41 Best Selling Fiverr Gig Ideas to Make Money on Fiverr

Best Selling Fiverr Gig Ideas
Wondering what services are the best to sell on Fiverr? In this post, I discuss 40+ best selling Fiverr gig ideas that make good money

Fiverr is still a great way to make money fast online, but some categories are a lot harder to break into than others. If you have difficulty selling on the platform, then leverage some Fiverr gig ideas that tend to sell well, and fast.

These gig ideas might not pay much, but they don’t take much time to complete. Being a platform known for fast deliveries, you want to make sure that you are offering gigs that can be delivered within 72 hours or less.

Best Selling Fiverr Gig Ideas for Beginners

1) Copywriting Gigs

Are you a skilled copywriter? If so, listing copywriting gigs on Fiverr is a quick way to make money online. As a copywriter, you will be helping clients to better communicate their products or brand to the consumers in a persuasive manner.

Copywriting jobs are a bit more demanding as you’ll need to take time to understand the client’s product, analyze competitors and research the customer avatar so that you can word the copy accordingly. So, this isn’t a skill you can grab and start working with clients right away. However, if you have been practicing copywriting for some time now, this Fiverr gig idea can be quite lucrative.

Not quite a copywriter yet? These copywriting courses will get your skills up to par in no time: 

Best copywriting courses to enhance your skills:

Best selling Fiverr Gig Ideas Copywriting Courses

Some of the gig ideas you can list on Fiverr as a copywriter include:

  • Social media copywriting
  • Sales page copywriting
  • Web content copywriting etc.

Pricing copywriting gigs:

A good pricing strategy for any writing job is to charge per word. For instance, you could offer a basic package of 300 words, a standard of 600 words, and a Premium package of 1000 words. For the rates, offer ones that match the competition on Fiverr.

2) Logo Design

If you are a pro designer, you can sell logo design services on Fiverr. Besides skills in design tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or DesignHill, you need to understand branding.

A good logo design is often a combination of several design elements, including visual design, colors, lettering/type, and symbols arranged in such a way as to tell the personality of a brand, and what it stands for.

When selling logo services on Fiverr, ensure to ask the right questions so as to deliver designs that your clients will love. Logo design typically takes you a few hours, including audience and industry research.

You can also decide to create different gigs for the different logotypes, including:

  • Mascot logos
  • Minimalist
  • Signature
  • Hand-drawn
  • Watercolor
  • Vintage logos etc.

How to price: 

A good logo design on Fiverr averages $25 for standard logo designs. However, you need great reviews to start charging as much. For your first 5 orders or so, you might need to offer design packages from as low as $5 and increase your rates as more orders trickle in. 

3) Virtual Assistance Gigs

Virtual Assistance is one of the best Fiverr gig ideas to offer on the platform, especially now when most solopreneurs and small businesses are adopting digital marketing and digitization and companies embracing remote working.

As a virtual assistant, you are hired to help clients with admin or specialty tasks.

Now virtual assistance is a broader gig, but when listing your gigs, it’s better to state the specific tasks you will be offering; for instance, I will:

  • Take notes in your webinars
  • Make phone calls and set appointments
  • Format, design, or edit Microsoft Word documents.
  • Be your Amazon virtual assistant
  • Be your Etsy virtual assistant
  • Be your Real Estate VA etc.

If you have a number of skills that go well together, you can create a gig offering all of them and others offering individual virtual assistance services that are more involving and on-demand on their own. 

4) WordPress Design

WordPress development services can be expensive, with independent developers charging $4000 and above for simple sites. As a result, many solopreneurs are turning to Fiverr to get full WordPress development for as low as a few hundred bucks.

To develop a WordPress website, you need a good theme, a page builder plugin (Elementor is our preferred choice due to its robust integrations and frequency of updates), and a design plan.

If you will be offering WordPress design services, I recommend investing in a good WordPress theme like Astra ($59 for unlimited websites). Elementor free option is enough for a page builder, but you can also charge your clients more to use your licensed version of Elementor pro.

When listing WordPress design services, you can offer individual gigs such as:

  • One page website design for $50
  • 5 Pages WordPress website design for $300
  • Elementor website design for $ 300
  • Landing page design for $100
  • Build a Learndash website for $1000

 The more complex a site is, the more you should charge your clients. However, I do not recommend starting with bigger projects as they take a lot of your time, and in case of cancellations, your account could really suffer. Instead, start with landing pages and one-page websites, garner enough reviews, and proceed to full websites.

