The 15 Profitable Wealth Sub Niches for Blogging

The 15 Profitable Wealth Sub Niches for Blogging

Wealth building is a popular topic among bloggers. Many people want to build wealth and have a better life, but many people are not sure where to start. 

Bloggers can help by providing helpful tips, advice, and ideas for those who are trying to get ahead financially. 

Wealth Sub-niches for Blogging

Wealth is a broad topic, but there are a few sub-niches that you can focus on to fast-track your growth:  

1) Investing

This wealth sub-niche is ideal if you want to teach people how to invest their money wisely so it can grow into something substantial over time (e.g., real estate).

The sub-niches within the investing space that are on the rise and quite profitable for blogging include:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • NFTs
  • Decentralized Finance (Defi)
  • Cloud services (Software as a service -SaaS, Infrastructure as a service -IaaS, Platform as a Service -PaaS, serverless, etc.)
  • Real estate investing
  • Bonds and stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Online trading platforms and brokers

Investing is one of the most popular topics on the web, with thousands of blogs dedicated to it.

Here’s how you can find a niche for your blog if you want to focus on investing:

  • Visit niche directories and see what topics are popular on those sites.
  • Find a category within the investing space that interests you and look at the top blogs in that category. 
  • Explore the topics that these investing blogs cover, and find one that you can turn into a sub-niche.
  • Analyze what makes their content successful?; what sets them apart from each other. What kind of information do they provide? What kind of tone do they use? Is it serious or funny? 
  • Use these insights to inform your content strategy
  • Next, register your blog at Bluehost and start blogging. 

Investment blogs can be an excellent source of income because they have a lot of potential to generate income through ads, affiliate links, and product endorsements.

2) Real Estate Investing

Buying, developing, and selling real estate properties is a proven way to build and accumulate wealth. If you are knowledgeable about real estate investing, then you can start a blog that solely focuses on building wealth through this channel.

You can discuss logistics, profitable areas, flipping houses, leveraging Airbnb, etc. 

Realtors are one of the most important groups in this industry and they are always looking for ways to improve their business model or expand their operations. 

If you are knowledgeable about real estate investing and know how to provide value to realtors then starting a blog that solely focuses on helping them succeed should be an easy decision for you!

3) Business Development

Business development is a great topic that appeals to growth-focused entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners. 

This is because business development is all about identifying growth opportunities and establishing strategies that help businesses grow such as generating leads, building your list, establishing your base, and growing your business.

Bloggers who blog about business development can write about topics such as leadership, employee training, and strategy.

You can blog about any aspect of business development, from marketing, and sales to finance and operations management. You can also blog about specific industries like legal services, insurance, eCommerce, etc.

You could further niche down by focusing on these sub-niches within the business development space:

  • Lead generation
  • Business positioning
  • Navigating sales
  • Growth hacking
  • Paid advertising
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Scaling a business / pivoting
  • Sales enablement
  • Partner marketing

4) Passive Income Streams

Passive income streams are the holy grail of financial independence. 

Some of the best online business ideas that help lots of people build wealth are passive income streams. With these channels, you only need to put in the initial work and enjoy recurring income even when you aren’t actively involved in running these channels. 

Thus, you can work on them minimally while they continue to earn money for you. 

Dropshipping, blogging, digital products, and affiliate marketing are some monetization models that can mature into full passive income streams with time.

If you have mastered these income streams, you can start a blog that teaches people how to build wealth using these passive income channels.

5) Make Money Online

This is the most lucrative wealth sub-niche for bloggers as people are willing to spend money to learn how to make some more. You can easily monetize this niche with your digital products or through affiliate marketing. 

You can further niche down to niches such as:

The possibilities really are limitless, the key is to find an area where you can provide the most value, build a loyal audience and start selling your digital products such as eBooks and online courses

Make Money Niches

6)  Buying and selling a business

If you have experience running and selling businesses or consulting for the same, then starting a blog in this wealth sub-niche can be quite profitable for you. 

You can offer tips on how to buy a business, tips for getting financing, and finding good deals on businesses for sale. You can also talk about different types of businesses that are available, such as franchises or home-based businesses.

