221 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love

Lifestyle blog post ideas
Here is a great list of over 200 lifestyle blog post ideas that you can use to attract new readers and keep the ones you have. Use these to inspire your next blog post.

Lifestyle blogs are all the rage these days. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want to get your creative juices flowing, here is a list of 221 lifestyle blog post ideas that will work well for lifestyle content.

The purpose of this list is to give you some ideas for your next blog post. These are not in any particular order, and lots more topics could be on this list – but these should get you started.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

1) Time-saving life hacks: Discuss some of your favorite hacks that you use to save time, get things done faster and make your life easier.

2) How to work out on a busy schedule: Share some tips for people who have a busy schedule and don’t know how to find the time to exercise.

3) My free time routine: Share how your routine looks like when you are not working or studying. What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?

4) Weekend routine: Share the typical activities that you engage in during weekends.

5) Different ways women dress worldwide (with Photos): What do women wear in other countries?

6) My idea of the perfect day: Describe one day in your life that you would consider perfect. What are the activities that make this day so special?

7) Life hacks with Pinterest: Share some life hacks that you found on Pinterest.

8) My favorite blog posts of the week: Share your thoughts about a few blog post titles from other bloggers you’ve read this week

9) Favorite coffee shops in town: Share some of your favorite coffee shops that are in or near your city, including what you like about them and the ambiance.

10) Books/ magazines for those with a creative itch: Share any books or magazines that inspire creativity.

11) Pinterest ideas: Enumerate some ideas for those who want to create their own boards on Pinterest.

12) My life in one day: Describe a typical day in your life, including when things happen (morning, afternoon, evening), activities done during that time and any other information

13) My morning routine: Share the typical activities that happen in your morning routine, including what time you wake up and when.

14) Morning routine ideas: Highlight a few habits or routines that you think are important for people to have in the morning.

15) Best movies for a lazy day: Share the titles of some movies that are perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

16) My favorite places in town: Enumerate three different locations around your city that you love visiting whenever you’re in town.

17) Reading list: Share some of the books on your reading list, including why you picked them up.

18) My perfect wardrobe: Share what an ideal wardrobe would look like to you – including pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories. Which items are the most important?

19) Busy Mom’s Guide to Flawless Makeup: Share your tips for a flawless makeup experience, especially if you are a busy working mom.

20) Influential Experts to follow on Twitter: Share a few influential experts in your industry that you follow on Twitter.

21) How to get motivated to work: Share your secrets to getting yourself motivated to work. What are some of your favorite ways that serve as motivation boosters?

22) Best Lifestyle Instagram Accounts for inspirations: List 10 of your favorite lifestyle Instagram accounts and share what you love about their posts.

23) Best Lifestyle Books to read: Share a few of the best books for those interested in living a creative, playful life or who want some advice on how to do more with less (time, space, money).

24) Best Lifestyle Podcasts to listen to: Highlight 20 of your favorite podcasts in the lifestyle category that you enjoy listening to, enumerating popular episodes for each.

25) Best YouTube channels for lifestyle enthusiasts: Share a few YouTube channels you regularly watch, what they focus on and why you enjoy them. For each, list three or so videos that you loved the most

26) Best Lifestyle Bloggers to follow: Share a few bloggers you like to follow and what you love about their blog content. Then, for each blogger, list 3 of their blog posts that resonated with you.

27) Books for Life Hackers: Share which books have been most influential in terms of life hacks, productivity and creative living.

28) Life lessons to learn before hitting 30’s: Share some of the life lessons you learned before turning 30

29) What I wish I knew about money when I was in my 20’s: Share some of the financial lessons you learned that would have helped if only you knew them earlier.

30) My bucket list this year: Share a list of the things you want to accomplish this year, why you want to carry them out, and how each will impact your life.

31) Travel Bucket List: Share a list of the most popular travel destinations that are on your bucket list to visit.

32) Bad habits to break: Highlight some of the bad habits you want to break this year and how they might affect your life.