Tools you need:

When you encounter a challenge during a design process, simply hop onto YouTube. There are tons of tutorials that you can watch to help you learn how to build certain sites using Elementor.

5) Ad Copy Writing

Apart from offering general copywriting services, you can major in a specific copy type. One such type is ad copy. You’ll be surprised at how many marketers are seeking for copywriters to write copies for their advertising content.

As an ad copywriter, you’ll be helping clients to create compelling ad copies that have people taking the desired action, whether that’s joining an email list, purchasing a product or just clicking through to your client’s website.

Since this is a results-oriented service, you need to know your craft. It helps if you have run and managed your own ads before. Understanding how each ad platform works and how each audience reacts to advertising will help you create effective ad copies.

Some of the copy types you’ll be writing include:

  • Facebook ad copy
  • Google ad copy
  • Twitter ad copy
  • Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ad copy etc.

Writing persuasive ads is an art and a great skill to have in your arsenal, especially since it can help you outside Fiverr. Whether freelancing on other platforms, working with direct clients, or marketing your own products, knowing how to word your ads well comes in handy.

Luckily, brainstorming ad copy ideas has been made easier with the ad copy generators using GPT-3 technology. One such tool is Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI). 

With Jasper AI, you can explore different marketing angles, generate various ad copy variants, and then analyze them to see how you can better word your copy. You can try Jasper for free to generate 10,000 words using my link (Absolutely free)

6) Book Cover Design

You can put your great graphic design skills to work and make money on the fly. This is a great Fiverr gig idea since it doesn’t take much of your time, and hence you can offer them for less, receive many orders and fulfill them without a problem.

However, designing great book covers is more than knowing how to use design elements. Although anyone can work a design software, having the ability to translate your client’s book story into a catchy visual representation is what sets great designers apart.

If you have created covers for some of the successful titles on Amazon, add them to your portfolio with your client’s permission. While you can charge $100 or even more for a cover design, getting clients on Fiverr at that rate is hard, especially if you don’t have a great portfolio. So instead, focus on getting raving reviews, and then you can gradually increase your rates.

7) Self Publishing Services

Authors and even publishing agencies turn to Fiverr for self-publishing services such as book formatting, KDP publishing, and cover designs. If you understand the ins and outs of self-publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Lulu, and book aggregator sites, you can tap on this potential.

When deciding what services to offer, you need to know that not all clients’ requests are legal. For instance, offering to leave reviews on Amazon is illegal, and offering this service will have your gig removed or even banned from the platform.

That said, there are lots of self-publishing services on demand on Fiverr, including:

  • Internal book formatting for Kindle
  • Converting word documents to book formats such as ePub and Mobi
  • Writing book description
  • Researching book categories
  • Listing books on self-publishing platforms

If this is something you want to offer, but you haven’t worked with platforms like Amazon kindle, you can take these short self-publishing courses. Most of them tackle everything, from cover design using Canva, researching book categories, and uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing( KDP).

8) Become a WordPress Expert

You can make money on Fiverr by solving problems that clients face when working on their WordPress websites. Often, your clients will need to:

  • Install, and set up a given plugin 
  • Installing and configuring an SEO plugin such as Squirrly SEO, SEOrpress, Yoast or Rankmath

Your services as a WordPress expert will also include troubleshooting common WordPress issues such as: 

  • WordPress white screen of death
  • blank pages
  • WordPress not sending emails
  • Error establishing database
  • Resolving 404 errors
  • WordPress not uploading images
  • WP memory exhausted error
  • Incorrect social media thumbnails for featured images
  • 403 forbidden error
  • Wp login redirect looping

Knowing how to solve these issues could make you quick money as you can resolve them quickly by knowing what modifications to make right away.

9) Canva Design Services

Canva has increasingly become the go-to design tool for non-designers and designers alike. Its collaborative nature makes it easy for teams to simultaneously access design projects.

However, creating stunning Canva designs requires a bit of technical know-how and thus can be a great way to make money. On Fiverr, you can offer to design marketing graphics, book covers, short videos or even logos. You can charge clients a bit more for access to the Canva design URLs so that they can make the changes themselves or modify the designs as they see fit.

