73 Best Technology Blog Topics and Ideas for Tech Bloggers

Tech Blog Ideas
As a tech blogger, there are several technology blog topics that you can start a blog on. In this post, I discuss 70+ of such ideas

If you run a tech blog, then you know that covering the right technology blog topics is critical if you want to establish your footing in this rather competitive tech industry.

While the topics highlighted in this article will give you some ideas, you still need to do extensive keyword research to discover some low-hanging topics to tackle.

For this, you can use a premium keyword tool like Semrush (Start your 30 days free trial) or Ahrefs. 

Now, these tools aren’t cheap, but if you are on a budget, then a competitive alternative is SERanking.

Tech Blog Ideas for Tech Bloggers

Let’s now discuss some of the technology blog topics that you may cover in your tech niche blog:

1) Tech news

The news topic sets the pace for tech blogs. As a blogger, you have to keep up with the latest trends in your particular tech sub-niche and be amongst the first to cover those that your audience would care about.

In so doing, you get to enjoy quite some good peaks, and depending on your monetization model, you can make some good money. Covering industry news will also help you gain quality backlinks, especially if your reporting is elaborate and accurate.

This then boosts the Domain Authority of your website, helping your old posts and new posts to start ranking much faster.

For inspiration, you can visit a tech news blog like TechCrunch or TechRepublic

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2) Tips and tricks for technology users

There’s a reason why many people who aren’t tech-savvy come to your website: To find quick tips that they can implement right away. 

Oftentimes, they are having a momentary challenge, be it using Google Docs, navigating their gadgets, or just can’t seem to get their laptop started. 

While your tech blog might not be the home for the challenges above, your particular audience has similar challenges around the tools and gadgets that your blog focuses on.

Examples of posts under this topic:

  • How to implement Facebook Pexels on your website step by step
  • 7 tricks to work more efficiently with Google Docs
  • 7 Powerful shortcuts for when working with Google Drive
  • 9 Features of iPhone X you should definitely check out
  • How to search for people on Pinterest

There are tech bloggers out there who write articles about how to use a certain tool or platform properly, what apps you can use to get the job done easily, and so on. These are the sort of topics you should explore.

You might also want to write about the new gadgets that you find interesting, or what hacks you can do with older ones. 

3) Tech Gadgets

The content that you can create here can be listicles (features, product recommendations, best lists), product reviews, or even comparison posts.

These posts are ripe for affiliate marketing. Simply sign up to a network like Amazon associates and start creating product posts. 

4) Software-based blogging tools

There are many software tools available for bloggers today that can help us with our work. 

Most of these applications help us work more productively, and can be anything from that graphic design tool you use to create blog banners, to that platform you use to manage your projects.

These tools can make for a great listicle post on your blog:

  • 7 apps I can’t live without
  • 18 best writing tools for beginners
  • The 5 much have SEO tools for every smart marketer
  • 7 project management tools you need to check out
  • How to use Click up to manage your workflow

There’s software for everything, so regardless of the sub-niche you’re in, you should be able to come up with at least 5 blog post ideas around tools and platforms.

5) Tech Tips for Beginners

Topics geared towards beginners are great to cover in your tech blog. Again, the particulars depend on your specific sub-niche.

A few examples could include: 

  • Beginner’s guide to 3D printing
  • Beginner’s guide to using a coffee machine
  • How to use Squarespace as a beginner
  • Javascript beginner tips
  • How to master PHP as a beginner

As a tech blogger, there might be visitors coming from different levels of experience. So you want to ensure that you are serving all of them, both beginner and advanced users.

6) Why I switched from X to Y or why I like using ———

Many technology bloggers are also passionate users of the products they usually write about, and they show it by talking about their experiences with them. 

For instance, look at the topics below:

  • Why I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit
  • Why I’m paying more to use ConvertKit than Mailerlite, and loving it
  • Why I moved all of my sites from Bluehost to Siteground

As you probably can tell, these are just but subtle comparison posts and are often used to promote affiliate offers. 

You don’t have to just make reviews on certain products, but also use them and write about your experience using that particular product or tool.

7) How to make X with Y  or How I made —

In addition to reviewing products, you can create how-to guides for your readers. 

They might be interested in creating something with certain software (for example, they might like to create videos with VideoScribe), or they may want to set up Google Analytics or build a WordPress website. 

