fiverr can be the right platform for you. There are tons of marketing services that you can sell here. As a marketer, your role is to increase the reach of your clients’ websites or products.

    1. Some of these services include:
    2. Setting up ads campaign both social and search ads
    3. Social media management
    4. Pinterest management services
    5. Instagram shootouts if you have a popular niched IG account
    6. Writing email series
    7. Influencer marketing
    8. Developing tailored digital marketing strategies
    9. Researching, writing, designing and setting up lead magnets
    10. Sales funnel set up and development
    11. Designing landing pages
    12. Offering legal templates such as policy pages etc.
    101 services to sell on Fiverr

    Designing Services to Sell on Fiverr

    Freelancing is big for designers. With every business going online, there is a rising demanding for digital branding assets that help small businesses to position themselves accordingly.

    If you have Photoshop and other design software skills, then you can use Fiverr to earn a living online.

    Some of the design services gigs that you can offer include:

    1. Designing infographics to build quality links back to your client’s websites
    2. Business cards design
    3. Custom logo designs
    4. Pinterest graphics viral pin designs
    5. Full branding assets kit
    6. Book cover design for print and Kindle eBooks
    7. Social media images design
    8. Website high resolution favicons creation
    9. Creation and development of bronchures
    10. Mockups creation: eBooks, apparels, technology, multi-device
    11. Apparels design
    12. Products graphics design

    Business Services to Sell on Fiverr

    If you are into the entrepreneurial field, then you shouldn’t be left out. There are numerous business services for a strategist like you including:

    1. Domain name research
    2. Drafting Business Plans
    3. Drafting Elevator Pitches
    4. Market research and reporting
    5. Coming up with compelling business slogans
    6. Writing powerful mission statements and value descriptions
    7. PowerPoint presentation decks

    WordPress Services to Sell on Fiverr

    WordPress offers a ton of opportunities to freelancers. If you have been blogging on the platform for a while, then you know how to navigate the CMS.

    Some of the WordPress services that you can sell on Fiverr and make money online include the following:

    1. Installing and setting up WordPress
    2. Installing and setting up WordPress themes
    3. Setting up popular WordPress plugins
    4. Complete website design with Elementor page builder
    5. Landing page design
    6. WordPress Consultancy
    7. Setting up custom email address at your client’s domain
    8. Optimizing WordPress for speed and faster loading
    9. Honest user feedback
    10. Setting up contact forms
    11. Setting up opt-in forms
    12. Integrating lead magnets and Email service providers such as Mailchimp

    SEO Services to Sell on Fiverr

    SEO is a huge industry, with everyone wants to be in a better position to rank number one on Google.

    As an SEO specialist, you will help your clients to optimize their websites accordingly.

    SEO services to sell on Fiverr

    1. Installing and setting up an SEO plugin like Rankmath and Yoast
    2. Long tail keywords research
    3. Competitor analysis
    4. On-page optimization
    5. Link building
    6. Sitemap and webmaster submissions

    Video Services to Sell on Fiverr

    Videos tell a compelling story, and if you are creative enough then your clients will love you and keep coming back. With strong editorial skills, with appropriate touch-ups, you should be able to produce compelling videos that get your clients’ prospects to take action.

    There are various videos that you can develop for your clients, including:

    1. Explainer videos
    2. Video intros
    3. Testimonial videos
    4. Product description videos
    5. Social videos
    6. Spokesperson videos
    7. Teaser videos for social media
    8. Detailed documentaries
    9. Onboarding videos for new staff

    Virtual Assistance Services to Offer on Fiverr.

    Business people have a lot in their hands, and are constantly looking to outsource what can be outsourced so that they can focus on activities that directly contribute to the bottom line.

    As a freelance virtual assistant, you can make money on Fiverr by offering the following virtual assistance services

    1. Data entry jobs
    2. Performing detailed online research
    3. Forum commenting
    4. Email management and detox
    5. Setting up Gmail accounts
    6. Book keeping and payroll duties
    7. Events management
    8. Setting up forms and surveys in WordPress
    9. Responding to comments on business blogs
    10. Training and onboarding new employees
    11. Recruitment and staffing services
    12. Doing background checks

    Podcasting Services to Sell on Fiverr

    Almost every blogger and reputable businesses, including your own grandma is starting a podcast. The show is on. That said, there is a rising need for podcasting services. These services include:

    1. Writing transcripts
    2. Adding subtitles to videos
    3. Audio editing
    4. Audio books production
    5. Voice overs

    Other Services to Sell on Fiverr

    There are other Fiverr services that you can sell which may not fit any of the above categories. I have listed them below

    1. Become an online transcriptionist
    2. Offer custom handwriting services such as birthday gifts, letters, love poems etc
    3. Offer coaching and mentoring services on areas of your expertise
    4. Offer sponsored posts on your blog if you have a good niche blog
    5. Book promotion services
    6. Custom websites development using Python, PHP, and Javascript
    7. Ecommerce marketing services
    8. Creating and managing online courses
    9. Custom photography
    10. Sell pre-made eBooks and niche reports
    11. Custom templates such as business proposals, pitch decks etc.
    12. Guest Post website lists
    13. Digital products downloads such as diet plans, recipes, PowerPoint templates, Canva templates etc.

    In Conclusion

    Wooh! What a massive list, I hope you got some inspirations on Fiverr services that you can start selling.

    Are you a Fiverr seller? What services work well for you? Please let me know in the comments section

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    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?
    Mysson Victor

    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?

    2 thoughts on “101 Services to Sell on Fiverr and make Money Online”

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for tips Victor. I will share with someone who needs to hear this.

      Back to myself, I gave up on fiverr because it was frustrating me. Not sure If I will go back and reading this but someone needs to see these post and pick what he can offer.

      1. Mysson Victor

        Hi Ludiah,

        Thanks so much for sharing.

        I agree. Fiverr can be quite a headache. However, it is a good platform for those starting up and want a fast way to earn money.

        Not all services come equal on the platform. Content writing is an involving process and the $5 may not be worth it at all.

        However, as you get to amass stunning reviews, you can easily get away with premium pricing.

        If one can find easy to offer services such as Mockups, then this can be a good platform to get started on.

        Once you are on your feet, then you can proceed to start your own online business.

        I’ll really appreciate the share. Thanks again for reading through.

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