33) Foodie Bucket List: Share a list of the top five restaurants, bars or eateries in your city (or nearby) that are must-visits for food lovers.

34) Tips for better sleep: Discuss what you do to have more restful nights and energetic mornings.

35) Tips for better skin: Share your tips and tricks to have healthier-looking skin.

36) My favorite meal prep recipes: Share some of your favorite meal prep recipes and what you like about them.

37) Favorite workouts: Share your favorite workout activities that one can learn on YouTube

38) Favorite healthy recipes: Share a few of your favorite healthy recipes and why they’re so good.

39) My workout playlist: Share the songs that you like to listen to while you’re working out.

40) My favorite workout clothes: Share the brands and types of workout clothes that are your favorites to wear.

41) My favorite workout gear: Share what you use for working out, such as your shoes or other equipment and why they’re so important to you.

42) How to stay motivated: Share some of the ways that have helped keep you motivated, including any apps or other tools that are helpful.

43) What I learned about myself this year: Share what you’ve learned about yourself over the last 365 days or the last year.

44) Best self-care ideas: Share some of your favorite self-care ideas and tips that you use to take better care of yourself.

45) Best ways to relax: Share some of your favorite ways that you like to relax and unwind.

46) Positive affirmations: Make a list of positive affirmations that have helped you to feel a bit more positive and confident in the past.

47) Enhancing creativity: Share some of the ways that you like to enhance creativity and imagination.

48) My best creative moment: Share one of your most memorable moments when you felt creatively inspired or passionate about something.

49) Guilty pleasures: Share what things make you feel guilty but are still worth it in the end. It could include anything from sweets to shopping sprees.

50) Favorite movies to watch with family or friends: Share a few of your favorite films to watch with others, such as comedies for laughter and dramas for tears)

51) 101 Best Life Quotes to live by: Share some of the best life quotes that have helped you in your journey.

52) Favorite books for entrepreneurs, freelancers or small business owners: Share a few books on entrepreneurship, creativity and productivity that are worth reading.

53) Favorite Yoga poses: Share a few yoga poses you enjoy doing and how they make you feel.

54) Setting realistic life goals: Teach your following how to set more realistic life goals and what has been helpful for you.

55) Building healthy relationships: Share some of your tips for building healthy and long-lasting relationships.

56) How to build better self-esteem: Share a few ways that have helped you develop your sense of self-worth and esteem over time, such as reading books or improving daily habits.

57) How to make new friends: Share some of your favorite tips and tricks for making new friends that are worth meeting and getting to know.

58) Favorite TV shows: Highlight some of the best TV programs you can’t stop watching.

59) Self-love: Discuss the concept of self-love and how to do it.

60) Sharing yourself: Share your thoughts on the importance of sharing yourself and why you think people should share more about themselves online.

61) Year in review: Blog about what happened to you this year, highlighting key moments that stood out.

62) Tips for spring cleaning: Share some of the ways that you like to clean and organize your home for spring.

63) Tips for de-cluttering: Share how you typically go about getting rid of things you no longer need and how you put your home in order.

64) Tips for healthy living: Discuss helpful tips that are useful for healthy living.

65) Anti-aging skincare tips: share a few anti-aging tips on what works best for your skin type and the products that you love to use.

66) Best natural remedies: Share some of your favorite ways to heal and feel better, including homeopathic medicines or supplements.

67) Favorite healthy snacks: Share your favorite guilt-free snacks that provide a quick energy boost when needed.

68) Healthy recipes: Share some of the best healthy recipes, from breakfast to dinner time.

69) Favorite restaurants in my city: Make a list of the restaurants you love in your city or country that are worth visiting when traveling there.

70) Best travel destinations worldwide: Share your favorite destinations to visit when you want a break from the daily routine.

71) The best places to go for inspiration: Share some of your favorite spots around the world that have helped inspire and motivate you in life.

72) Tips for perfecting bedtime routines: Share what works well for you when getting ready for bedtime.

73) Best ways to deal with loneliness or boredom: Write an article on productively dealing with loneliness and boredom.