Here are a few example posts:

  • How to Design an Online Learning Platform using LearnDash
  • How to Create an Editorial Calendar on Clickup
  • How to Build an eCommerce store with WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

8) Making Money with Tech

Today, many people wonder if it’s possible to make money in the tech niche. If your blog setup allows, you can cover topics related to monetizing tech skills.

  • How to make money in the tech niche
  • 13 Best tech business ideas to start this year
  • How to become a tech entrepreneur
  • No code business ideas that make millions
  • Low code platforms to help you build and deploy your idea in no time
  • How to become a technical writer and make money
  • How to start a tech blog and make money
  • How to start a technical assistance business

These topics are great if your blog is dedicated to tech nerds who are looking for ways to make money and build successful businesses.

9) Using old Technologies

Many people have old computers, old phones, kitchen appliances, and other devices lying around that don’t work the way they used to. 

You can write about how to get them up and running again through tutorials that show your readers how you do it or share creative ways to reuse them.

10) Troubleshooting issues

The tech niche is filled with people who need help, especially when they’ve come across more difficult issues, making this a perfect topic for tech bloggers.

If you’re a tech lover yourself, especially in a certain area, writing about your experience and giving others advice can also bring many visitors.


  • WordPress not loading: Reasons and how to fix it
  • How to fix slow loading issues in Google Chrome

11) How to Use X… to… / How to… using X / How to… Without an X

Many tech topics are related to how we use and interact with tech products—services, tools, apps, or software. 

If you started using something new lately you can write an article explaining how you went about it and why you prefer this particular approach over other similar options. 

For example, if you just started using iTunes Match, write about your experience with it, including the pros and cons.

Other examples could include:

These topics are often presented as tutorials, with supporting visual elements such as images, video tutorials or animations.

12) How to create Y

The tech niche is also ripe with content around creating stuff on your own. These topics aren’t akin to DIY bloggers alone.

To give you an idea of what you might write about, here are some examples in different tech sub-niches:

  • How to make a WordPress website using Elementor
  • How to design a landing page that converts at 20% or more
  • How to remove backgrounds from images in Photoshop
  • How to design a book cover in Canva

13) How to make something cool with X

Working with technology usually makes it possible for us to create content that often surprises others. 

For instance, you could write about how to make a killer blog design and then show people how to do it with different combinations of tools.

More ideas:

  • How to create a futuristic fantasy effects in Adobe After Effects
  • How to create a character concept in Maya
  • How to add sleek animations to your WordPress website

14) List of Tech tools

It can be useful to explain why the tools you use are important and then make a top ten list of best or favorite tech tools. 

People are always looking for resources that make their lives a lot easier, especially when it comes to work-related stuff.

These posts, of course, present an opportunity to make money with affiliate offers.

For instance:

  • Best AI Writing Assistants for faster content development
  • Top 20 Best laptops for designers
  • Best design tools you can’t live without
  • 31 latest gaming laptops that won’t fail you
  • 10 best gaming devices on trend right now

15) Mobile technology blog topics

What can you do with your cell phone or tablet? 

If you’ve found some neat tricks for using mobile technology, then share them through a series of articles.

Example posts:

  • Best android apps for boosting work productivity
  • Best smartphone apps to improve your sleep
  • How to blog with your phone
  • 7 cool tricks for taking great photos with your iPhone
  • How to take great screen records with your phone
  • How to use your phone as a webcam 
  • How to record high-quality videos with your iPhone

When creating these posts, make sure to do thorough research so as to provide the best recommendations that people will find useful.

16) Dev Topics

Has technology made it possible for you to build something great? If so, then write about that and share your experience with others. 

Some examples could be an app or website that you built from scratch. You can talk about the process of building it and how readers can build similar products.

Needless to say, these topics aren’t for everyone, as it involves writing, testing, and deploying real code, so you do need to have vast knowledge in programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, and frameworks such as React.

You will also need to document your processes so as to use them when creating dev articles.

17) Business Automation

Automation is a topic you need to cover in your tech blog. Your readers are on the lookout for ideas that help them work smarter and not harder.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Best automation tools to make your life easier
  • How to sync your WordPress data to a Google Sheet
  • Best Zapier integrations for your business
  • 7 Best Zapier zaps you can build to make you more productive
  • Top 3 best Zapier alternatives that are more affordable

18) Hack Y with X

Technology often allows us to make things we couldn’t before or use old technologies in new ways—for example, getting a GPS device to work on the computer or using an Arduino microcontroller and programming language to create digital art. 