The good news is that, unlike Photoshop, where you probably need to take an intensive course to learn how to use it, you can easily create excellent designs using Canva even if you’re no designer.

To take your Canva design skills a step higher, consider watching YouTube videos to learn cool tricks that other designers use to make professional designs.

10) Removing Backgrounds from Photos

Removing background from a photo can take you just under a minute but make you $5 on Fiverr. If you are using Canva pro, then you can make use of its remove background effect feature.

One-click background removers such as the one provided by Canva or remove.bg are great for clear photos with simple backgrounds. However, you will need to use more advanced photo editing software to remove backgrounds for photos with complex backgrounds.

11) Custom Illustrations

The demand for custom illustrations continues to rise as more businesses ditch generic stock photos and embrace custom visuals for their websites and other branding assets. If you are a digital artist, you can make money on Fiverr, offering this service.

Some of the artistic techniques you can offer on Fiverr for your Illustrator gigs include: 

  • Pencil works
  • Freehand digital drawings
  • Acrylics
  • Vector arts
  • Watercolor etc.

Your illustrations will have different use cases, including commercial/advertisements, educational, marketing, editorial, instructional, etc. 

You can create one-off designs or work on a more use-case-based project such as illustrating children’s books, illustrating game’s characters, etc. Be sure to create different gigs for each of these possible cases, and word your gig descriptions accordingly.

12) SEO blog post writing

Content writing is one of the most popular services offered on Fiverr. As a content developer, you will be helping clients create SEO-optimized content for their blogs and web pages. These articles are meant to attract prospects to your client’s website.

You can offer any sort of content writing services, from web content, blog posts, technical to case study writing. To succeed as a content writer, you need to know how to write for the web, in essence, writing highly informative content in a way that it’s easier for people to understand and for search engines to discover. 

The competition for these writing services on Fiverr is huge, and you will be competing with thousands of freelancers willing to work for way less. So while you will need to charge less when starting, you don’t want to be enslaved in the name of being given a ‘great review.’

13) Website Development

Like any other freelancing platform, Fiverr is full of clients needing web development services. If you are a skilled web developer, experienced with languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, amongst others, then you can make good money on this website.

You can offer to make simple one-page websites, standard five-page websites or robust eCommerce websites with all the functionalities. To get the reviews you need to jumpstart your Fiverr gig business, you can offer simple one-page websites for as low as $75, and once you have enough reviews, you can add packages for other websites types that need more work.

When listing your web development gig, use screenshots of your best works, as most clients gravitate towards gigs with greater visual appeals. A great portfolio will have them engaging with you, so capitalize on them.

14) Infographic Design 

Making great infographics can be tedious for non-designers, hence the reason why many marketers, small businesses, and solopreneurs outsource this service. 

If you are a great graphic designer or even a product designer, this is an excellent service to sell. To make great infographics, you’ll need to take time to understand your client’s audience, branding, and the industry in general. Great infographics:

  • Aren’t overloaded with data
  • Provide clear, concise, and helpful information to the target audience
  • Leverages storytelling to convey key messages
  • Utilize subtle but deliberate visuals that aid comprehension. Think bar chars, icons, maps, images, etc.

The good thing about making infographics is that you don’t even have to know advanced editing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. 

You can use simple SaaS design services for creating stunning infographics in minutes with the help of templates and visual elements. These design services include:

To understand how to craft and sell your infographics design services on Fiverr, analyze how others are doing it and see how you can replicate the same without being a complete copycat. You also need a portfolio to convince buyers that you know what you are doing.

15) Mobile App Development

Another great Fiverr gig idea for developers is making Android apps. Since developing robust functional apps can be pretty demanding, charge appropriately. For apps that don’t involve API calls to the backend, you can charge $2000. You can also have packages going for $6000 or more that include connecting the front-end with the backend.

Depending on your stacks, you can provide iOS or Android development services, as well as Native or Hybrid apps. To develop Android apps, you need to be proficient in languages such as Java or Kotlin, while for iOS apps, you will need Objective-C or Swift programming languages.

If you are a skilled developer, you can easily bring in $10,000 a month on freelancing full-time on Fiverr.

16) Whiteboard Animation Video Creation

Do you know how to make whiteboard animations? Fiverr is a great platform to sell your services. Businesses are constantly looking for video editors and creators to tell their stories with the help of animations.