74) Benefits of getting more sleep: Write about the benefits of having a good night’s sleep and how it trickles down to day-to-day productivity.

75) Improving mental health: Share some of the ways you’ve learned to improve your mental health and what has been helpful for you.

76) Tips for summer: Share some of your favorite tips on enjoying summer in a healthy way, including any ideas or resources that have helped inform these suggestions.

77) How to start a bullet journal: write an article on how to start and maintain a bullet journal

78) Best Movies for kids: Highlight movies that are best for kids.

79) Movies to watch on Netflix: If you are a Netflix subscriber, share some of your favorite movies to watch on the platform.

80) How to afford the lifestyle you want: Share some ways to start a side hustle and make extra money to afford the lifestyle you want.

81) How to avoid distractions: Share some of the ways you use to stay focused and get things done without getting distracted.

82) How to be happy: Share your ideas on what it takes to be happy and the importance of having a positive mindset.

83) Choosing a family-friendly career: Share what you think about the idea of choosing a family-friendly career and why it’s so important to value your work/life balance.

84) How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself: Share the steps it takes to leave your job to work for yourself and how to prepare in advance before handing in a notice.

85) The best jobs for entrepreneurs: Share some of the perfect professions for those who want to work from home and start their businesses.

86) The benefits of being an entrepreneur: Enumerate the benefits of being a solopreneur and why it can be rewarding being your own boss.

87) How to make money from home: Teach your lifestyle readers various ways to make money working from home.

88) How to start your own business: Share some of the steps you would recommend for people interested in starting their own businesses.

89) How to be body-positive: Share your thoughts and opinions on body positivity with your readers.

90) How to be a feminist: Teach your lifestyle readers the different ways that they can embrace feminism.

91) How to prepare for an interview: Share the tips to help your readers prepare for an interview and nail it.

92) How to find a job: Help your readers find a job by sharing the steps they need to take and what they need to do to prepare for interviews.

93) Finding your dream career: Share the steps it takes for people looking for their perfect career and how they can go about finding it, including any ideas or resources that have helped inform these suggestions.

94) How to choose an internship: Share some of the questions your readers can consider asking themselves when determining what kind of internships are best suited for them.

95) What you should do before going to bed: Share the things that you do before going to bed, including reading, tucking your kids, having a bathtub, and more.

96) How to be happy at work: Share some of your tips on how to be happy at work

97) How to have a healthy relationship with your family: Share some ways to maintain a good relationship with your family for everyone to enjoy themselves.

98) How to save big time on groceries: Share your tips to save money when buying groceries.

99) The best fitness apps: Highlight some of the best fitness apps that you use and love

100) How I became vegan: Share with us in detail about how you became vegan.

101) What I learned from my first year of college: Share some of the things you’ve learned this past year as a student at university, whether it’s on life, relationships or more.

102) What I learned from my first job: Share some of what you’ve learned as a full-time employee and what it’s like to work for someone else.

103) How to save money online shopping: Share the steps you take to navigate online shops and find lucrative deals.

104) How to start a YouTube channel: Teach your readers how to start a YouTube account, create awesome videos that attract attention and how to continually grow their channel so as to monetize it.

105) The best beauty blogs to follow: Highlight some of the best beauty blogs that beauty enthusiasts and stylists should follow

106) How to do your makeup: Share the steps you take to put on makeup and make yourself look gorgeous before stepping out to dazzle the world.

107) How to ask for a raise: Share the steps you took in order to ask for a raise at work and give your readers some tips on how they can do it as well.

108) Eleven best self-help books: share the self-help books that you’ve read and found helpful.

109) How to choose a college: Share some of the things one should consider when deciding what kind of university or college is best suited for them in terms of academics, lifestyle, and needs.

110) How to throw a birthday party: Share the steps you take to throw a birthday party for your child, friend, or family member.

111) How I got into blogging: Share with your readers how you became interested in lifestyle blogging and what lead up to it.

112) How to work at home with kids: Share your tips on balancing working and taking care of children at the same time.

