Top Trending Niches for Blogging in 2024

Top trending niches for blogging

The world of blogging is constantly evolving, with new trends and niches emerging each year. 

In 2024, a variety of unique and specific niches are set to take center stage. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to pivot or a newbie seeking a profitable niche, this list will provide you with the top trending niches for blogging in 2024.

Top trending niches for blogging

1) AI Writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in recent years, and AI writing is one of the most exciting applications. This niche could cover topics like AI writing tools, AI content generation, and the impact of AI on the writing industry.

AI writing tools, such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and ChatGPT are revolutionizing the way content is created. They can generate human-like text, making them useful for a variety of applications, from drafting emails to writing articles. 

Bloggers in this niche could provide comprehensive reviews of different AI writing tools, comparing their features, ease of use, and the quality of the content they generate.

As AI becomes more sophisticated, it raises questions about authenticity, copyright, and job displacement. By exploring these issues, you get to engage your readers in meaningful discussions.

Example blogs in this niche include AIMode, Towards Data Science and CopyAI

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2) Business Automation

As businesses seek to streamline operations and increase efficiency, business automation has become a hot topic. 

This niche could include topics like automation tools, business process automation, and case studies of successful business automation.

Automation tools, such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, or Make (Integromat), allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. 

As a blogger within this trending niche, you can decide to provide tutorials on how to use these tools by offering step-by-step guides to automate various business processes, from email marketing to customer relationship management (CRM).

Example blogs in this niche include Luhhu, SolveXIA, Process Street, and Zapier Blog.

3) Smart Home Devices

The smart home industry is booming, with more and more consumers adopting smart devices for their homes. 

Smart home devices, such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest, offer convenience and efficiency, allowing users to control various aspects of their home with their voice or smartphone. Bloggers could provide in-depth reviews of these devices, assessing their functionality, user-friendliness, and value for money.

Example topics: 

  • Smart home device reviews
  • Home automation tips
  • Latest smart home technology
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Google smart home devices
  • Smart assistants and smart speakers
  • Home security and surveillance
  • Enhancing energy efficiency with smart homes
  • Home automation for accessibility
  • Smart home trends and future innovations
  • DIY home automation

You can also share tips for setting up a smart home, from choosing the right devices to integrating them into a cohesive system. 

Example blogs in this niche include Smart Home Solver, Smart Home Blog, and Automated Home.

4) Personal Finance for Millennials

Personal finance is always a popular blogging niche, but focusing on personal finance for millennials could be a profitable sub-niche. 

Millennials, being a generation that faced unique financial challenges and opportunities, are often seeking guidance to manage their finances better.

Example topics:

  • Dealing with student loans
  • Starting to invest
  • Buying your new home
  • Navigating the job market
  • Building a strong credit score
  • Saving for retirement at a young age
  • Reviewing investment platforms
  • Side hustles and freelancing for extra income
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Millenial money mindset

Example blogs in this niche include Millennial Money and Broke Millennial.

5) Vegan Cooking

With the rise of plant-based diets, vegan cooking has become a popular blogging niche. 

You can focus on vegan recipes, vegan cooking tips, and reviews of vegan products.

Sample topics:

  • Essential vegan pantry staples: Create a comprehensive list of must-have ingredients to stock in a vegan kitchen for easy and delicious plant-based meals.
  • Beginner’s guide to vegan cooking: Introduce novice cooks to veganism, providing basic tips, cooking techniques, and simple recipes to start their vegan journey.
  • Veganizing classic recipes: Transform popular non-vegan dishes into delicious plant-based alternatives, such as vegan mac and cheese, burgers, and pizza.
  • Quick and easy vegan meals: Share time-saving vegan recipes suitable for busy individuals, students, or families looking for convenient yet nutritious meals.
  • Vegan desserts and baking: Showcase delectable vegan desserts, cakes, cookies, and pies that prove plant-based baking is just as delightful.
  • Vegan protein sources: Educate readers on diverse plant-based protein options, highlighting their nutritional benefits and incorporating them into meals.
  • Vegan breakfast ideas: Provide a variety of satisfying and energizing vegan breakfast options beyond the usual smoothies and oatmeal.
  • Vegan comfort foods: Explore heartwarming vegan comfort food recipes, perfect for cozy nights and nostalgic cravings.
  • Vegan holiday feasts: Compile a collection of vegan recipes suitable for festive occasions, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other celebrations.

Example blogs in this niche include Minimalist Baker, The Vegan8, and Oh She Glows.

6) Remote Work Tips

With more people working from home than ever before, remote work tips is a timely and relevant niche. 

Most topics you’ll cover revolve around productivity tips for remote work, balancing work and life when working from home, and tools for remote work.