Other example topics you can cover: 

  • How to buy a business: tips for successful acquisition
  • What to look for when buying an online business
  • Benefits of buying a franchise: the ultimate guide to franchise acquisition
  • How to sell your Amazon FBA business

7) Personal Finance

Personal finance blogs can cover a wide range of topics, from budgeting, making money, and retirement savings to investing. There are also niches within the personal finance niche that will help you narrow down your focus and reach more people with your content.

Here are some ways you can use personal finance as a sub-niche:

Budgeting tips – Budgeting is one of the biggest challenges for people trying to manage their money. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though! You can break down the process into manageable chunks and share tips on how to do it with your audience.

Financial planning – Financial planning is a huge topic that covers everything from retirement savings accounts to college savings plans. The key here is that your content should focus on helping others achieve their financial goals by providing them with useful information and tips regarding money management.

Credit cards – Credit cards are an important part of American life, but they’re also confusing and complicated. You can help people learn how to use them properly and avoid debt traps.

Retirement planning – This is another topic that seems complicated at first glance but can be made simple with the right information and guidance. You can share tips on how to save for retirement at all ages.

Taxes — If you’re an accountant or tax professional, then this could be an interesting niche for you. The key here is that you need to be able to add value in some way — even if it’s just by providing advice or resources.

Other popular finance topics include:

  • Credit cards reviews
  • Reviews on insurance companies
  • Making money online
  • Banking advice
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Frugal living
  • Home finance, etc.

See Personal Finance Niches

8) Saving money

Saving money has become more important in recent years because of the economic crisis. People are looking for ways to save money and get the most out of their money.

You could write about frugal living, budgeting, couponing, or money-saving tips. All of those niches are hot right now, but they’re also crowded with competition. What if you want to get noticed in a crowded market? 

Well, focusing on keyword research is the best way to beat up established brands. With a tool like Semrush, you can find lucrative keywords that are underserved. 

Example topics:

  • How to save money on groceries
  • How to save money when traveling abroad
  • 9 things to save money for
  • How to get free stuff
  • Setting and following through on saving goals
  • 11 money moves to make after a job loss or pay cut

9) Business / Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is about being your own boss and running your own business. It’s all the things that go into starting your own business, such as creating a product or service, marketing it, finding customers, and managing employees. 

Entrepreneurship is also about having the mindset to seize opportunities that come your way and make something out of them.

Blogging about entrepreneurship will allow you to share your thoughts about how to succeed in business in an authentic way — which could help other entrepreneurs learn from your experiences and grow their businesses as well!

Some entrepreneurial topics to cover include:

  • How to start a certain type of business
  • Running a startup 
  • Finding funding for your business
  • Developing a business idea
  • Things to consider before starting a business
  • How to scale a business without setting it on fire
  • Managing teams
  • How to outsource business tasks
  • Developing a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Getting to market
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mind and culture
  • Validating business ideas
  • Negotiating deals
  • Profitable business ideas

10) Money Management

The money management niche is a broad category that encompasses everything from personal finance to investing and wealth management.

People who frequent money management blogs want to learn how to get out of debt, be more financially responsible, and become better investors.

On your blog, you can offer a mix of financial advice, personal finance stories, and money management tips. One blog you can look for inspiration is Financial Samurai, a reputable website covering money management topics such as budgeting and savings, investments, wealth management, etc.

Here are some examples:

Bankruptcy Law Blog – This blog is run by a bankruptcy attorney who writes about topics like bankruptcy relief, debt relief, and other legal issues that affect people with credit problems.

Financial Samurai – A personal finance blog written by a guy named Sam who has been featured on CNBC and Bloomberg TV numerous times. He also has his own podcast called Financial Samurai Radio. His site gets over 8 million visitors every month!

11) Website Flipping

Website flipping is the process of buying websites, improving their traffic and monetization, and then selling them for a profit. It’s a common business model that gurus use to build wealth.