113) The best books about life after graduation: share some of the books written by authors who have been through the transition and can share their experiences.

114) How to be a good friend: Share with your readers how you try to maintain healthy relationships, provide emotional support or just spend time together in order for everyone to feel loved and valued.

115) Creative DIY decor ideas: Share your favorite DIY projects you’ve done and how to get creative with decorating your home.

116)What I learned from my family: Share some of the things that you’ve learned through being a part of this amazing, complicated, yet fulfilling thing called family.

117) Date ideas for busy parents: Share the date ideas you have for busy parents who want to spend time with their spouses.

118) How to live on a budget: share some of the tips that you use to cut back on expenses and save money and still afford to live sufficiently.

119) How to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Share with your readers some of the things that you’ve done in order to maintain a positive outlook, good work-life balance, or just make sure that they’re keeping themselves fit both mentally and physically.

120) The best parenting tips for new moms: Share with your readers some of the parenting tips that have helped you a lot while raising your first kid.

121) Top ways you practice gratitude: Share with your readers some of the things you do to be grateful and appreciative.

122) Seven best apps for kids: share a list of the all-time favorite children’s apps, from games to educational tools.

123) Money lessons you’ve learned the hard way: Share with your readers some of the lessons you’ve learned the hard way managing your finances.

124) The best yoga mat: Share with your readers some of the things they should consider when buying or choosing a mat for themselves and how long each type lasts before needing replacement.

125) The best (and worst) things about being an adult: share some of the struggles as well as perks to making this step in life.

126) How I handle anxiety: Share with your readers how you experience or deal with feelings of worry, fear and depression

127) Tips for traveling on a budget: Share tips and tricks to travel without breaking the bank.

128) How I stay fit: Share some of your favorite exercises or workouts, what you eat, do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will keep you happy and strong!

129) How to select the best accessories for any outfit: Share some of your favorite accessories for any occasion and explain why you like them.

130) Fashion tips for men: Share with your readers some tips and tricks for men who want to always look their best.

131) How I get my kids interested in books: Share what you do to help inspire your children’s love for reading, as well as how they can be encouraged by other family members too.

132) The best apps for parents: Share a list of some of the must-have apps for parents with kids, from safety to shopping.

133) Best blogs about parenting: Highlight your favorite lifestyle parent bloggers and what type of topics they cover that you find interesting.

134) Home workout ideas: Share with us some of your favorite exercises to do at home, whether it be just for a few minutes or as an all-out session.

135) Maternity fashion finds: Share with us your favorite maternity brands, as well as some of the things you enjoy wearing during pregnancy.

136) How to stay warm during the Winter: Share your tips on how to stay warm during the winter, from staying active to dressing appropriately.

137) Things to do before taking a vacation: List things that one should do before going on a vacation so as to be mentally prepared for the experience.

138) Tips on packing light: Share your favorite hacks to pack lightly, whether for a business trip or vacation.

139) How I stay motivated: List five things you do to feel more energetically fulfilled and happy!

140) Things about life that scare me: List five things that scare you in life and why.

141) Things I would have liked my parents to teach me about money: Tell us five things that you wish your parents had taught you about managing money.

142) Tips on staying healthy while pregnant: List five tips to being healthy during pregnancy so that one can enjoy the experience and not have to worry about their health too much.

143) Best apps for parenting: Share some of your favorite must-have apps for parents with kids, from safety to shopping.

144) Things I do to maintain healthy eating habits: List some of the things that you do or have done to stay consistently committed to making healthier food choices.

145) The best places in town to grab a bite to eat with friends: What restaurants are the most popular? Are there any vegetarians who would like to know more about what’s out there for them?

146) Popular trends in the lifestyle category: Create a roundup of popular trends in the lifestyle blog category, from fashion to food.

147) Trendy fashion: Create a list of trendy fashion outfits and some ideas on how to wear them.

148) The best workouts for weight loss: Share the best workouts for weight loss that have proven to be effective for you.

149) A guide on dating etiquette: How do I act when going on a date, what should I order at a restaurant, etc.