Some types of whiteboard animation videos you can offer include:

  • Storytelling videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Product demos
  • Educational videos
  • Marketing videos etc.

Businesses tend to pay more for professional creators, so this is a good gig to make good money for skilled animators.

17) Sales Funnel Creation

This is a great Fiverr gig idea for experienced copywriters. You help clients create sales funnels that focus on attracting potential customers, turning them into leads and converting them into paying customers.

If you choose to offer complete funnels, then you will need to know how to create:

  • Ads copy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
  • Sales copy
  • Video scripts for promotional videos
  • Webinar scripts
  • Follow-up emails etc.

Since all these are connected with one main objective, you need to take time to map your client’s prospect’s journey. Every step of the funnel is intentional and has a specific objective.

If you are a skilled designer, you can also offer Clickfunnels services. With this, you will be helping with the actual creation of funnels using Clickfunnel software.

18) Creating Email Sequences

I put this as a separate gig idea since email sequences are robust and can be used beyond sales use cases. This is a good service for those who know how to create engaging email copy.

You can create: 

  • Nurture emails
  • Follow-up email sequences
  • Short email courses content etc.

Every type has a particular objective, but all of them always drive a subscriber into making a purchase decision, whether buying your client’s product or purchasing an affiliate product that your client is promoting.

19) Spokesperson Videos

If you have a great voice and don’t mind appearing on camera, you can make money as a spokesperson to businesses. Your client will send you a script, and you will need to perform it while recording yourself as per the client’s instructions.

20) Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most popular and in-demand gigs on Fiverr. If you know how to create engaging social media content, you can make good money working for clients on Fiverr. 

However, that doesn’t mean that social media management is easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. You have to focus on your niche and what you’re good at. Social media management is a tough gig, but it can be done if you’ve got the proper skill set. 

To be successful, you’ve got to be a good writer and have good knowledge of social media platforms. Your tasks as a social media manager will revolve around creating social copy, captioning images, scheduling content, responding to comments etc. 

21) Games Development Services

Video games development is one of the best gig ideas on Fiverr. There are many things you can do with your skills, including creating 3D models for video games, creating gaming content, or developing games for different platforms. 

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of having an online business that is profitable and scalable. When you are starting, you should consider developing games for different platforms. There are many platforms to choose from, including Android, iOS, and PC. This can help you find success quickly. 

To make the most out of your gig, you should have a clear business plan and a solid marketing strategy. Price your services effectively and consistently deliver great work on time.

22) Community Management

Today, social media communities, especially Facebook groups, are increasingly becoming more popular. Businesses are creating groups that give customers a sense of belonging. However, managing a group isn’t easy, and without constant monitoring, it can veer off the main objective.

That’s where you come in as a community manager or moderator. You work with clients to achieve particular goals, such as:

  • Boosting discussions around your customer’s product in the group
  • Growing the group in terms of membership
  • Driving traffic to your client’s website etc.

To accomplish these, you will need to create content and schedule them via your client’s social media scheduler, post regularly, respond to others’ posts, approve members, monitor what others post in the group etc.

The social media community management gig will usually require some knowledge, experience and expertise to create an engaged online community. You need to have a clear idea of your client’s target audience so as to brainstorm different post types that appeal to and resonate with them.

23) Voice Over Services

Voice acting gigs are popular on Fiverr. As a voice-over artist, your job would be to provide audio performances for enhancing your client’s works, such as animations, etc. In animated movies or short films, great voiceovers bring characters to life. That’s your job.

Great voice actors are versatile in their voice ranges. You should be able to tailor your voice services as per your client’s needs and scripts. On Fiverr, you can offer voice acting for:

  • Animations
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasting
  • Commercials
  • Video games
  • Educational content.
  • Business videos etc.

You need good recording equipment and a recording studio to make great recordings. Unfortunately, for many, this can be quite an expensive investment.

24) Offer Translation Services

If you are proficient in another language other than English, you can make money by offering language translation services on Fiverr. Most on-demand language translations include German, Chinese, Spanish and French.

If you want to learn more about becoming a freelance translator, then this guide is for you. The truth is, these translation jobs on Fiverr aren’t as competitive as other gigs, and if you know a less popular language like Dutch, Swedish or Portuguese, then you can easily own that space.