More work-from-home topics: 

  • Work-from-home blogging
  • Work-from-home ideas
  • Overcoming remote work challenges
  • Remote work tools and software
  • Setting up a home office
  • Time management for remote workers
  • Remote job search tips
  • Developing remote work tips
  • Remote work and tax compliance
  • How to stay productive while working from home
  • Staying healthy while working from home
  • Remote work security
  • Freelancing vs Remote Employment
  • Building a remote work portfolio
  • The future of remote work
  • X Remote first companies hiring now

Example blogs in this niche include Blog, The Work at Home Woman, Finance Quick Fix, Think Remote, and Remoters.

7) Eco-Friendly Living

As more people become conscious of their environmental impact, eco-friendly living has become a popular niche. 

Topics covered include zero-waste living, sustainable products, and tips for reducing one’s environmental impact.

You can also review sustainable products, such as reusable shopping bags, compost bins, and eco-friendly cleaning products. These reviews can help readers make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

Example blogs in this niche include Going Zero Waste and Sustainably Chic.

8) Mindfulness and Mental Health

Mental health and mindfulness have become increasingly important topics in recent years. 

This niche could focus on mindfulness practices, mental health awareness, and tips for maintaining mental health.

Mindfulness involves being fully present and engaged in the current moment, which can help reduce stress and improve mental well-being. You could provide mindfulness exercises, such as meditation guides and mindful breathing techniques, to help readers incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

Example blogs in this niche include The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable and The Blurt Foundation.

9) DIY Home Decor

With the rise of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, DIY home decor has become a popular niche. 

DIY home decor projects allow readers to personalize their homes while saving money. 

Example topics:

  • DIY home decor projects
  • Home improvement tips
  • Interior design trends
  • DIY living room decor ideas
  • Trends in DIY home decor
  • DIY bedroom decor techniques
  • Creating wall art from household items
  • Repurposing old furniture into home decor
  • Seasonal DIY home decor projects
  • DIY home office decorating tips
  • DIY painting projects for home transformation
  • DIY home decor crafts for children
  • Eco-friendly DIY home decor projects
  • Comparison of DIY and store-bought home decor
  • DIY lighting for home ambiance
  • DIY patio and garden decor
  • Thrift store transformations through DIY decor

You can also cover home improvement tips such as choosing paint colors, arranging furniture, and maximizing small spaces for stylish home designs.

Example blogs in this niche include Curbly and Addicted 2 Decorating.

10) eCommerce Tips

Starting an online store can be a daunting task, with many different aspects to consider, from sourcing products to setting up a website. 

As an expert eCommerce blogger, your website can be a go-to resource for all things eCommerce, including starting an online store, e-commerce marketing, and platform reviews.

Some of the topics you can cover include:

  • Mobile optimization for eCommerce websites
  • The importance of website loading speed in eCommerce
  • The role of social media in eCommerce success
  • Enhancing customer service in eCommerce
  • Quality images and descriptions in product listings
  • Crafting effective product descriptions
  • Optimizing product pages for conversion
  • Streamlining the checkout process for higher conversion rates
  • SEO best practices for eCommerce websites
  • Email marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses
  • Comparing different payment gateways, etc.

Some popular eCommerce blogs:

11) Matcha

Matcha, a type of powdered green tea, has gained popularity due to its unique flavor and health benefits. 

Some of the topics you could write about include matcha recipes, the health benefits of matcha, and reviews of different matcha brands.

More blog ideas:

  • The health benefits of consuming matcha
  • Traditional ways of preparing matcha tea
  • The farming and processing of matcha
  • Exploring the different grades of matcha
  • Creative recipes incorporating matcha
  • How to choose high-quality matcha
  • Matcha vs. green tea
  • Matcha in baking: tips and techniques

You might also want to share your own matcha recipes, from traditional matcha tea to creative uses of matcha in baking and cooking, all while delving into the health benefits of matcha, which include high antioxidant content and potential weight loss.(see this niche)

Example blogs in this niche include Oh, How Civilized, and Matcha Source.

12) Organic Skincare

The organic skincare niche continues to experience robust growth in 2024, driven by consumers’ increasing interest in health, wellness, sustainability, and ethical consumption. 

The trend towards natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly products has made organic skincare a hot topic for bloggers, influencers, and content creators.

As an organic skincare blogger, you can cover a vast array of  skincare topics such as:

  • Best organic skincare products for different skin tones
  • Transitioning to organic skincare products
  • Reviewing various organic skincare brands
  • DIY organic skincare recipes for masks, serums, and creams
  • Debunking myths around organic skincare

Example blogs in this niche include Natural Beauty Workshop and The Green Product Junkie.

13) Travel Gear

For travel enthusiasts, having the right gear can make a big difference in their experience. 

This is what makes the travel gear niche an engaging and exciting field that caters to a variety of travelers, including backpackers, luxury travelers, digital nomads, and adventure enthusiasts. 

As the world adapts to new ways of travel post-pandemic, this niche continues to evolve, focusing on gear that enhances safety, convenience, and sustainability.

