21 Different Types of Virtual Assistants Services That are on Demand (200+ Tasks)

types of virtual assistants services
Want to become a virtual assistant but still confused about what VA services to offer? Use these 21 different types of virtual assistants services to help you niche down

As a virtual assistant, there are many verticals that you can take in your virtual assistant business, depending on your skill sets. In this article, I have discussed some of the most in-demand types of virtual assistants today.

While you can opt to start as a general VA who does almost anything, niching down to an industry or specialization will help you scale faster and work with clients with whom you can serve the best.

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

Discover a world of diverse opportunities with popular types of virtual assistant jobs online. From administrative tasks to social media management, our highly skilled virtual assistants can tackle a wide range of responsibilities.

Before going any deeper, make sure to experience the convenience and expertise of a virtual assistant agency today for unparalleled assistance in all your business needs.

Here are some of the popular types of virtual assistant jobs to try:

1) Real Estate Assistant

Buying and selling property involves a lot of paperwork. A virtual real estate assistant can help with those tedious tasks.

Some things you might do as a Realtor VA:

  • Real Estate data scraping from popular websites such as eBay and Craigslist
  • Posting ads on Real Estate listing websites
  • Scheduling home viewings
  • Receiving offers
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Doing Real Estate Industry and Property Research
  • Conducting social media campaigns for Real Estate businesses
  • Database management
  • Researching home financing options and mortgage rates.
  • Setting and following up on the meetings with potential sellers, realtors, and investors

Being a Real Estate VA might be right for you if you like to stay current with real estate trends or have been in the Real Estate business before.

2) General Admin Assistant

While it’s important to pick a niche for your VA business, sometimes, you might find that being a general admin assistant is lucrative since you appeal to a wider range of small businesses.

There are multiple administrative assistant services that these types of businesses are looking to outsource. The key is to know where to find these clients, craft a compelling pitch, and have them sign you up.

Some things you might do as a general virtual assistant:

  • Managing work emails
  • Calendar meetings management
  • Project scheduling and management
  • Managing business contacts
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Data entry and basic document management
  • Researching potential business partners.

Being a general virtual assistant can be worthwhile because it’s versatile, meaning you will appeal to all types of small businesses.

A good way to get into this industry is by marketing yourself as an administrative specialist or someone who specializes in data entry, research, and proofreading.

3) Website Management Assistant

Maintaining a WordPress website can be quite a hustle for many business owners. As a website assistant, you would offer web-related services such as:

  • Writing web content
  • Updating plugins and themes
  • Fixing website errors
  • Installing and setting up certain plugins
  • Planning and executing social media marketing campaigns
  • Tracking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube visits.
  • Flagging spam comments on your blog posts or other web pages.
  • Designing an email newsletter template for your client to use in the future

4) Public Relations Assistant

Public Relations can be great if you love networking and meeting new people. This can also help you down the road since the connections you foster may come in handy down the road for your other clients or new ventures.

Your primary job is to develop, maintain, and enhance your client’s perceptions so that they are more appealing to the target audience.

Your job as a PR Assistant entails:

  • Managing press conferences, events, and media appearances calendars for your client
  • Finding speaking or feature opportunities for your clients
  • Drafting or proofing PR content such as media announcements, speeches, press releases, etc.
  • Tracking relevant PR metrics
  • Maintaining PR database
  • Reputation management
  • Maintaining relationships with the media, clients, and prospects
  • Researching a publication
  • Connecting with clients and gathering their information
  • Creating ad campaigns and ad copy.

Your valuable skills as a virtual Public Relations assistant are perhaps the ability to network and secure appointments for your clients through cordial relations with key employees in the media, as well as savvy marketing and copywriting skills.

5) Social Media Management Assistant

If you have an interest in social media, then this is a perfect position for you. Social media managers use platforms like Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with customers on behalf

As a social media assistant, you will be:

  • Creating engaging social content for your client audience for each social media platform
  • Planning and scheduling social media posts
  • Engaging with the client’s audience online
  • Responding to social messages mostly through borrowing from canned responses provided by your clients
  • Managing paid campaigns

6) Research Virtual Assistant

If you know how to research online, have the technical know-how of some technical research tools, and can interpret data, this can be the right specification for you.