You can write about these hacks and explain how you did them, giving your readers some ideas about what they can do with their own tools.

19) Tips for Using X (or How to Use Y Better)

If you’re good at something or have some experience in a certain field, then share the tips and advice that you’ve learned along the way. 

For example, you can provide tech tips on using Excel for building graphs or how to use Pinterest marketing effectively.

20) How to Install X

Many applications require installation, which can sometimes be difficult if you’ve never done it before. 

If you have experience installing them, write about the process, guiding your readers in a step-by-step format.

You can also share tips on avoiding common installation problems, as well as highlight installation requirements for each software.

21) How to Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Many people are confused when it comes to choosing appropriate software for certain jobs, so they may need some advice on what tools can help them most. If you’re experienced in this area, write an article explaining which tools or products are best for a certain task and why.

22) Tech Trends for the current year

What are some cool tech trends that you think people should be aware of next year? You can write about the future by looking at recent developments and talking about what they mean in the long term. By doing this, you’ll position yourself as an expert and help people make plans for their business.

23) How to Choose the Best Software for Small Business Tech Needs

If you’ve done a lot of work with technology, then you’ll likely have the advice to share when it comes to choosing your software. For instance, in an article about choosing IT systems for small businesses, you could explain why choosing the right tools for the job is important.

24) How to Choose Tech for Small Business

Small businesses have different tech needs than large corporations, so you can provide a helpful perspective by writing about how small businesses should select their software. Some things they might care about could be cost, ease of use, and security. Also, talk about what is likely to change in the next few years, as this can help people build their IT systems to support them for the future.

25) How to Tech Up Your Business’s Website

Whether you’re using tech tools for your business or just blogging about them, there are going to be times when you need to improve your website. If you’re an expert in this area, then you can offer tips and tricks for improving your website’s functionality.

26) How to Use Tech to Get More Customers

If you’re a business owner, you’ll likely care about how to use technology to get more customers. You can write an article discussing the various tools available for building a web presence (such as a blog, website, and social media profiles) and show how you can use them to get customers.

27) How to Use Tech in Your Workplace

If your work involves using tech, you probably have some insights into what is useful or effective. You could write about workplace technologies like remote access tools (like teleconferencing) and the benefits they provide.

28) How to Choose Tech that’s Right for Your Business

Many businesses want to incorporate new tech in their workflow or upgrade existing technology like computers or software. You can write an article that discusses how different factors (like funding, office size, and IT staffing needs) can affect a business’ choice of tech.

29) How to Get More Out of the Tech You Have

If you’re tech-savvy or have experience getting more out of your tools, you can share those tips and tricks with people looking for advice in that area. Share your insights on how people can get the most out of their current systems or equipment, as well as what they should look into in the future.

30) Tech Tips for Small Businesses

Some businesses want to incorporate tech, but they may not know where to start or what equipment or systems would benefit them most. You can provide helpful advice by writing about how different small businesses might use technology effectively. For instance, if you talk about tools for bookkeeping, you could recommend the most common services and list their pros and cons.

31) How to Teach Kids About Tech

If you have experience with kids or would like to learn more about how they use tech, then this is a good topic for an article. For instance, if you are working with students in a classroom, you might choose to write about the most popular apps among students or how to deal with kids who view inappropriate content.

32) How I Became Tech-Savvy

When launching a blog, your readers will want to know more about you as their author. You can write about how you became tech-savvy and end the article by listing some of your favorite tools and how you use them.

33) Dedicated Product Post

If you have particular pieces of technology that you can’t live without, then write about them. For example, if you’ve recently become obsessed with Evernote and can’t imagine life without it, then tell people why they need to check it out.

34) Tech Tips for Teachers

Of all the people who influence kids, teachers may be the most important. If you’re a teacher or work with them in some capacity, then write about tools that can help you do your job better (like online lesson plans). You could also discuss ways to use tech to make lessons more engaging and keep students interested.

35) Think of the Tech You Can Get for Under $50

If you’re looking at a thrifty gift for someone or want to find something that will help you get more out of your tech, you can discuss items that are great deals and relatively inexpensive (like a keyboard for your tablet).

36) How to Get Kids Excited About Tech

If you work in an educational setting, you know many kids don’t necessarily have the same interests as adults regarding technology. You can share ideas on getting kids excited about tech and get them engaged in the class.