Here are some great topics you could cover within this niche:

  • The essentials of backpacking gear for budget travelers
  • Luxury travel gear
  • Essential gear for digital nomads
  • Adventure travel gear
  • Reviewing the best carry-on luggage options
  • Travel tech gadgets to enhance your journey
  • The best travel gear for different climates
  • Kid-friendly travel gear: making travel convenient for families
  • Comparisons between popular travel gear brands
  • Travel gear packing tips and techniques
  • Must-have gear for solo travelers
  • Innovative travel gear on the market in 2024
  • Travel gear essentials for road trips

Example blogs in this niche include Practical Travel Gear, Outdoor Gear Lab, and Pack Hacker Blog.

14) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a trending and rapidly evolving niche, with exciting possibilities in various sectors, gaming, including entertainment, education, healthcare, real estate, and more. 

The advancements in VR technology and the increase in consumer adoption make it an excellent topic for blogging.

You could handle topics such as VR headset reviews, Apple Vision Pro Review, VR for product demonstrations, immersive VR experiences, the latest VR games, and the use of VR in different industries.

You might also want to explore the use of VR in different industries. For example, how VR is being used for virtual tours in real estate, for training in healthcare, for storytelling in filmmaking and television, or for remote collaboration in business.

Example blogs in this niche include Road to VR, UploadVR, ARPost, and VR World.

15) Educational Technology (EdTech)

EdTech, or Educational Technology, has seen significant growth and evolution, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic that necessitated remote learning.

It’s a field that combines education with technology to enhance teaching and learning. 

It’s an area ripe for discussion, with numerous topics ranging from online learning platforms to AI in education.

Example topics:

  • The role of AI and machine learning in personalized education
  • The impact of EdTech on remote learning
  • Case studies of successful EdTech implementations in schools
  • The future of EdTech: predictions and trends
  • Reviews and comparisons of popular learning management systems (LMS)
  • How virtual and augmented reality are transforming education
  • The challenges and solutions in implementing EdTech in under-resourced areas
  • The influence of gamification on student engagement and learning
  • The role of EdTech in special education
  • Strategies for successful EdTech adoption in schools

Example blogs in this niche include EdSurge, EdTech Magazine, and eLearning Industry

16) AI in Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a concept in science fiction. It’s becoming a part of our everyday lives, from our smartphones to our home appliances. 

The expansion of AI applications presents an array of interesting topics for blogging.

This niche could cover topics like the use of AI in everyday devices, the ethical implications of AI, and the future of AI.

As a blogger within this space, you could explore how AI is used in everyday devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, and even cars. 

More AI blog topics:

  • How AI is transforming e-commerce
  • AI in the home: smart devices and home automation.
  • Ethical considerations in everyday AI use.
  • AI in personal assistants: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more.
  • AI’s role in energy management and conservation.
  • The intersection of AI and IoT (Internet of Things) in daily life.

Example blogs in this niche include AI Trends, Artificial Intelligence Blog, MIT Tech Review, and Becoming Human.

17) NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Digital Art

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital art have emerged as revolutionary trends in the art and blockchain industries, creating new opportunities for artists and collectors alike. 

The fusion of technology, art, and finance in this niche makes for engaging and varied content.

You could talk about:

  • The basics of NFTs
  • How to create, buy and sell NFTs
  • Choosing an NFT marketplace
  • Profiles of prominent NFT artists and collectors
  • Setting up a digital wallet
  • NFT marketplaces
  • The impact of NFTs on the art world, etc.

Example blogs in this niche include OpenSea Blog and The Defiant


The world of blogging continues to evolve and expand, influenced by technological advancements, societal changes, and cultural shifts. 

The year 2024 has brought some fascinating and trending niches for blogging to the forefront.

DIY home decor remains a solid choice, catering to creatives and those looking to personalize their spaces. E-commerce continues to grow, providing ample opportunities for insightful content about online businesses. 

The resurgence of matcha in food and health discussions offers a unique niche for bloggers. Organic skincare represents the intersection of beauty, health, and sustainability, aligning with global trends towards natural and eco-friendly products.

Travel gear, virtual reality, EdTech, AI in everyday life, and NFTs and digital art each offer a glimpse into the impacts of technology across various sectors. 

With the increasing role of digital technology in everyday life, these niches are more relevant than ever. In contrast, the timeless appeal of food, fitness, and personal finance ensures their enduring popularity among readers.

Each of these niches offers unique opportunities and challenges, but what unites them all is the potential for genuine engagement with audiences. 

As a blogger, your success in these niches depends not just on your ability to stay informed about trends and developments, but also on your capacity to deliver value, tell compelling stories, and build meaningful connections with your readers.

So, whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to diversify your content or a novice ready to make your mark in the blogging world, these trending niches for 2024 provide a promising starting point. Choose the one that resonates with your interests and expertise, and embark on an exciting journey of sharing, learning, and growing.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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