Every business relies on detailed research to scale and remain relevant in the ever-changing and competitive marketplace. Research assistants are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data from different sources, such as interviewing experts in the field of study.

Some of the tasks that you will help your clients with as a research assistant include:

  • Finding low competitor keywords
  • Finding facts and verifying figures in the industry
  • Researching service providers and relevant other databases
  • Competitor analysis research
  • Market research
  • Customer persona research
  • Marketing channels and distribution research
  • Finding contact information for business leads
  • Finding leads Keeping track of competitors’ products and services
  • Conducting interviews with industry experts and analyzing the data to find out what customers want.
  • Researching and compiling information from public sources
  • Publishing white papers for the company’s new product launch
  • Keeping track of the company’s marketing campaigns
  • Researching and publishing articles on topics relevant to the business

You’ll then need to present your findings in ready-to-use, easy-to-understand formatting so that your client’s teams will act on them right away. For instance, you can use Excel or Google Docs to present datasets or visually appealing pdf to deliver market segment or customer persona research reports.

Thus, besides research and analytical tools, you also need to know how to use presentation and visualization tools such as PowerPoint and Canva to design great presentations.

7) Sales Administration Assistant

While most companies have their own internal sales team in place, some still prefer to outsource some aspects of their sales process. For solopreneurs, sales assistants are more critical since they do not have the capacity to hire their own salespersons.

As a virtual sales administration assistant, your tasks will revolve around:

  • Managing sales calendars
  • Updating and maintaining sales CRM
  • Researching prospects
  • Creating and sending proposals that are pre-approved by your clients
  • Invoicing customers and following up on overdue invoices
  • Updating sales records such as leads, prospects, customers, and orders
  • Pipeline management
  • Advising and updating the marketing team, especially during launch periods.

A great sales assistant knows how to work major CRM and Sales tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Email Service Providers

8) Content Marketing Assistant

You’re cut out for marketing assistance if you love creating sales copy and enjoy writing marketing content. To make this even more lucrative, niche down to industry. For instance, marketing assistant for SaaS companies.

As a Virtual Assistant, you’ll be tasked at:

  • Researching topics for blog posts
  • Keyword research
  • Coming up with article briefs
  • Writing web content
  • Website and content proofing
  • Writing sales emails
  • Creating a company marketing strategy
  • Implementing a marketing strategy

Since your focus pretty much revolves around content, you need a good knowledge of Keyword research, SEO, and copywriting

9) Outsourcing Assistant

Many small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs rely on the power of outsourcing for their marketing and fulfillment needs. The problem is that, without a proper outsourcing structure and process, this simple task that was meant to help businesses do more without expensive overheads can prove ineffective.

This is where you come in as an Outsourcing assistant or manager. Your tasks will revolve around:

  • Following up on daily or weekly deliverables
  • Recruiting and managing freelancers
  • Tracking projects progress
  • Managing the outsourcing account and platform, e.g., Fiverr for Business
  • Ensuring that deliverables meet the standard quality
  • Establishing and advising on budgets for projects
  • Determining what to outsource and who to outsource to
  • Creation of the projects to be outsourced
  • Monitoring outsourced projects and updating status as they change
  • Negotiating contracts with freelancers

10) eCommerce Virtual Assistant

eCommerce is an industry that is currently exploding as many brick-and-mortar businesses adopt eStores frontends. This, therefore, means that the demand for virtual assistants who are knowledgeable in eCommerce platform management is on the rise.

Some of the services you’ll provide as an eCommerce assistant include:

  • Product listing and management
  • eCommerce platform development and maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Setting up systems for easier store management
  • Apps integration
  • Creation and management of promotional discount codes
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Taxonomy strategy and management
  • Product classification

To be effective as an eCommerce VA and serve diverse clients, you need to have the technical know-how of how major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce etc. function

11) Virtual Booking Assistant

Every business needs to have its books in order. However, for many small businesses hiring a full-time accountant is not viable. Instead, many such businesses delegate bookkeeping tasks to a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable about taxes, bookkeeping, and accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and FreshBooks.