If you’ve been successful at flipping websites for a living, you can start a blog dedicated to this business model. On the blog, you can discuss topics such as:

  • The ultimate guide to website flipping
  • How to start a website flipping business
  • Running a website flipping marketplace
  • What to consider before buying a website
  • Ways to improve the value of your website before selling
  • Best legitimate website flipping marketplaces to find lucrative deals
  • Negotiating a deal when buying a website
  • Where to find blogs for sale online, etc.

12) Debt Management

Debt management is an area that many people struggle with, and it’s one that you can blog about. The debt management niche is quite broad, so you can decide to focus on a sub-niche:

Debt consolidation is one of the most popular ways to manage debt. You can offer debt consolidation advice to help people get rid of their high-interest credit card debt and consolidate it into one lower-interest loan.

Credit card management is another sub-niche in the debt management category. People want to know how they can manage their credit cards better, so if you have some strategies or tips, this could be an area where you could get a lot of traffic from readers looking for help.

Student loans also make a great focus within the debt management space. With student loan interest rates rising and more people going back to school than ever before, student loan management is a hot topic for bloggers right now!

Mortgage refinancing: Refinancing your mortgage is a complicated process that can save homeowners money over time if done correctly. If you can help people understand how to do it and why they should do it, then there might be an audience for your series of blog posts on the subject.

13) Budgeting

Budgeting is a way to ensure that your money is being spent on the things that matter most. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play — budgeting can help you balance your needs with your wants.

It is a huge part of financial planning, but it’s also one of the most difficult parts. People who are new to budgeting are often overwhelmed by how much information they need to track.

If you have a blog about personal finance or money management, then you can write about budgeting tools and techniques that make it easier to manage your money.

Here are some topics related to budgeting that you can cover:

  • Finance basics: What is a budget? How do you create one? Where do you start?
  • How to budget a given amount: $1000, $2000, $60,000, etc.
  • How to create a budgeting spreadsheet in Excel

Budgeting is also a popular topic on YouTube. If you create videos about budgeting, you can become an authority in the field — and make money from your channel by selling advertising or getting sponsored content.

Budgeting is one of the most popular topics in personal finance. It’s a subject that people want to learn more about, and it’s also a topic that you can blog about for years and never run out of content.

Here are some sub-niches for budgeting-related blogs:

Budgeting apps. There are thousands of budgeting apps available, but which ones work best? Which ones are easy to use? Which ones have the best features? Bloggers can review them all, helping people find the right app for their needs.

Budgeting tools. Budgeting tools are similar to apps, but they’re web-based services that allow users to manage their budgets online and see how much they’re spending each month.

Financial tracking software. Software like Mint or Personal Capital allows users to track their spending and investments automatically so they don’t have to manually enter every transaction into their budget each month. Bloggers can offer tips and tricks for using this software successfully, helping readers get more out of it by using it more efficiently or by setting up automatic alerts when certain thresholds are reached (e.g., if your credit card balance drops below $100).

14) Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a topic that affects most people at some point in their lives. And with the changing landscape of retirement plans, there is plenty to write about.

Areas of retirement planning that you can cover include:

  • Financial advice for retirees and near-retirees, 
  • Investment strategies for retirement, 
  • Social Security benefits, 
  • Planning for early retirement
  • Pension plans, 401(k)s, 
  • How to save for investment,
  • Beneficiary planning,
  • Long-term care insurance, and other ways to save for retirement.

15) Conducting business in a foreign country

Anyone thinking of expanding their business operations abroad, wants to know the different foreign business policies, thriving locations, existing taxations, business infrastructures, enabling factors,  common business types in the said countries as well as the competitions and logistics.

You can start a blog addressing these concerns. Start by targetting major countries of interest and then slowly branch out to other countries.

About Wealth Niches

As you can see, all of these represent robust wealth niches that aren’t as competitive. As with any niche, focus and strategy around the money sub-niches you decide to pursue are crucial. 

Choose a Wealth niche from the 15 options above, explore further to find a profitable sub-niche within the selected niche that you are knowledgeable about, build your blog with Bluehost, and start blogging. If you are blogging, you’re learning. 

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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