37) Tech Tips for Seniors

If you work with seniors or know people trying to learn more about technology, then share some of your insights on what tools are best suited for beginners. You could also discuss how they might be able to use technology to make their lives easier.

38) How We Use Tech at Our House

When you share your personal opinions on tech, it can make your writing more interesting. If you’re running a blog with multiple authors, write about how different people use technology in the home.

39) How You Secured Wireless Internet Access in Your House

If you want to share advice on how people can get wireless internet access in their homes, then talk about what you did and why it works for your situation. It’s also a good idea to include affiliate links for products that support your claims. (For example, if you recommend a router, then link to that product, so your readers know where to buy it.)

40) How Tech Makes My Life Easier (and Why It Should Make Yours Easier, Too)

Many people are living busy lives and want to use tech to make things easier. If you have ideas on what products can help them do that, share those tips in an article.

41) Top 10 Tech Tools for Small Businesses

You can create a list of the most useful services and apps for small businesses. This is also a good idea if you’re considering switching from one product to another in your own business. (For example, say your company uses Microsoft Office, but you’re about to switch to Google Docs because it’s more affordable.)

42) Tech Tasks I Skip Because They’re Too Annoying

It’s safe to say we all have tasks that are simply annoying. If you find yourself skipping tech-related chores because they’re too tedious, then share those in a listicle.

43) How I Became a Tech Blogger

If you’re writing about technology, then your readers might be curious how you ended up with the job. Tell them how you got started as a tech blogger and what you’ll do to make sure their experience is top-notch.

44) My Favorite Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

If you’re thinking of giving tech gifts this holiday season, then pick something on your list and post a review. It’s also a good idea to discuss how people can use technology to make their lives more efficient during the holidays.

45) How to Make Tech Budgeting Easy

Many people are struggling with tech expenses and want to know how they can take control of their finances. If you have ways to make budgeting easier, then share your tips with other people. Share ideas on how you can use technology to analyze expenses and keep track of finances.

46) How I Keep My Tech Safe

If you want to share tips on how people can protect their devices, then write about the steps you take and why they work for your situation. For example, if you have a wireless camera, it’s important to talk about the security measures that come with that device.

47) Blogging Tips for Tech Writers

Even if you’re not a blogger, discussing blogging tips is another option. If you want to share ideas on how to come up with topics, write content and analyze results, then you could have something interesting that people want to read.

48) How I Use Tech to Get Organized

If there’s a time management app or organizational tool you recommend, then talk about how it works for your needs. You can help people stay organized with the help of tech so that they can get things done.

49) Top Tech Tools for Designing Your Dream Home new.

If you’re a designer or just interested in home design, then it’s safe to say tech tools have changed the way people redecorate and furnish their homes. Share your own experiences with tech tools and which ones you find are the most beneficial.

50) My Favorite Tech Gifts for Kids

If you have kids or grandkids and want to share gift ideas, then it’s a good idea to mention which toys and gadgets were hits and misses. Your readers can benefit from knowing what will keep their children entertained while helping them learn something.

51) How I Use Tech in the Classroom

If you’re a teacher or work with students, then your take on how technology is changing classrooms might be helpful to parents. Talk about what you use and why it’s beneficial for teaching kids: eLearning services, Google Classrooms, etc.

52) Tech Tools for Writers

If you’re a writer and want to show people how technology can make your life easier, then share some of your favorite apps and programs. With the emergence of AI Copywriting tools, there are a variety of tech tools for writers:

53) What I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Tech Job

This is another take on the “What’s it like?” topic. If you have insights into what people need to know before getting a tech job, then share your tips with other readers.

54) The Best Tech Gadgets I Found at the Apple Store

If you shop in Apple stores, then you probably have some opinions on their products and services. If so, why not share your favorites in a list of gadgets? You could even mention other popular brands that sell similar devices.

55) How to Make Tech Work for Your Business

Who hasn’t thought about using tech to boost their business? If you have experience using tech tools to improve your business, it’s a good idea to share what worked and didn’t work for you.

56) Tech Product Reviews

If you’re a tech-savvy person and have tried many products, then why not share the good and bad points of what you’ve tested? It’s also a good idea to discuss how these devices work with your lifestyle and if they make things easier or more difficult.