As a Bookkeeping VA, your tasks will include:

  • Managing inventory
  • Following record-keeping and bookkeeping procedures
  • Doing year-end bookkeeping
  • Account reconciliations
  • Managing Revenue expenditure
  • Payroll processing
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Entering data into Excel or accounting software

12) Product Launch Assistant

Launching a product or a program successfully is a monumental task, and often solopreneurs get overwhelmed during their launch week. While one may get a general VA to help, having one specialized in launching products will yield more returns and ensure a smoother launch.

As a product launch assistant, your services include:

  • Pre-launch planning and advising the team
  • Run through opt-in and sales pages to ensure that they are working as expected
  • Run through pre-launch and launch funnels to ensure that everything is okay and that the messaging is right.
  • Managing and testing the launch processes
  • Training the launch support team
  • Attending launch webinars and interacting with the attendees
  • Recruiting affiliates and communicating with them about the launch and associated offers

To be an effective launch assistant, you need to have launched your own products before and run a similar sort of business as your clienteles’.

For example, if you help bloggers launch their online courses, then currently running a blog ensures that you are familiar with most aspects of blogging and how to work some popular tools.

13) Affiliate Management Assistant

With this specialization, you will be targeting small business owners and solopreneurs who want to grow the sales of their digital products with an affiliate program. As an affiliate manager, you will be helping your clients with:

  • Setting up affiliate application and registration forms
  • Improving affiliate registration page copy and design
  • Inviting relevant content producers to join your clients’ affiliate programs.
  • Managing affiliates
  • Researching ways to grow the affiliate programs
  • Report on the effectiveness of the program and growth potential
  • Relaying concerns from the affiliates to your client
  • Coordinating with the payroll team to ensure that affiliates are paid on time.
  • Advising on the best affiliate management software that reduces lots of manual work
  • Manually approving affiliate sales

Being conversant with affiliate marketing is a necessary skill, and it’s one that clients will enquire about before hiring you. So, sign up if you haven’t already with popular affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates, CJ, Rakuten, and Impact.

14) Graphics Design Assistant

If you love designing graphics using Photoshop, InDesign, and Canva, you can decide to make extra income as a Design Assistant. You’ll be helping your clients with:

  • Creating graphics templates for various needs such as blog post banners, social media posts, posters, announcements, etc.
  • Using the created templates to create graphics for new blog posts and social media content.
  • Designing product graphics and mockups
  • Creating custom illustrations for website and social media posts
  • Improving and editing images for use on the website
  • Designing presentation decks

You can price your services per project or on a periodic basis, with or without a retainer. However, even on a monthly basis, you may need to put a cap on how many design projects you can commit to for that set amount and how extra requests will be billed.

15) Community Manager Assistant

We all agree that managing a community can be a ton of work, but it may be a fit if you like interacting on social media and love helping others out. As a community manager, you’ll be involved in the day-to-day management of the groups, including:

  • Planning content for the community
  • Encouraging members to participate
  • Responding to Q&As
  • Leaving comments in the posts left by other members
  • Rallying for activities such as community discussions around a topic
  • Planning and scheduling live appearances
  • Combating spammers
  • Approving new members

16) Amazon Seller Assistant

Some people have been working with Amazon and understand the platform and its programs in and out. If that’s you, you can start a viable business helping new sellers jumpstart their businesses on Amazon.

As an Amazon virtual assistant, you will be helping your clients with:

  • FBA inventory management:
  • Variation listings, management, and merging
  • Preparing and executing a product launch strategy
  • Optimizing product listings
  • Basic photo editing/ photo sourcing
  • Keyword research
  • Creating and managing PPC campaigns
  • Order management   
  • Customer assistance

Note that if you want to charge even premium pricing for established businesses, you can leverage the skills you have with data analysis tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral Launch, and Merchant Words to help clients better understand their reports so as to make informed decisions.

You can avail a Jungle Scout discount to help you get started on your data analysis journey.

17) LinkedIn Virtual Assistants

Many entrepreneurs and career enthusiasts still find it hard to leverage the platform to meet their objectives. But, as a veteran LinkedIn user, you know what content professionals respond to and how the LinkedIn algorithm works, plus your years of figuring it out on your own.

So now, why not leverage your experience to help people grow their influence and better position themselves to land opportunities?