150) The benefits of getting outside in nature every day: How does going outdoors affect us emotionally and physically? Is there science behind it that we don’t know about?

151) Things you’ll never hear in an office setting: List some of the things that you’ll never hear in an office setting.

152) Fashion trends for summer: Share with us some of your favorite fashion finds and what you’re looking forward to wearing this summer.

153) The best apps for people who love going out: List some of the must-have apps for people who love going out, like how to find a ride and where to go.

154) Roundup post of some of the best articles about living a healthy lifestyle: Share with us some of your favorite articles about living a healthier lifestyle.

155) Five Books that you would recommend for entrepreneurs: What books would you recommend for people who want to read more about entrepreneurship?

156) Social media management tools: Discuss some of the best social media management tools for a lifestyle business.

157) Lifestyle Blog Ideas: Like this post, you can develop a detailed list of lifestyle ideas that others can use as their inspirations when looking for topics to write about.

158) Home workout ideas: Share with us some of your favorite exercises to do at home, whether it be for weight loss, general conditioning or just de-stressing.

159) Being single in your 20’s: Is there something missing from your life without someone by your side for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations?

160) Most inspirational documentaries about entrepreneurs: What are some of the most inspiring films you watched lately–and how can we make it happen for ourselves too?

161) What are the most inspirational stories of entrepreneurship. What is your favorite story about someone who started a business and became successful–and how can I make

162) How to make money without spending more: Give your nuggets about how to make money without eating up your life savings.

163) Tips on saving for retirement: Share tips to help your readers build their retirement savings.

164) Best places to buy clothes for kids: What stores sell the best children’s clothing?

165) Niche blog ideas for beginners: Research and compile some of the less competitive niches that beginners can start a blog on.

166) The best ways to stay organized in the home: How can we have a clean and tidy space–without having to spend too much time doing all of the work ourselves?

167) How to avoid burnout for entrepreneurs: write a blog post sharing tips to help entrepreneurs avoid burnout.

168) Advice on how to deal with failure: Help your readers overcome failure and start again.

169) Best tools for creating blog images: Share with us the best tools to use when creating blog images.

170) Ways to build an audience for your blog: Share your strategies on growing an engaged audience that is willing to buy from you.

171) Best resources to help you stay motivated: What are some of your favorite resources that help with staying motivated and being productive.

172) How to stop worrying about money: How do I stop worrying so much about not making enough money or getting out of debt?

173) Favorite toolbar add-ons: Which browser extensions do you find most useful in your day-to-day work, based on what sites or apps you use daily?

174) Best ways to make money online: Write an article discussing some of the legitimate ways people can make money online.

175) Best organizational apps: What are your favorite organizational apps for planning and managing tasks?

176) How to get out of debt: Write a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get out of debt.

177) How to start a blog: Share tips on how beginners can start their first blog, from setting up, generating topical ideas, writing posts, to marketing.

178) How to get started with affiliate marketing: Share with us some tips on getting started with affiliate marketing and how we can profit from it

179) Best time management apps: Which ones have worked best for you in the past? Why did you choose them over others?

180) Favorite productivity strategy (that works): Share how you stay productive at work and why these strategies work better than others.

181) Mind mapping: Share your experience with mind mapping software, such as MindMeister.

182) Pros of a standing desk: Discuss the pros of using a standing desk in today’s office environments. What are some disadvantages to stand-up desks?

183) Best clothing stores: Share your favorite places to shop for clothes, both online and offline.

184) What’s in my purse?: Lifestyle bloggers find it important to share what they carry around with them daily. If there was one product that had to be carried at all times, what would it be, and why?

185) Favorite hair products: Discuss your favorite hair products for styling and maintaining healthy hair.

186) Favorite nail colors: What’s your go-to color for manicures and pedicures? Do you have a favorite brand of polish? Any tricks to keeping nails healthy or looking their best throughout the season changes (cold winter air, dry heat)?

