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97 Profitable Technology Niche Ideas for the Tech Savvy

For some, tech is the music to their souls. If this is you, then tech blogging could be your thing. This is the industry that requires you to have a vast amount of knowledge in the specified sector if you want to write compelling and highly relevant content.

As a tech blogger, you can niche down further to three types of tech blogs:

  • Tech news
  • Tech Reviews or
  • Tech tutorials

Tech news articles are short while Tech reviews and tutorials are more of in-depth and evergreen content. To avoid burnout, choose a super niche that you are knowledgeable about and that is less competitive


Read more about choosing a niche here

  1. Smartwatch
  2. Drones
  3. Best Android Phones
  4. Android Hacks
  5. IOS
  6. Mac
  7. Windows
  8. AI Writing and Copywriting
  9. Excel
  10. Google sheets
  11. Cloud computing
  12. CRM
  13. Software development
  14. Mobile apps development
  15. Online Programing
  16. Python
  17. PHP
  18. CSS
  19. Coding
  20. Coding Languages
  21. Virtual reality
  22. Machine learning
  23. Artificial intelligence
  24. Robotics
  25. Augmented Reality
  26. AR Products
  27. Credit card processing
  28. ATMs
  29. Tech gadgets
  30. Computers
  31. Linux
  32. Smart homes
  33. Business automation
  34. Integrated marketing
  35. Software integrations
  36. WordPress Development
  37. Ethernet cables
  38. Google glass
  39. Android apps
  40. Alarm clocks
  41. Best gaming laptops
  42. CSS Tutorials
  43. eReaders
  44. Game console
  45. Java Tutorials
  46. Internet of Things (IOT)
  47. iPhone Apps
  48. Smart glasses
  49. Smart TVs and Speakers
  50. Smartphones
  51. Powerpoint tutorials
  52. Powerbanks reviews
  53. Spyware
  54. Microsoft office tutorials
  55. Wearable tech
  56. Laser Printers
  57. 3D printers
  58. C++ Tutorials
  59. Coding made easy
  60. Coding for women
  61. Coding for kids
  62. Tech industry news
  63. Tech conferences
  64. Advertising
  65. Cybersecurity
  66. Webcams
  67. Recording video tutorials
  68. Video recording tools
  69. Livestreaming hacks
  70. Livestreaming software
  71. Advanced analytics
  72. Google analytics training
  73. Data science
  74. Cryptocurrency
  75. Adtech
  76. Edtech
  77. Health tech
  78. Software engineering
  79. Manufacturing
  80. Manufacturing plans
  81. Video games
  82. Data intelligence
  83. Amazon web services
  84. Remote access
  85. News tech
  86. Tech reviews (laptop, software, phones)
  87. Antivirus reviews blog
  88. Nokia
  89. Techno
  90. Samsung
  91. iPhone news
  92. Cydia
  93. VPN
  94. Air Purifiers
  95. Home automation
  96. Video editing hardware
  97. Ethical hacking

How to Monetize a Tech Blog

If you run a tech blog then you definitely wanna join Amazon affiliates since you will be reviewing lots of products that are available there. With the help of plugins, you can do feature comparisons across different products.

Display ads are also a good option since Tech keywords do have high CPC metrics

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

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