As a LinkedIn VA, you will be helping your clients to:

  • Reword their bio copy to speak to their particular target audience in a way that convinces them to take the desired action
  • Map out a content strategy to help clients grow their influence on the platform
  • Researching and creating the content
  • Optimize all the other areas of the profile, including profile picture, cover, and past experiences (outside their account… client will need to log in and post the edited photos and experience descriptions, themselves)
  • Finding the right people to connect with and providing your client with a list
  • Creating messaging copy that clients can edit and use to initiate a conversation with new connections
  • Recommending groups that your client can benefit from
  • Finding potential hires for your client’s projects
  • Creating job post descriptions (no posting)
  • Researching and writing thoughtful articles that your clients can publish on LinkedIn Pulse

To promote yourself as a virtual assistant, create content on your website around topics such as, ‘How a virtual assistant can grow your LinkedIn profile, tips to get clients on LinkedIn, how to get hired on LinkedIn, etc.

Keep in mind that legal LinkedIn virtual assistance demands that you only help your clients outside the accounts.

In other words, while you can create optimized profile description copy, articles, post content, and articles, you still need the client to log in to their accounts and make the changes themselves. Your client shouldn’t grant you access to their platform as this is against LinkedIn terms.

18) Shopify Virtual Assistant

Shopify, being the go-to eCommerce solution for most brands, presents a great opportunity for freelancers to cash in. Figuring the platform out isn’t that hard, but you do need knowledge around Digital marketing and description writing if you need to command better pay.

As a freelance Shopify assistant, your responsibilities include:

  • Designing product images
  • Setting up store from scratch
  • Sourcing hot selling products
  • Product research
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Setting up Shopify Apps
  • Store maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Order processing and fulfillment

When working with a client, they can set up a limited staff account for you and grant you the permissions that you need to carry out the tasks required.

19) YouTube Virtual Assistant

Creators love what they do and would do anything to keep creating. However, when it comes to running a YouTube channel, content creation is just one part. As a virtual assistant, you can help your clients with the other moving parts. For example, you can ensure that their videos have a better reach by:

  • Editing videos to make them more fun and engaging or professionally appealing
  • Doing keyword research to find less competitive keywords to optimize the video content for using tools such as Semrush and TubeBuddy
  • Finding trending topics that are relevant to your client’s channel
  • Crafting optimized SEO titles and descriptions for the videos to increase visibility.’
  • Creating simple lead magnets for each video to build an email list for your client.
  • Designing and assigning YouTube End Screen for your client’s videos
  • Scheduling videos to other social media platforms
  • Embedding videos on your client’s website
  • Designing custom video thumbnails
  • Uploading the videos to YouTube following all the necessary steps from choosing the category, adding the title and description to assigning End Screens or linking to other videos within the video.
  • Responding to comments left by viewers

As you can tell, the two most important skills in order to be a successful YouTube virtual assistant are YouTube SEO and Video editing. You also need to know how to work the YouTube studio interface

20) Help a Reporter (Haro) Virtual Assistant

Link building is a powerful way to boost rankings and dominate Google search. There are several ways to go about link building, but there are two that are rather prominent. Guest posting and Link outreach.

Help a Reporter, Haro changes the dynamics of link-building outreach. Instead of doing cold outreach. You can actually respond to a query from somebody who is just ready to link to a good source. While Haro can be effective, not everyone has the time to respond to queries that come at different times a day.

As a Haro Virtual assistant, you will be tasked at:

  • Checking Haro queries to find relevant ones to respond to
  • Research every relevant query to make sure that you cover all the bases
  • Drafting thoughtful responses to increases the chances of hearing back from the reporter

21) List Building Assistant

Having a functional, healthy email list is a vital business strategy for sustainability. However, building a list is demanding since, like many aspects of Digital Marketing, there are just too many moving parts.

As a list-building assistant, you’ll help your clients with:

  • Profiling different customer personas
  • Creating different lead magnets for different personas
  • Mapping out their customer journeys
  • Creating welcome sequences
  • Creating exit sequences
  • Drafting or proofreading the weekly newsletter
  • Creating and improving landing pages for the lead magnets
  • Creating and showing subscription forms on the clients’ websites
  • Integrating subscription forms with email service providers


There are several virtual assistant services that you can offer online, but by packaging yourself as the go-to VA resource for a particular skill set and field, you get a competitive edge in this competitive space. I hope these different types of virtual assistants have given you clarity on what you want to do with your skillset.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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