187) Favorite home decor finds: From small accents like pillows on couches to larger pieces like chandeliers over dining tables–allowing some personality into what was once just an empty room can make all the difference in home decor. Highlight some of your favorites.

188) Best new beauty products: What are your favorite foundations, moisturizers, and primers that you’ve tried recently?

189) Favorite workout routine for busy moms: Finding time to work out is tough. Share your best tips for working out on a busy mom’s schedule.

190) Best apps to help with weight loss: Share your favorite weight loss apps that are easy to use.

191) Favorite personal care products: What products do you rely on for routine grooming?

192) Favorite travel gear: What are your must-haves for every trip? From packing to skincare, what products do you bring with you everywhere?

193) Collection of most-loved outfits: Showcase a collection of photos with full outfit shots–not just closeups!–of five different looks each month.

194) Personalized shoe shopping experience: Explore how retail stores use technology to personalize what is offered based on individual preferences. Do not include specific brands; focus more on details about the technology.

195) Best clothing brands: Highlight some of your favorite clothing brands, with links to where they can be purchased online.

196) A roundup post of successful bloggers of your niche: Share what is working for other people in your niche and get inspiration from them

197) Crafts I’ve been meaning to try with my kids but never seem to have time: What kind of things do the kids enjoy making? Share some fun crafts they can do at home!

198) Ways to save money: Share some of your best ways to save money, whether it be on clothes, food or even travel

199) The best kitchen gadgets all under $25!: We love discovering new things about cooking and trying new recipes, but there are some tools to make it easier. Share your favorite gadgets for under $25!

200) How has working remotely impacted my life?: Working from home doesn’t have to just mean sitting at the computer alone all day; share how you’ve managed to stay well-connected and make the most of your time!

201) Gift Ideas for Best Friends: Share some of your best gift ideas for friends!

202) Party theme ideas for kids: Share your favorite kids’ birthday party themes with your readers.

203) Top songs to listen to this summer: Highlight your favorite summer songs and include links to buy or stream them.

204) Top albums of the year so far: Share some top albums from this year that you’ve been enjoying.

205) Favorite places to go on a date: Share some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, and other date places ideas within your area.

206) A roundup of makeup essentials: Share your favorite makeup products with the reader, and provide links to where they can be purchased online.

207) Best outdoor activities near me: Where can I find hiking trails nearby without having to drive too far from my place?? How about kayaking opportunities close by…?

208) Activities to do with kids: Share some of the best things to do with kids in your area.

209) Best recipes to make with leftovers: Share some of your favorite recipes that work well with leftovers.

210) Best blogging tips: Share some of your best tips for running a successful blog.

211) Digital detox ideas: Share some ideas for recharging without technology this weekend.

212) Favorite Pinterest Finds: Share your favorite pins that you’ve saved to a board, with links to the sources.

213) Favorite bookstores: Share your favorite local bookstore and some of their bestsellers that you think readers would enjoy.

214) Best places to travel for a honeymoon: Share some of the best spots for couples looking to go on their honeymoon this year and what makes them great choices.

215) Side hustle ideas: Share some of the best ideas for side hustles, whether it’s an app, info product, service business or a physical product.

216) Best places to watch sports: Share your favorite sports bars to watch the big game with your friends.

217) Favorite wellness brands: What is your favorite health and fitness-focused brand, website or blog that you regularly visit?

218) How can I get my kids involved in cooking?: Do any of your children like getting their hands in the kitchen with cookbooks, recipes and all things food-related?? If so, what advice would you give someone who wants to encourage their child’s love for cooking but lacks experience themselves?

219) Best parenting books: Which book(s) have been inspirational and helpful for parents? Share titles, if possible.

210) What are your tips for living in NYC?: Living in this city can be tough- we get it. Share with us some of the best ways to navigate around and stay sane amidst all the craziness!

221) Favorite quotes from books: Find one quote that resonates most with you from each book you’ve read this year- share it here and write up what prompted the words.


I hope that this list of 221 lifestyle blog post ideas has been helpful. If you run a lifestyle blog, please share how you generate blog post ideas to write about.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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