57) How to Educate Yourself About Tech for Free

Since many people don’t know much about technology, you could share some free educational resources with them. For example, you can recommend YouTube channels, blogs, and other online sources that cover tech topics.

58) Tech Apps that Make Business Travel Easier

If you’re a business traveler or just like to travel and share your experiences, then talk about the apps you use while on the road. Maybe it’s an app for finding places to eat or booking hotels, etc. If you’ve tested several apps, then your readers can benefit from knowing which ones were the best.

59) Best Tech Business Ideas

You can talk about the most promising tech-related businesses that are worth investing in or share advice on how to create your own tech business.

60) How I Use Tech to Improve My Health

If you use apps, wearables, and other technology items to monitor your health and stay fit, then share what you’ve tested. Maybe you’ve found some devices that don’t work well for people, or you think are good ideas.

61) How I Made Money With Tech Gadgets

If you have sold tech products, then it’s a good idea to talk about what you did to help your sales. Maybe there are a few tips that can help others sell more of their own items.

62) Best Chrome Extensions for Tech Savvies

If you are a Chrome user and have found some great extensions that make your life easier, then you can share your favorites, as well as how to use them in step-by-step guides.

62) Virtual Reality Products I Love

If you love VR and have tried many of the products on the market, then share what you’ve tested. Maybe you want to share your thoughts about which products are worth investing in or some services don’t deliver.

63) Virtual Conferencing Tools for Remote Workers

If you work remotely or are interested in doing so, then share what tech tools and services you’ve used. You can even discuss the best programs for different types of businesses and how these digital tools help or hurt a business.

64) The Best Tech Podcasts I Like to Listen To

If you’re into podcasts, then share what you like to listen to. Maybe it’s a strategy show, an educational program, or something else entirely. Or maybe the podcasts that are popular just aren’t worth your time, and you’d rather share some of your favorites.

65) Best Apps for Designers

Designers need a lot of apps and services to create their designs. If you are a designer or work with them, then talk about the apps you love. Maybe it’s for drawing or editing photographs, etc. You can also mention the best services for hosting websites and finding clients online.

66) Top Tech Blogs I Recommend for New Bloggers to Read

For many bloggers, the idea of running a tech blog is exciting. However, like most of us when we began, they have no clue where to start. There are thousands of tech blogs already in existence, so it can be overwhelming for beginners. If you’re a seasoned blogger who has been around for a long time, then share your favorite blogs that all techies should read.

67) Best Tech Events in City XYZ

When writing about events, don’t just talk about the boring details of the events but also which companies are attending and why you think they’ll be featured or prominent at the event. You can talk about how these organizations use tech in their products and services, etc.

68) Best Tech Products of the Year

Most tech blogs do a “tech of the year” type post, but if you haven’t seen many that are worth reading, then why not give it a shot yourself? You can review products that have been popular this year, or maybe there is one product coming out in the following year that will be great to write about. Many blog readers like to read articles about the latest tech products.

69) Best Blogging Tools I Use To Run My Site

Write about the tools that help you run and manage your site. What blogging platforms do you use? Do you have any recommendations for publishing software or online services to make things easier? Do you use any other tools to help manage your site?

70) The Best Tech Under-$50

If you have found a few really useful tech gadgets under $50, share them with your readers. Maybe it’s an excellent tool for beginners, or maybe it’s something like a fun little gadget that would be great to add to someone’s birthday or holiday gift basket. These types of posts usually do pretty well on tech blogs.

71) Is It Okay to Use Tech as a Replacement for Something Else?

You can write about whether it’s okay to use digital tools as replacements for physical or in-person experiences. For example, you could talk about the pros and cons of using online education programs versus going to a school that you drive to every day. Or you could even discuss whether it’s okay to substitute the experience of physical interaction for an online dating service.

72) The Best Tech to Help Kids Understand the World They Live in

Kids tend to be curious about their surroundings, so they might be interested in finding out more about their world using technology (like reading about the different places in their state). You can recommend apps that’ll help them learn more about their local community.

73) How to Choose a Tablet for Kids

Most parents have concerns when it comes to buying a tablet for kids. If you’re trying to decide which one is right, talk about your findings and what features are most important.


There are lots of technology blog topics, so this list is just but. If none of these ideas appeal to you, dig into your life and see what tech habits or issues interest you the most. Remember that writing about something personal to you will make it easier.

Now, if you’ve enjoyed these tech blog ideas, then please take the time to share this list with your friends. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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