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43 Personal Finance Niche Ideas for Financial Bloggers


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

To make money fast in the personal finance space, you need to niche down. Here are 40+ personal finance niche ideas to help you decide
Personal Finance Niche Ideas

Are you thinking of starting a personal finance blog? There are plenty of personal finance topic ideas on topics ranging from budgeting, credit cards, debt, insurance, banking, and student loans. 

If you have a passion for personal finance, then starting a personal finance blog is something you should consider doing. 

Personal finance blogs are quite profitable as the affiliate programs in this space are quite generous with their commissions.

Choosing the right topic to write about is important; some topics like investment or insurance planning can be complicated and require intensive research. You should probably focus on simpler topics such as budgeting tips, managing debt, or ways to save money.

Either way, I have compiled a list of over 40 personal finance niche ideas to help you brainstorm your topic.

Personal Finance Niche Ideas

  1. Creditcards
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Make Money Online
  4. Startup ideas
  5. Investing
  6. Trading
  7. Personal Finance for Beginners
  8. Money-Saving Tips
  9. Budgeting
  10. Taxes and tax filing
  11. Getting out of debt
  12. Savings
  13. Loans
  14. Banking advice
  15. Money management
  16. Financial tools
  17. Surviving bankruptcy
  18. Jobs and careers
  19. Accounting
  20. Mergers and acquisitions
  21. Capital Management
  22. Wealth Management
  23. Insurance
  24. Home Finance
  25. Business Finance
  26. Retirement
  27. Mortgage
  28. Passive Income
  29. Wealth management
  30. Wealth Building
  31. Stocks and Bonds
  32. Inflation
  33. Frugal Living
  34. Coupons
  35. Credit scores
  36. Reducing Expenses
  37. Financial Education
  38. Home buying
  39. Crowdfunding
  40. Side Hustles
  41. Refinancing
  42. Real Estate Investing
  43. Student Loans

How Do Personal Finance Blogs Make Money

Personal Finance Blogs often see lots of traffic, especially those around making money, saving money, and budgeting. As a result, these niches are often monetized with Display Ads through networks such as Media.net, Mediavine, and Adsense.

Another common monetization method is affiliate marketing. Personal finance blogs enjoy commissions as high as 50%, and some programs even offer higher commissions for generating leads.

Ready to Start a Financial Blog?

Examples of Personal Finance Blogs

Here are some of the best Personal Finance blogs you should be following:

1) The Broke Millennial

Written by Erin Lowry, the Broke Millennial has a huge following of young people who are trying to get their financial lives in order, and it's easy to see why. The blog is straightforward and full of helpful financial content on navigating financial situations

2) Mr. Money Mustache

This might be the only blog that will ever tell you that having a car is stupid and that you should definitely ride your bike everywhere instead. The great thing about this blog is that it's written by someone who spent ten years as an engineer… until he retired at age 30 with $500k saved up for his family of two! (Yes, really.) So if you're looking for an unconventional take on personal finance for ideas, then check out this blog.

3) Budgets Are Sexy

If you are planning to start a budgeting blog, then this one is worth checking out. This blog is run by Joel, who writes about all things personal finance in a fun way that makes it seem less stressful and more manageable. 

4) Get Rich Slowly

This blog is run by JD Roth, who focuses on personal finance topics with an emphasis on investing and saving money in order to achieve financial independence and retire early (sometimes known as FIRE). He also offers some great resources for those who are just getting started with learning about personal finance or are struggling with debt management.

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