25) Podcasting Services

Many businesses are starting to adopt podcasting to grow their business, boost their brand and drive sales. Since these businesses have never been in the podcasting space before, they’re rushing to freelancing websites to outsource various podcasting services.

This is a great opportunity for those in the podcasting business since they know how to make great recordings, edit audios and even work on some popular podcasting software and management platforms.

On Fiverr, you can easily make money by offering:

  • Podcast intros and outros creation gigs
  • Podcast writing gigs
  • Podcast marketing gigs
  • Podcast cover art designs
  • Creating a podcast website
  • Podcast voicing
  • Podcast audio editing
  • To interview clients on your popular podcast etc

That’s where Fiverr wins. You can turn a simple skill into several subskills that you can sell separately to make quick money.

26) Business Consulting Services

Did you know that you can start a consulting business on Fiverr and make money offering your expertise? 

Well, the pay isn’t anything near what you make with direct clients, but the competition here isn’t huge, and once you have a few raving reviews, you start getting buyers on autopilot.

Some of the best on-demand consulting services on Fiverr are:

  • Financial consulting
  • HR consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • UX consulting
  • Social Media consulting
  • SEO consulting
  • Sales consulting
  • Website design consulting
  • Brand and branding strategy
  • Facebook ads consulting
  • Blockchain consulting
  • NFT marketplace consulting
  • Amazon FBA consulting
  • POD consulting
  • US income tax consulting

You can also go super niche and consult on a given tool or software such as Clickup, Elementor, Discord, Asana, Notion, WooCommerce, Shopify, Airtable etc.

27) eLearning Services

If you enjoy writing and teaching online, you can exchange your skills for real money by offering eLearning development services on Fiverr. 

Some eLearning services you can sell online include:

  • Writing tutorial scripts
  • Creating workbooks, cheat sheets etc.
  • Creating course outline
  • Creating course content
  • Creating resource lists
  • Developing course curriculum
  • Setting up courses online on the LMS platforms
  • Creating exams or test quizzes etc.

There are several fiver gig ideas in this niche, and since this category is relatively new on Fiverr, you can easily find buyers.

28) Product Description Writing

Product descriptions are critical in generating eCommerce sales; thus, businesses are always looking for experienced freelancers to help them create compelling product descriptions.

You can list general product descriptions or go platform or product-type specific. For instance:

  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Kindle book descriptions
  • Merch descriptions.
  • Shopify product descriptions.
  • Real estate property listing descriptions.

If you want to master eCommerce copywriting, then I recommend taking this short eCommerce Copywriting Course for beginners

29) Pinterest Pin Design

This is a great gig for graphic designers who understand Pinterest marketing. As a pin designer, you’ll work with your clients to create visually appealing pin designs that get people repinning, saving and clicking through to your client’s site.

A good pin design uses design elements such as text, icons, colors and other visuals to enhance its messaging.

30) Pinterest Services

You can also choose to offer a wide variety of Pinterest services to your clients if you are a pro Pinterest marketer. Many businesses are incorporating Pinterest into their marketing strategy, but most don’t understand how the algorithm works, nor do they have the time to do the work.

As a Pinterest marketing expert, you can help clients with:

  • Pins design and creation
  • Pins scheduling with Tailwind
  • Tailwind complete setup
  • Pinterest management services
  • Setting up Pinterest accounts
  • Pinterest account optimization for Pinterest SEO
  • Canva custom templates
  • Managing Pinterest ads campaigns
  • Pinterest account audit etc.

31) Fiverr Research Services

If you love doing online research and can utilize digital tools to scrape and analyze data, you can make money quickly on Fiverr. As a research assistant, you’ll be helping clients on Fiverr with research jobs such as: 

  • Market research
  • Customer avatar/ buyer persona research
  • Business plans research
  • eCommerce product research
  • Keyword research
  • Topical research
  • Business idea research etc.

Other Fiverr Gig Ideas for Beginners

  1. Audio Editing
  2. Video Intros and Outros
  3. Setting up Social Media Accounts
  4. Editing and Proofreading Fiverr Gigs
  5. Transcription Jobs
  6. Shopify Store
  7. Testing Services on Fiverr
  8. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  9. eLearning Services
  10. Presentation Design
  11. Keyword research

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a quick way to make money online, then selling your services on Fiverr is your best bet. I hope that these Fiverr gig ideas have inspired you to go explore the platform.

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As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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